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Download Froyo (2.2) for Your Motorola Droid ! ! !

Posted: 05 Jun 2010 10:07 AM PDT

Before you get all gitty, this is not the official Froyo. It was ported over by a few good hackers from MyDroidWorld. It's a fully functional ROM that was made from a Froyo nandroid backup from a Nexus One.

All you Droid owners can now enjoy all the new features of Froyo. It should improve performance tremendously so when you install it come back here and post some benchmark test scores. The only thing that you will miss in this ROM is Wi-Fi. That's a small sacrifice to enjoy all the goodies that 2.2 bring to Android.

Flash in the browser is working also. When you first boot up there ROM there will be a link that will lead you to the market so you can download and install the enchantment. Enjoy!!!


A Peek Under the Hood: Google TV and Logitech Harmony Link

Posted: 05 Jun 2010 09:57 AM PDT

Logitech is teaming up with Google to bring Google TV to your current HDTV. If the Google TV is out of your price range or you already have a few nice HDTV's, this companion box may be the best choice for you. It brings the full Google TV experience to your existing home entertainment system.

Harmon Link sits at the heart of Logitech's Google TV experience. This new system takes in all kinds of signals and sends them out as infrared commands. This simple means that everything that is control via IR remote will be able to be controlled centrally by the Harmony Link system. Thus, Harmony Link, eliminating the need to have 4 or more remotes lying around to control various parts of your home entertainment system.

The companion box will also let you use a free app for your Android phone. This app turns your phone or Android device into a Harmony Link controller, giving you total control over your entertainment center right from your handset. This companion box comes with a full QWERTY keyboard you could use instead of your phone if you wish. Google TV and this box should be available this fall.

[via logitech]


Verizon Bringing VCast Video to Android on Monday

Posted: 05 Jun 2010 09:37 AM PDT

There was a tweet sent yesterday by Philadelphia-area VZW rep Sheldon Jones, that said Verizon will be bringing its VCast Video service to their Android smart phones starting Monday. This is great news for all you Verizon Android owners. Whether you have a Devour or an Incredible, all of their Androids should receive this service.

If you're not a VZW customer this may be news to you, I thought VCast was a part of every smart phone on their network. It's even preinstalled on old handsets like the Voyager. Since every Android device is stronger than a Voyager, I would assume that playback performance should be pretty good. But for optimum performance, a Droid or Incredible may be required.

There was no mention on whether or not this service will be a free adds on for Android phones. I would expect to pay around $10 a month for this service. VCast adds a whole new dimension of mobile video and television to Android. Enjoy your new feature when Monday rolls around.

[via androidauthority]


Metro PCS’s First Android Phone

Posted: 05 Jun 2010 09:15 AM PDT

Looks like everyone is catching Android fever, Metro PCS will soon have their first Android based phone. Yesterday there was a rumor that Metro PCS may have an Android phone in the making. What a difference a day makes? Earlier today, Androidguys managed to get some pictures of the device.

The name of this handset is currently unknown. It is made by Motorola and it runs MotoBlur 2.1. The screen size appears to be a 3.1 or 3.2, this device is kind of like the Cliq. It has a slide out 4-row QWERTY keyboard, a 3MP camera and a 600 MHZ processor. The purple circle around the home key may double as a directional pad.

There is no information at this point about the amount of RAM and Rom that is included in this device. If it has 512 of RAM and ROM it might turn out to be a pretty good device. It has the same CPU that is in the Droid and we all know it can be over clocked to a stable 1.2GHZ. No pricing or availability is know yet either.


Dell Streak HDMI dock makes a cameo

Posted: 04 Jun 2010 05:30 PM PDT

Once the Dell Streak hits the streets this HDMI dock will surely be the hottest accessory everyone will pick up for their new toy. This dock will be able to perform all of the things we expect out of a traditional dock and a few extras. It should be available for purchase on the same day the streak is released.

As far as the Streak itself goes, there's a kickstand case add on. This came out of the blue, there was no mention of this case in the past. This is a welcome feature for every MID, it's also on a few phone like the recently released EVO 4G, it allows you to prop up the device while viewing photos and videos. Now back to the dock, it has an HDMI output, USB port and a line out jack. Currently, there is no official word on the ability for this dock to output every faceted of content on the tablet. Stay tuned for more details on the docks playback capabilities.

