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Motorola Droid Xtreme Poses for Steady-Cam Photoshoot

Posted: 11 Jun 2010 12:24 PM PDT

Well, here you go. This here, folks, is the Motorola Droid Xtreme, alive and well, posing for some pretty solid photos. There’s a few we’ve seen before, but quite a few that we haven’t. And, to be honest, there’s a lot to like here. We’ll quit with the narrative pretty quick here, and after the break you’ll see plenty more photos, plus the run down of the specs you can expect to see when it launches (hopefully in July).

Thanks to the folks over at Gadget University, we’ve got some hands-on time with the Droid Xtreme. So, what can you expect: The 4.3 inch capacitive touchscreen, a 1GHz Snapdragon processor under the hood, Android 2.1 goodness, an HDMI out port, and a new version of MOTOBLUR. The guys say it’s not as bad as we think, and hopefully that’s a good thing, because, well, we don’t think very highly of MOTOBLUR at all.

There are hardware navigation keys for Home, Search, Back, and Menu, so no more capacitive buttons like on the original DROID. The model number said DROIDX, so that seems just about right. Now, we just need Verizon Wireless to tell us when it’s coming, so we can all stop salivating over what’s still unofficial.

[via Gadget University]


Motorola Droid for Verizon Wireless Gets a Price Drop

Posted: 11 Jun 2010 11:13 AM PDT

Considering everything we’ve been hearing about the upcoming devices from Motorola, from the Droid X to the Droid 2, it’s no surprise to us that we’re seeing Verizon Wireless take the next logical step: mark down prices. While the current iteration of the DROID is still doing ridiculously well for itself, when you’re about to make some room for what’s coming next, the only thing you really can do is drop the price of what’s already available.

What you shouldn’t expect, though, is a huge price drop. After seven months of being available, the DROID has finally dropped $50. You heard that right, the flagship Android device from Motorola is now $149.99 on a new, two-year contract. If you order it from the wireless carrier’s website, you won’t have to worry about a mail-in rebate, and we’re curious as to what Verizon Corporate stores, as well as third-party retailers, are doing for that mail-in part. $50 now? That wouldn’t be too bad at all. Big question of the day, now though, is: when is Verizon going to officially announce what’s coming next? Anyone want to take a guess?

[via Verizon Wireless]


Samsung Behold II for T-Mobile Getting Android 1.6 on June 28th, Rumors Suggest

Posted: 11 Jun 2010 09:09 AM PDT

The debacle that is the update schedule (or, lack of a schedule, really) for the Samsung Behold II is something that we covered just a few weeks for you. And, while we do admit that it’s not very good news for Behold II owners out there that were expecting to get Android 2.x, we do have to say that at least they’re getting an upgrade at all. After all, considering the Samsung Moment probably did world’s better sales wise for Sprint than the Behold II did for T-Mobile, it wouldn’t have surprised us if they just looked over the Behold II completely.

But, enough of that. Rumor has it that coming up here pretty soon, like June 28th soon, the Behold II is going to get an update to its system. Sure, it’s possible that this is just an update from Samsung/T-Mobile to fix some minor bugs, or to fix the radio, or whatever else they can come up with to update, but we’ll go ahead and agree with our friends over at AndroidGuys and consider the possibility that this is the day Samsung will push out the 1.6 update.

The update brings with it the use of Google Navigation, necessary updates to Google Maps, as well as the ability to use Google applications like Google Goggles. You’ll also get the Quick Search Box, as well as access to Google Voice Search. An updated media player will also be rolled into the package, along with the legendary Swype keyboard. We’ll keep our ear to the ground on this one, and if we hear anything different, we’ll be sure to let you know. As it stands right now, it looks like you’ll have a nice upgrade present waiting for you at the end of June. Anyone out there excited about this?

[via AndroidGuys]


HTC Liberty Shows Itself Off on Video, Heading to AT&T [Video]

Posted: 11 Jun 2010 08:58 AM PDT

There’s a point where marketing takes a turn that no one expects. Sure, we can bet that a company will go all-out for a phone they think is going to be a huge hit. And then there’s another way to get your point across. Almost subliminally, in fact. Take, for example, this short testing video made by AT&T. In it, amongst some other information that will probably be only interesting to a few out there, you’ll get your first glimpse of the HTC Liberty.

