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Android Community

Xperia X10 Launching On Rogers

Posted: 02 Apr 2010 07:35 AM PDT

Another Android beast is making its way into the North American market. The X10 may not be the hottest Android on the block but it is still a highly anticipated phone by many. It has the best camera of all the current Android and Rachael is a sexy UI.

The rumored launch date is anywhere between April 7th and the 14th. Rogers in Canada would be the new home of the X10. AT&T here in the US has the same 3G bands as Roger's Wireless so this news will make a few of us here happy as well. An official announcement hasn't been made so I guess we have to wait and see. I wouldn’t be surprised if it don’t happen though.

The device will cost you $550 outright which is half of the previously rumored $1000. If you choose to be locked down for 3 years then you could get it for $150.

[via mobilesyrup]

Seidio’s 3200mAh battery for Nexus One

Posted: 02 Apr 2010 06:01 AM PDT

Need some extra juice for you Nexus? Unleash the full multimedia capabilities of your Nexus One with the Seidio 3200mAh extended battery. This battery comes with a replacement back cover and will make the phone thicker. But, if you need power over looks for your long road trip, this battery is a life saver.

The guys over at Engadget did a power test with this battery and got over 30 hours of use out it. This battery is available now for purchase in our store for $69.99. So far it has a 5 star rating by the 6 people who responded with their experience with it.


  • Made from the highest quality cells
  • Comes with black replacement door featuring Seidio’s signature soft touch coating
  • Textured bar to mimic the phone’s original design
  • Door is contoured to compliment the shape of the original device – no hump
  • Adds only 6mm to your device
  • Keeps your phone charged and ready, even with heavy phone and data usage
  • Compatible with Seidio Innodocks
  • Capacity: 3200mAh

Skyfire coming to Android

Posted: 01 Apr 2010 06:40 PM PDT

Skyfire is perhaps the best browser available for Windows Mobile devices. It's my default browser on the HD2. This browser is fast, stable and has Flash support. Soon we will be able to enjoy this awesome browser on our Android handsets.

I just signed up to be an Alpha tester for their upcoming browser and you can too. To get started head to their site, input your name, device and country. There are a limited number of spots available so if you like beta testing and want to help make this better for Android, participate an enjoy. I'm sure the browser is pretty good.

AndroidCommunity: Wirefly 2010 Blog Awards

Posted: 01 Apr 2010 02:16 PM PDT

Wirefly has just announced their first annual blog awards. We need all of your help in winning this thing, as a matter of fact, we want it every year. So head over to Wirefly and cast your vote for and help us bring this home.

We were contacted personally by Wirefly alerting us of this new award. Finalist will be announced on the 16th and any of our viewers can vote. Click this link, put in the reply and thank you all for your support.

Desire and Legend Rooted Already

Posted: 01 Apr 2010 12:49 PM PDT

Well, looks like it has happened again. Modaco, the same guy that rooted the Nexus One before it was released, just achieved root on the Desire and Legend before they have been released. HTC must've gotten wind of this because they are now working on an update to the Desire's firmware which will most likely patch this exploit before it is released.

Modaco is likely working on custom ROM's for both devices and porting them to other devices. It shouldn't be long before we have a perfect Sense UI ROM for our Nexus One's. I'm sure the OTA was already in the making but the reason above seems cooler.

[via twitter]

BlueAnt’s Android app for the Q1 now available

Posted: 01 Apr 2010 12:35 PM PDT

The BlueAnt Q1 Android application is now here. A few weeks ago we told you all about BlueAnt’s plans for Android and their Q1 headset. Well, the wait is over, the app is here. This app is for 2.0 and up devices.

Head over to BlueAnt’s site to get started. This app is free and it includes connection guidance, support information, and provides a link to BlueAnt Customer Service. Once installed, you now have the ability to answer your calls, hear the name of whose calling and have your text messages read to you all without touching your handset. BlueAnt has a promotional video as well, enjoy!!

Click here to view the embedded video.

HTC EVO 4G Promo Video

Posted: 01 Apr 2010 11:06 AM PDT

HTC has released a promotional video for the upcoming HTC EVO 4G. up until now there hasn't been a video that really showed how beautiful this device is. It would've been up sooner but I couldn't stop watching it.

Click here to view the embedded video.

At first I thought this would be the official commercial for the device bit it's a minute and a half and that a minute too long for today's commercials. The features and hardware are beautifully displayed in this video and now I want it even more (too bad it's on Sprint).

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