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Verizon Droid X possibly set to release July 2nd

Posted: 22 Jun 2010 11:31 AM PDT

More Easter eggs about the Droid X have been uncovered in a Droid X teaser analysis. It’s been confirmed the screen size is 4.3″ WVGA screen, an 8 megapixel camera and the release date in July. The interesting part of the commercial is when the picture morphs into 7.2.2010, leaving us to assume that the release date is July 2nd.

The extra 2 could just be a part of the flickering effect used in the video, but the series of numbers has an extra dot that could make it a legit date, and therefore the release date was given on this ad. One way or another, Verizon and Motorola are adding more and more hype to the Droid X.

[via Brief Mobile]


Nexus One Shows Off New version of a classic game: Androideroids [Video]

Posted: 22 Jun 2010 11:07 AM PDT

Apple has been receiving alot of news lately but don’t worry we’re still uncovering more news on Android devices. Grant Skinner has made a multiplayer game called Androideroids, based off the Asteroids game. This game supports up to eight players and is from a first person shooter perspective.

A little while back, a version of Donkey Kong country was made and that went well, but we feel Androideroids could top it. This version runs on an Adobe Air application on a desktop PC, and air client on Nexus One. This is more of a minor tidbit than news.

Click here to view the embedded video.

[via Pocket-Lint]


Samsung Captivate Previewed, Early Build Still Wields Promising Features

Posted: 22 Jun 2010 10:34 AM PDT

AT&T was accused of crippling there Android phones, the Captivate is a bounceback from those accusations. The company released the specs last week, but we were able to get our hands on one of them. The model we were able to obtain is clearly an early model but that didn’t slow us down in going through it.

The 4 inch screen isn’t as large as the Droid X’s or EVO’s 4.3 inch screen, but we feel the size is just right. The design isn’t very unique but it’s very light in hand. Apart from looks the software, camera and performance are all very solid.

[via Engadget]


Droid Eris has been retired, Droid Incredible next?

Posted: 22 Jun 2010 09:39 AM PDT

Android 2.1 may be the last official update to the Eris from Verizon. They have decided to end support of the Eris, it was the launch partner of the original Droid. It's still possible that HTC may choose to still support the handset but that is highly unlikely. If you want 2.2 on Eris you might want to root it or be satisfied with 2.1.

We've actually known about the short life span of the Eris a month after it was released. But what's surprising it the fact the Incredible may be joining the Eris in an early retirement. Recently there has been an internal document leaked from Verizon that has every device in their inventory that is on the chopping block.

You can clearly see that the Incredible is on this list with the Eris. If you're a BlackBerry fan, you're already aware that the Tour was replaced with the Bold. And now the Eris is gone, so if this isn't a mistake the Incredible might not make it past the fall. This is a tough one to swallow, the Incredible has been one of the hottest selling phones and it has been sold out almost every time it's back in stock. Do you believe this document is real?

[via droidlife]


Fancy Widget Gets C&D From HTC

Posted: 22 Jun 2010 09:05 AM PDT

That actually took longer than I expected it to take. Maybe Fancy Widget wasn't popular enough up until now. Nonetheless, Fancy Widget will soon be gone from the Android Market. Like HTC did with the original Beautiful Widgets, they have requested the makers of Fancy Widget to pull their app from the market and stop imitating their custom clock/weather widget design that is found in their Sense UI package.

"With the release of this update, we are also here to share with you some bad news. Due to HTC's complaint, the current version of Fancy Widget will soon be discontinued and removed from the market. This is the last update to the current version, and we suggest everyone upgrade to this version as soon as possible"

Get it while it's hot, if you read the statement above, this widget will soon be removed from the market. The last update will be the final release of Fancy widget. In an effort to keep up with the beautiful Widgets de ja vu, the makers are planning on bringing it back shortly with a whole new design. Odds are, the new design will not be as "Fancy" as the current but it still should be a free app and a nice replacement for the original clock app.

