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Yanko Design - Latest Posts

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Espresso For Scootertarians

Posted: 28 May 2010 09:03 AM PDT

If you love Vespas and love your coffee, you might like the Vespeo Espresso Machine. Heavily influenced by the iconic people mover, the Vespeo is a combination of tradition, modernity, and Italian flair. It’s technical, mechanical, yet fun to look out. The display even looks like a speedometer; intelligently telling you how to blend the right amount of water, steam, and coffee for that perfect cup every time.

Designer: Stefan Radev

Vespeo Espresso Machine by Stefan Radev







Gemmy Tea Set

Posted: 28 May 2010 09:03 AM PDT

Here’s a set of bone china carefully carved to look like raw gems. The Ceramic Gems collection consists of a tea set and coffee tumblers. I really like the lids. There’s something distinctively Scandinavian about them yet this was designed and manufactured in India. If I’m going to have a spot of tea with the Queen, I’m doing it on my terms – not out of those frilly sets they use at Buckingham Palace.

Designer: Mohit Arora

Ceramic Gems - Tea Set by Mohit Arora




Smart Fridge Is Your New Recipe Card

Posted: 28 May 2010 05:09 AM PDT

The Smart Fridge here is for those who have shunted cooking to a hobby and rely more on designer microwave meals. The idea is to give you a fridge that is intelligent enough to come up with a healthy recipe, depending on what you stock in it. Not only that, it guides you with vocal instructions, spoon by spoon, till you dish out the perfect-wholesome meal. A touch interface door glams up the appliance, creating the desire to own a piece that's futuristic but may not be what you're looking for!

Designer: Ashley Legg

Smart Fridge by Ashley Legg










House Noise

Posted: 28 May 2010 03:02 AM PDT

All the world's my Stage, and bottles, tins and glasses are my actors! Forgive the twist in Shakespeare's famous quote, but it fits apt for the "Stage Speakers". Fun and contemporary, place any object like an empty glass bottle or a tin on the "Stage" platform and hook it to your iPod. Enjoy weird sound enhancements and discover music vibrations like never before. Surely not for the Bose-types, so party-poopers stay out of here!

Designer: Hyunsoo Kim


Stage – Speaker's Sound Enhanced By Objects by Hyunsoo Kim


Swing Pro Solo Auto

Posted: 28 May 2010 12:14 AM PDT

This rather wildly designed concept car is called the “Swing Beginner” – it’s what’s the start of what’s probably going to be a spectaculalrly fabulous line of Swing cars, this one acting as sort of training wheels for the whole line. It’s designed by Yanchao Wang to act as a solution for the future world of infinite population and zero room for gigantic cars and trucks. Welcome to the future of simply “inside and outside” – Wang’s way of saying we can no longer afford to drive in a car with any more room inside and out than we need.

Bare essentials can be design-elegant, aesthetically sassy, perfectly to the point. This vehicle is made to transform, though, as the potential 3-seat configuration can change to a 1-seat+storage just as fast, and the trunk is set on extend or shrink mode. Whatever size you need.

The entire Swing system is set on the idea that you’re basically in a fish tank. When you push your body to the right, the vehicle moves right. Forward and you move forward. It’s the same in that if a big fish throws itself toward the side of the tank, the water inside the tank moves too, and if you’ve ever seen a cartoon fishy in your life, you know that fishbowl’s going off the counter soon!

Forward, backward, turnaround, all is possible due to the no-rotation-radius wheels and gigantic window section. Getting in and out’s all in the front. Riding around is smooth. You can wear part of the car around as a backpack. What more could you possibly want out of a cutie pie vehicle like this? And it’s only the beginning!

Designer: Yanchao Wang

Swing Beginner concept car by Yanchao Wang






Illuminate Your Influenza

Posted: 28 May 2010 12:10 AM PDT

How would you like to be able to blow into a device and know what you’ve got, no matter what it is, anywhere in your body? We’re not there yet. What we DO have here is a device that, with genetically modified bioluminescent bacteria, can visualize traces of the influenza virus in your body. To do this, you’ve just gotta collect some spit in this special container. In 15 minutes, if the special bacteria inside stop emitting their continuous flow of bioluminescence, you’ve got it.

