Wednesday, 6 May 2009


Not yet 100%: Nowadays, the resonance solid state disk on some netbook become a hot topic discussed. In addition to energy, some weakness in the hard disk has been lost in the solid state disk. Vision On trying SSD solutions offer the product with a 32 GB.

Although it has several advantages compared to hard disk, for speed, SSD is still likely to be optimized again. At the time of reading, Vision On SSD has the speed of the 116.2 MB / s. The speed is the speed of a normal hard disk in general. But at the time of writing, this SSD has a speed of only 17.1 MB / s which was more of a slow थें flash disk large capacity. Access time is 0.5 ms.

It seems that the SSD can not be used by the gamers, or for large databases. However, solutions for offices, SSD can be a solution to the media even though the price per storage capacity tends to be very expensive.

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