[via eurodroid]


Dell Streak Pairs Up With A Bluetooth Keyboard and Mouse – Video

Posted: 22 Jun 2010 08:50 AM PDT

Here's another feature in the hat of the Dell Streak. You can connect a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse to the massive 5 inch screen on the Streak. Currently, the mouse has no functionality but it still cool that it even recognizes it. A Bluetooth keyboard and a nice dock is a great combination. It almost acts as a mini desktop computer.

The best part about this is there's no hacking required. Apparently you just pair up your keyboard and you're on your way. There is no lag when typing on the keyboard. Everything is displayed almost instantaneously. If you have a Streak, try it out. If you're still waiting for it to arrive you now have an extra function to look forward too.

Click here to view the embedded video.

[via engadget]


Samsung Behold II OTA’s Are Rolling Out

Posted: 22 Jun 2010 08:15 AM PDT

The lack of support from everyone involved with this phone has been the focal point of many people losing faith in Samsung. It'll probable never see Android 2.0+ even though there is a petition going around to make this happen. Regardless, we are hearing word that the OTA to 1.6 has started to arrive on a few Behold ll's.

Android 1.6 offers a whole world of possibilities for the Behold ll. along with this update to 1.6, Samsung is including Google Voice, Google Maps with navigation as well as the Swype keyboard. There are other various bug fixes thrown in also. Even with these extra goodies being tossed in, I still don't see many users being happy about this whole situation.

[via tmonews]


T-Mobile Vibrant aka Galaxy S images leak

Posted: 22 Jun 2010 07:50 AM PDT

T-Mobile USA’s version of the Samsung Galaxy S, the Samsung Vibrant, has apparently leaked, albeit only in press image form.  According to Cell Phone Signal these are preview shots of the Super AMOLED smartphone, complete with T-Mobile branding and a tweaked control row underneath the touchscreen.

Those changed controls seemingly dump the hardware “home” key from the Galaxy S we unboxed late last week and uses the space to instead fit in two more touch-sensitive keys: home and search.  T-Mobile’s branding is across the top of the device, but we’re a little confused by the Galaxy S name emblazoned across the back, which you’d think would read “Vibrant” if anything.

According to the latest rumors, T-Mobile are preparing to launch the Vibrant on July 21st.

[via Unwired View]


Samsung Galaxy S has been rooted !!!

Posted: 22 Jun 2010 07:42 AM PDT

That's right folks, the galaxy S has been rooted. It's not freed from its stock shackles. Soon there will be custom ROM's, kernels and other things being released. And dare I say it, Froyo? This process looks pretty straight forward but some users have been reporting issues with getting it to work.

With this handset making its world tour, it's good to know that you will have the ability to root it whenever it does come to your carrier of choice. If you would like to get started, click here for the instructions and give it a go. Now that the Galaxy S has been rooted, it's sure to attract a lot of attention in the development community. I wonder how long it will take before we see 2.2 running on it.

[via samdroid]


Sling Media SlingPlayer Mobile for Android Set to Launch on June 22nd, Cost $29.99

Posted: 21 Jun 2010 06:36 PM PDT

We’re fans of any application that makes our lives, in some way or another, easier. And, as we showed you not too long ago with our hands-on time with Sling Media’s SlingPlayer Mobile application for Android, we’d say that the app does indeed fit into that little corner of our tech necessities. Then again, that may just mean we watch TV too much. Either way, we’re happy to announce that, beginning June 22nd, you’ll be able to get in on the goodness for yourself.

Thanks to Sling Media’s constant push for public release, we can finally say that there’s going to be a time where everyone (if you’re in a supported Market, that is) can start Slinging their media every which direction. Here’s what you’ll need: The SlingPlayer Mobile application (which is going to cost $29.99 when it become available tomorrow), either a SlingBox SOLO, PRO, or PRO-HD, and connectivity via your wireless carrier’s network (3G and 4G supported), or a WiFi signal. If you’ve got all that, then you can start enjoying all the greatness that is SlingPlayer Mobile.

