Saturday, 29 May 2010



Update on Release 256 PhysX Support

Posted: 28 May 2010 05:15 PM PDT

A lot of you have been asking about PhysX and the 257.15 beta driver we posted on Monday. First off it is true that PhysX is enabled when running on NVIDIA GPUs when AMD GPUs are used in the same system. PhysX is a compelling technology that makes PC games great – I am not surprised our fans are eager for it. When using this beta driver no additional hacks are required to enable PhysX. While it was not intentional, due to the overwhelming positive response to the beta driver we have decided to leave the beta up with support enabled.

The fact remains that the investment to do a full QA cycle on this AMD/NVIDIA hybrid GPU configuration is beyond what NVIDIA can support at this time. The cost of maintaining AMD/NVIDIA hybrid configurations is larger than the development expense for PhysX, and I do expect that there are games and configurations where this type of system just won't work. Please, don't call me :>. Therefore our WHQL certified drivers will continue to have this support disabled.

Check Out ION Netbook Stories

Posted: 28 May 2010 11:43 AM PDT

This week at the Netbook Summit we spoke to attendees about doing more with ION netbooks. We even launched a new video series at the show, called ION Netbook Stories, to show how real users use ION netbooks for media centric activities.

The first episode of Netbook Stories came from Mommy Blogger Stephanie Dulli who talked about how her netbook keeps her connected, and makes it easy to create and manage digital content on the go.

Today we're sharing a story from professional photographer, Marc Muench who shows us how he uses his ION netbook to edit photos – while he's shooting on location.

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