[via laptopmag]


ZodTTD developing a PSX emulator for Android

Posted: 04 Jun 2010 04:34 PM PDT

Those of you ex-iPhone users may be familiar with the name. He has been jailbreaking iPhone’s for the longest and he’s developed a few emulators for the platform.  ZodTTD is now working on bringing a Playstation emulator to Android. And he is partnering up with our current favorite Android emulator creator, yongzh. ZodTTD was likely persuaded to start work on Android after a petition was signed with 2,000 signatures from his fans requesting he bring his talents over to Android.

As expected this emulator will require "superphone" type hardware. It is currently being tested on a Nexus One and progress is coming along quite nicely.  He said its already running at a faster clip on the Nexus than it does on the iPhone. It does still have a few kinks that need to be ironed out. Also, 2.1 and above will likely be a requirement, 2.2 should greatly improve the performance when it is released for public consumption. Adding this emulator to Android would improve its gaming library exponentially, who's ready for some Final Fantasy or Tekken on their Android device?

One this PSX port is done there’s a good chance that he will begin working on a N64 emulator.

[via neverknowtech, mobilecrunch]


More Shots of the Droid Xtreme

Posted: 04 Jun 2010 04:14 PM PDT

Our friends over at Droid-Life have recently gotten a hold of a few more pictures of the Droid Xtreme. These pictures are a lot clearer and bigger than the ones we've seen in the past. This time around you get a clear picture of the HD dual LED 8MP camera and much more.

It's pretty much confirmed that this device is running android 2.1. It has a new version of MotoBlur that can be turned off giving you a more vanilla Android look. This feature will likely be included in the 2.1 update to current MotoBlur handsets. Next time around hopefully we'll get some pictures of it with the keyboard open and a full spec sheet.

[via droidlife]


2 Android Set-Top-Boxes, sub $129 – Video

Posted: 04 Jun 2010 04:05 PM PDT

While we all wait for the arrival of the official Google TV, we may soon be able to get a taste of what's to come from these 2 set-top-boxes. Both of them are capable of 3D television and should be available sometime this year. If that's not enough good news for you, the highest one is expected to retail around $129.

The first is manufactured by a company called Bonux, this box costs only $50 to make and there is a smaller version that costs only $25. It is running Android 2.1 and will be available at the end of this year. When it arrives it will have a wireless remote with a touch interface that allows you to communicate with the box. It will also have a screen on it and will look similar to a tablet. It will also be compatible with most wireless keyboards. It has an HDMI and is capable of 1080p video.

Click here to view the embedded video.

The second box is calling Keen High Media Tech, it will retail for around $129. The spokesman in the video said this will be on the market in a few months. It also runs Android 2.1, 1080p and has an HDMI. It also has USB ports and Cortex A9 and is Open GL compliant. When it hits the market is should have integrated Wi-Fi.

Click here to view the embedded video.

If you recently purchased a nice HDTV and don't want to shell out another $3000 on a Google branded TV, this may be a great option for you. It scales Android up to 1080p and you can even run apps on your television. Both are compatible with a wide range of audio, video and picture formats. The best thing about them is they will not break the bank.

[via frandroid]


Acer Android beTouch E120 – Video

Posted: 04 Jun 2010 11:51 AM PDT

Don't be alarmed, the title is similar to the last but it isn't the same story (not exactly). This is another Android 1.6 device by Acer that has been recently announced at this year's Computex. This version shares a few things in common with the E130 as you will see later.

This device features Android 1.6, a 2.8 inch resistive touch screen, and a 3.2 MP camera. Like the beTouch E130, it has a similar ST Ericsson 416Mhz processor but lacks a keyboard. There's also a jack, micrSD slot and an optical track pad. Both of these devices in the beTouch series have 256 RAM and 512 ROM. It seems both of these phones can come in either T-Mobile or AT&T compatible 3G bands, it'll be interesting to see where they land.

Click here to view the embedded video.

[via ARMDevices]


Motorla Cliq Getting 2.1 Next Month?

Posted: 04 Jun 2010 11:23 AM PDT

For the longest we've heard that the Cliq will join the ranks of Android 2.1 in Q2. Well, the end of Q2 is fast approaching, in fact there's only a few more weeks left in Q2. Tmonews is now reporting that the Cliq will get 2.1 in the begging of July.

For the longest we've heard that the Cliq will join the ranks of Android 2.1 in Q2. Well, the end of Q2 is fast approaching, in fact there's only a few more weeks left in Q2. Tmonews is now reporting that the Cliq will get 2.1 in the begging of July.

Hopefully this update will include to rumored “NinjaBlur” that is installed in the Shadow. I expect the Cliq to get the same MotoBlur that is preloaded in the Flipout. If you would like a preview of what you can expect out of the new update checkout the video below.

Click here to view the embedded video.

[via tmonews]


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