If you need any more information about SlingPlayer, check out the press release below. Or, you could watch the embedded video from our hands-on time with SlingPlayer Mobile. We think you should do both, but we know how visual you are, so enjoy the video. Oh, and the pictures. Those are always good, too.

Press Release:

Sling Media Launches SlingPlayer Mobile for Android Smartphones

Application now delivers your home TV experience to Android phones anywhere you have mobile phone access

Foster City, Calif., – June 22, 2010 – Sling Media, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of EchoStar Corporation (NASDAQ: SATS), announced today the availability of its SlingPlayer Mobile™ application for Android™ Smartphones. The all new application gives Android phone users easy access to their home TV experience anywhere they have mobile phone or Wi-Fi internet access. Now anyone with an Android phone never has to miss a favorite TV show when they're away from home.

"We're committed to the Android platform, and users of our new and improved SlingPlayer Mobile application will experience one of the most complete mobile television experiences available today," said John Gilmore, Sling Media Senior Vice President and General Manager. "Now the full spectrum of viewing, including local channels and sports teams, video on demand, pay per view and even control of their home DVR, is available to the growing number of people moving to Android."
How it Works
When in your mobile phone provider's area of 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi coverage and connected to a Slingbox® SOLO, PRO or PRO-HD, SlingPlayer Mobile makes it simple to watch and control your living room television at any time from any location. Watch live and recorded TV and schedule recordings of new programs from any Android Smartphone.

SlingPlayer Mobile for Android features faster startup and control response times, and it works among a variety of Android-based mobile phones in the market today.  It also has a new user interface that gives quick-touch access to the most critical remote controls and recently viewed channels.

Current Pricing and Availability
SlingPlayer Mobile Android is available now for download for $29.99* in the Android Market in the following countries: Australia, Austria, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom and the United States.
*Price is in U.S. dollars. U.S. dollar to local currency exchange will be carried out at purchase via the customer's bank or credit card provider. Pricing and availability subject to local laws.
Visit http://www.slingbox.com/go/android for more information.

About Sling Media, Inc.
Sling Media, Inc., an affiliate of EchoStar Technologies L.L.C., which is a wholly owned subsidiary of EchoStar Corporation (NASDAQ: SATS), is the leading provider of video placeshifting products and services for consumers and television service providers. Sling Media’s product family includes the internationally acclaimed, Emmy award-winning Slingbox™ that allows consumers to watch and control their living room television shows at any time, from any location, using internet-connected PCs, Macs, PDAs and smartphones. For more information, visit www.slingmedia.com.


T-Mobile’s Twitter Mystery Device Is The Galaxy S? (RUMOR)

Posted: 21 Jun 2010 04:46 PM PDT

If you're a diehard T-Mobile fan, you might be aware of their recent Twitter game. We are now on the third clue on which device they might unveil real soon. So far, all the evidence has lead Tmonews (and us) to believe that the mystery device in question is non other than the Samsung Galaxy S.

Just in case you haven't been following the game, the clues are:

1. What does T-Mobile and the best selling PC game of all time have in common?
2. It's super slim and full of muscle.
3. Never miss your favorite TV shows or the score of the big game.

You figure it out yet? The guys over a Tmonews think the device is Galaxy S and it will release on July 21st. they also suspect that their version of the Galaxy S will come preloaded with Sims 3 and the movie Avatar. According to a tipster, T-Mobile's version will be called the "Vibrant". It will have the same 1GHZ processor made by Samsung, HD camcorder, Amazon Kindle, GoGo in flight Internet, a 5MP camera (hopefully with flash added) and will be 10mm thick. Either way, this may be the powerhouse Android device T-Mobile customers have been waiting on. Are you excited yet?