How to use:

1. Open it up.

2. Insert capsule containing bioluminescent bacteria. This is the item that’s going to do the magic in a few minutes. The capsule is greenish, and the slot you put it in is also green. Just like a TV.

3. Spit on the stick. Or scrape some off of your tongue, either way make sure it’s on the saliva stick. This stick is made of glass in order to have “a more medical and hygienic character.” 10 seconds of spit collection should be enough for the test.

4. Put the cap back on tight. This secures the cap and punctures the liquid capsule (the greenish one you put in there a minute ago.)

5. Wait and observe. After 15 minutes, the test will be complete, and you can see if you’ve got influenza or not. If you do, the virus will have killed the greenish bacteria, stopping it from glowing.

6. Clean the whole contraption. Since none of this stuff sticks permanently, you can use it over and over again. This is great if you’ve got some sort of unnatural fear of influenza, or if you happen to be a doctor or some sort or another.

So the whole process is not unlike taking a sort of pregnancy test, only you use your spit instead of your pee. A couple of other facts: the product is made of glass and CorianTM plastic. The larger than most plastics density of this material “provides the material with a certain "authority" towards the user.” There are magnets in the bottom and the cap of the product, there to hold the product together and to make sure the top is held down hard enough to puncture the bacteria bag in step 4. As with most projects on Yanko, this item is still in the concept phase and is not yet picked up to produce.

You can view a copy of the thesis paper associated with this very extensively researched project at

Designer: Jan van der Asdonk

FluDOC for Bioluminescent Bacteria








Romanova Solar Powered Streetlights

Posted: 28 May 2010 12:02 AM PDT

An idea that should’ve been off the ground ages ago: self-sufficient lights on the streets of every city. Natalia Romanova presents this project with the very to-the-point title “Self-Suffieient Streetlights.” Romanova says we only use lights along the streets 20% of the entire day. Pretty accurate, I’d be willing to bet. So what about the other 80%? Solar panel collection. Romanova aims to use the sun to cut on cost, improve sustainability, make the world a better place with hot aesthetics, and keep the world alight until the apocalypse.

You know the sun is going to explode some day, right?

Until then, Romanova plans on using the rays of the sun to light the streets at night by storing the energy given off during the day in the lamps that will act as both container and projector.

These lamps, Romanova plans, will have a metal spine, concrete base, recycled plastic panels, LED-arrays, elastic solar panels, and will be fitted with an alarm panel. The alarm panel will be reactive to signal emitters similar to those that activate stoplights activated by emergency vehicles presently. It will also react and shine according to volume and movement -because Romanova found that 43% of accidents in cities occur due to animal-related incidents, these alarm lights will twinkle when a scanner on the lamp detects volume movement more than 20 kg. Other spacial events will be detected and blinked about such as car accidents in the area.

The lamp will have electricity plugs for electro-cars. The power will come from something Romanova calls a “Global Electricity System” which I assume will be a Star Trek-esque collaboration system across all nations working together to share generated electricity.

Elastic Solar Panels “S=0.890 m, for one hour produce more than 1.3 KV of energy” – excellent considering the LED light arrays use less than .5 KV of energy. That means that for every hour the sun shines upon the lights during the day, there’s more than 2 hours of light that’s made for the night. Seems pretty good. Indeed?

Now let’s make sure this math works, check on materials, and poof!

Right? That’s how it works to make global changes in cities around the world, correct?


Designer: Natalia Romanova

Self Sufficient Streetlight by Natalia Romanova






Glass Flower Pot

Posted: 27 May 2010 09:04 AM PDT

Botanists have secrets and we must learn them. Did you know some plants perform better when their roots are directly exposed to sunlight? A common example is the popular orchid. Every time I buy one, it dies within weeks. The Life Pot is a clear glass container that shows subsoil growth. That plant’s roots become part of the sculptural element. Don’t worry about breaking it because it’s made from Pyrex glass.

  • Dimensions: 150 x 150 x 170 mm
  • Material: Pyrex Glass
  • Distribution: Sotanosiete

Designers: Jomi Marco & Josep Armengol

VIDA - Life Pot For Plants by Josep Armengol & Jomi Marco




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