Though you don’t get much of a glimpse, at least nothing noteworthy anyway, you can tell form the video that it has a flush face, a touchscreen (obviously), and it has four capacitive touch buttons just below the screen. And yes, it’s running Sense UI. It does look a lot like Verizon Wireless’ recently released DROID Incredible by HTC, even if the screen’s resolution is supposedly only 320 x 480. That isn’t great, but considering the Android competition on AT&T, not much is.

Hopefully it won’t take long before AT&T officially announces the Liberty, and then we can finally get some official specifications. Maybe AT&T will blow our minds, and launch an Android device that someone would actually want. But, we won’t hold our breath. Video below.

Click here to view the embedded video.

[via Engadget]


Droid 2 Finally Exposed – Video

Posted: 10 Jun 2010 04:32 PM PDT

Up until now all we've seen of the droid 2 is a blurry picture that didn't even show the entire front of the device. Now we finally get a clear look at the full handset. There's even a video of the boot screen and you can clearly see that it has a full QWERTY keyboard. It looks almost identical to the original droid that we all know and love.

The keyboard has been upgrade to what appears to be a bigger version of the Cliq's keyboard. Thankfully that dreaded d-pad is gone and the keyboard has a 4 rows. This is a huge improvement over the original. It also looks like it a bit thinner then the original.

It has a 750MHz OMAP, a 3.7 inch touch screen and 8GB of internal. There will also be a preinstalled 8GB microSD card bringing the grand total to 16GB. There's a 5 MP camera, it likely has an LED flash. Contrary to the early rumors, there's no HDMI port and it runs Android 2.1. It's a possibility that it will get 2.2 by the time it's released but that's unlikely.

Click here to view the embedded video.

[via droidlife]


Silver HTC Desire Coming to the UK

Posted: 10 Jun 2010 04:15 PM PDT

This Limited Edition Silver Desire will be offered by Expansys, in fact you can order it now. We've seen this handset in brown, black and now this silver version. If this device peaks your interest, you may want to get your order in as soon as you can. They will start shipping them within the next few days.

Like the brown and black Desire, this has Android 2.1. It is a Sense UI device with a 1GHZ Snapdragon processor. There have been rumors that the Desire will receive Android 2.2 at the end of this month. That may not happen but it's pretty much been confirmed by HTC that it will get 2.2 sometime in the future.

It will cost you £449.99 and will ship free and unlocked. This will surely go fast and probably will not be made available again. And given HTC latest stock shortage problem, this is a strong possibility. So head over to Expansys and place your order. You wouldn't want to be left out in the cold would you?

[via eurodroid]


Shadow is now Droid X?

Posted: 10 Jun 2010 04:00 PM PDT

Lately this has been the most leaked upcoming Android phone around the web. Out of all the leaked pictures and information, there hasn't been any solid evidence of any of these claims until now. Our friend over at Phandroid has just received a few new screenshots of the highly anticipated Motorola Shadow. First off, the new name is Droid X, this is a change from Droid Xtreme that we've heard in recent leaks of the device.

The Droid X has dual-band 1xEVDO handset headed for Verizon, nothing new here. It will have a 4.3-inch screen with a 480×854 resolution display. From the looks of the sheet, it will have a QWERTY keyboard. If it does have a hard keyboard, that's really impressive from a device that is only 0.39-inches thick.

It's also 2.5-inches wide and 5.01-inches tall and only weighs 5.47 ounces. For some reason it has the Safari Browser version 4 preinstalled. If this isn't an entry mixed up, this will be the first and only Android device with Apple's mobile browser installed.


Motorola Milestone XT720 Gets A Few Upgrades

Posted: 10 Jun 2010 03:44 PM PDT

If you were a little disappointed about the original specs of the Motorola Milestone XT720, you weren't alone. Those outdated mid-range specs took a little air out of the balloon. Thankfully, those Motorola will up the specs a bit for it's re-release.

The TI OMAP3440 is now clocked at 720MHz, it can handle over 1GHZ as we've seen in the past. And the RAM will also get a boost from 256 to 512. These are well needed upgrades, I mean the phone is capable of 720p video recording. This will make a few of our European friends happy when it releases later this month. There's also a strong possibility that we will see this device at our own T-Mobile in the near future.

[via engadget]


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