T-Mobile UK now has the HTC Wildfire

Posted: 21 Jun 2010 04:17 PM PDT

Vodafone now has some competition for potential Wildfire customers. T-Mobile UK now carries this compact version of the Nexus One. There's even a plan that allows you to obtain this device free of charge.

To get this device free all you have to do is sign up for a £20 per month contract. This includes 600 minutes and 500 texts. There's also am unlimited data plan available if you use less than 3GB of data a month.

The Wildfire features Android 2.1 with Sense on top. A 3.2 display, FM radio and all the apps you'd expect out of a traditional Android phone. It also has a 5 MP camera with flash, 384 RAM and a 3.5mm jack. Those are some pretty good specs for this entry level device, head to T-mobile UK now and pick one up.

[via eurodroid]


Barnes & Noble Introduces Nook Wi-Fi

Posted: 21 Jun 2010 03:33 PM PDT

If you're into eReaders this is double the good news for you. Not only has Barnes & Noble introduced a new version of their Android powered Nook but they have lowered the price of their existing models. And to top it all off, they have added a new update that adds news features and allows you to have free AT&T hotspot service.

The new model only has Wi-Fi access, the existing model has 3G and Wi-Fi access and has been lowered by $50 to $199.99. If you're always near a Wi-Fi access point or just want to save a few bucks, the Wi-Fi only Nook retails for $149.99. The only difference between the two is 3G access, you will have the same eReader capabilities on the lower priced model.

Our new software update has exciting new features and improves NOOK’s overall performance. Included in Version 1.4:

1. Extended AT&T Wi-Fi Hotspot support — FREE and seamless connection to AT&T’s entire nationwide Wi-Fi network including restaurants, hotels and additional locations, and wherever you see an AT&T Wi-Fi sign.
2. New extra extra large font size
3. Go-To Page feature allows users to go to a specific page in their eBook

If you have a Nook, you can get your hands on the new update through the nook support page, this is a manual update so there's no need to wait for an OTA. The new firmware is version 1.4 and it adds hotspot support as well as a new go-to-page feature among other things. The Nook just got a whole lot better, it's still up against some tough completion for the top Android eReader market. This update may have just pushed it over the top.


HTC EVO 4G Now Has Wireless N Support

Posted: 21 Jun 2010 03:07 PM PDT

That's right folks, the EVO can now take advantage of wireless N technologies. Thanks to the great development community the EVO now has this great new feature. Recently, there have been a few complaints that the EVO had problems keeping a strong Wi-Fi connection, hopefully this addition will sure that problem up a bit.

This hack is brought to you by chuckhriczko from the XDA. It's a pretty easy thing to do, just input a few adb commands after downloading the files and you can activate wireless N on your handset. Early reports say the speed is still the same, the advantage of N is the ability to access your network from a long distance.

Froyo might unlock wireless N for the EVO whenever it hits if you're one of those people that want wait for an official release. Some users are reporting that this hack now allows them to keep a strong Wi-Fi signal on the same router that was giving them problems before. So if you're ready to add this new feature to your EVO, click this link and get started.

[via androidcentral]


Get your hands on the HTC Aria Free through Dell

Posted: 21 Jun 2010 02:55 PM PDT

Although this handset just hit AT&T stores, it's already up for sale. New customers can now head to Dell's online store and purchase the Aria for free. This offer also includes free shipping and free activation.

If you were to go into an AT&T store, this device will cost you $129.99 on a 2-year contract. That's already a pretty low price but free is a little bit more appealing. A handset usually has to be out for at least a few weeks before deals like this are offered. AT&T's partners may be trying to get this phone out of their stock in anticipation for the Captivate, AT&T's version of the Galaxy S.

[via cnn]


Droid X and Droid 2 for Verizon Wireless to Feature 1GHz Snapdragon Processor

Posted: 21 Jun 2010 02:46 PM PDT

Ready to start the speculation train? We just told you a bit ago that the @DroidLanding Twitter account is, indeed, real, and that it’s spouting off rumors from this point on to let people get in on the Droid X action before anyone else. Coincidentally enough, one of the first tweets that account actually posted said that the Droid X has a 1GHz Snapdragon processor. Interesting, yes?

