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Sony NEX-5 or Olympus PEN poll: Which are you?

Posted: 13 Jun 2010 03:00 AM PDT

Our Sony NEX-5 review went live on Friday, complete with HD video samples to check out, and it was every bit as good as we hoped. Thought it’s not quite the same system as Micro Four Thirds used in our beloved Olympus PEN line (E-P1, E-P2 and E-PL1), it’s crashing the exact same market for slimline snappers with interchangeable lenses. But which are you backing? Sony’s tiny body and DSLR sensor, or the retro aesthetics and wide lens range for the Olympus PEN line? Tell us!

We found that bar some niggles with the user interface on the screen, the super slim Sony NEX-5 was a cinch to reel off stunning pictures video with. Its images really did come across as near DSLR standard, though obviously it lacks the viewfinder and fast repeat auto focus of a true DSLR, and considering it’s the first Sony Alpha to shoot HD video, Sony’s made a cracking debut on that front with lovely crisp movies.

But the Sony NEX-5 is still a tough sell: there are already plenty of Micro Four Thirds cameras on the market from both Panasonic and Olympus – and even more lenses. The Sony NEX-5 and lower end NEX-3 will only have access to three lenses initially, and while Alpha lenses will work with a mount (Sold separately, natch), they’re manual focus only.

GF1 aside, Panasonic’s opted for slightly bulkier models, while the Olympus PEN line has brought back a rangefinder retro vibe and a smaller shell into vogue and captured our hearts in the process (It’s one of the cameras we use to bring you photos of gorgeous new gadgets on the site).

Which brings us to the question: which side do you fall on, Sony NEX-5 or Olympus PEN, be it the original E-P1 or the E-PL1 with built in flash? Do you dig Sony’s slender shooter, or the more universal Micro Four Thirds and ultra chic of the Olympus PEN range? Have your say by voting right here, and jotting your thoughts on the Sony NEX-5 down in the comments below. Will you be buying one?

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