Friday, 1 May 2009

Nokia E71

Obviously this is a personal thing, since the E71 wouldn’t suit everyone’s needs or tastes, but for me it just fitted into every situation I put my phone in. It is the perfect messaging device, with it’s QWERTY thumboard that has excellent feel and feedback, it has outstanding battery life thanks to it’s enormous 1500mAh battery, it is as thin as possible without being uncomfortable to use, it has an bright, rich display, that while low on dimensions and resolution, looks absolutely great and manages to comfortably display web pages without issue. Then of course the fact that it looks so good in it’s stainless steel and chrome suit.


I wouldn’t call it outrageously priced either, since you’d be hard pressed to find something as compact, full featured and with such a quality feel in the same price range. While it may be good value (in my mind anyway), it is still out of reach of many who would like the functionality on offer, but aren’t able or willing to fork out the dollars that the E71 demands. Realising this, Nokia have produced a cut-priced version of the E71 called the E63, which manages to hold onto the majority of the E71’s feature set, whilst being priced considerably cheaper.

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