Well, everyone assumed that was a mistake. That, for whatever reason, 1GHz and Snapdragon had become so synonymous that it would be easy to make a human mistake like that. But, hold your horses. The fine folks over at Droid-Life have just spoken to one of their sources, and they got some interesting news: Both upcoming DROIDS are going to have Snapdragon processors under the hood. And, in point of fact, Motorola worked closely with the chip manufacturers to make sure that the processors delivered a bunch of “pop,” which makes those benchmarks we saw weeks ago make more sense.

However, HTC, and a few other manufacturers out there, have used Snapdragon in their high-end devices. Motorola, for all intents and purposes, has made no moves to move away from the Texas Instruments processors they’ve showcased previously. But, if they are indeed Snapdragon processors, we’re sure that’s going to be making a bunch of people happy.

Coincidence, though: The tweet that started the whole thing? Well, it’s been pulled from the Twitter account proper. Yeah, that shows us that it was a mistake, and nothing more, but with these “sources” coming forward and saying that the tweet is actually correct, well. We’re interested, that’s for sure.

Be sure to check out http://live.slashgear.com on Wednesday, June 23rd starting at 1:00PM Eastern, as we bring you all the breaking details of the Verizon/Motorola/Google/Adobe announcement. It’s definitely getting interesting!

[via Droid-Life]


Sprint’s HTC EVO 4G to receive new software update

Posted: 21 Jun 2010 01:42 PM PDT

The HTC EVO received a bug fix update right at launch and another one has been discovered. It’s been told that a software problem for screen responsive problems is coming. Also the WiFi singnal strength might be tweaked also.

Engadget has been told that the issue involving the screen slightly separating is a cosmetic problem and shouldn’t interfere with the phone itself. Instances of this are not widespread and that HTC is fixing the phone to make sure this won’t occur again in the future. We think this is a pretty good response to the updates the phone has had to receive.

[via Engadget]


Verizon Droid X Twitter account is real

Posted: 21 Jun 2010 01:00 PM PDT

The Twitter account spotted in the Droid X commercial has quickly been gaining attention. When we checked it out, it was proven that this is actually a legit Twitter account. What is even cooler is they’re giving away a few Droid X handsets.

To find more clues on the account, we recommend actually checking the account out for yourself. The bio description on their account says the next generation of does is coming soon, but you might get yours before that. Droid X phones are hidden across the country, follow us for clues. I believe that is enough for them go start attarcting followers.

[via AndroidGuys]


QuickDesk Beta now availabe in Android Market

Posted: 21 Jun 2010 11:54 AM PDT

One of the most simple yet most functional apps ever created. Created by the developr behind HelixLaunchers, this app allows you to set up a virtual/secret homescreen. This can be accessed simply by double tapping the “Home” key while in another app.

Many are probably asking “What’s go groundbreaking about that?” Well the answer is it makes everything so convenient. Ever been in an app and forgot to turn off our wi-fi or your music player? It allows you to switch to another app while not having to go back to the main home screen. This app sounds pretty groundbreaking if you ask us.

[via Droid-Life]


Samsung Acclaim for US Cellular Hitting Shelves on July 9th

Posted: 21 Jun 2010 11:32 AM PDT

The Samsung Acclaim, an Android slider phone will be released July the 9th. Not much information has been released by US Celluar on the specs or an Android version. The most info. floating about on the web is it has a 3.2 inch HVGA screen and a stock Eclair installation.

For the mean time, we’ll have to wait until somebody from Samsung releases more info.  on the Acclaim. Odds are Samsung is ashamed at being associated with the Acclaim. We’re not very sure if the phone will be very succesful due to Samsung’s reluctance at giving information on the phone.

[via Engadget]


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