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A Vase Full Of Plugs

Posted: 02 Jun 2010 05:11 AM PDT

I’d like to think of the “Draw Rose” project as a vase full of Rose Plugs! I doubt there are many who like having wires around; Bluetooth and wireless peripherals are the way to go. But if we do need to resort to extension cords, plugs and sockets and the wires-drama; may as well make it as appealing as rose plugs!

They’re Cute!

Designer: Han Hye-jin



Jazzing Up The Indian Piano

Posted: 02 Jun 2010 04:54 AM PDT

Those of you who follow Indian music will know that the Harmonium plays a very integral part in Bollywood music compositions. The instrument per-se may not be used in the songs but when the movie director, music composer, singers and the hero of the movie, sit for "music sessions", they rely on this instrument for composing the melody. Designers Amandeep Singh gives this dowdy wind instrument a fresh lease of life, by making it look as good as any swanky Yamaha piano!

The harmonium may have been long forgotten in the west but it is still the life line of Indian music. The features like ability to be played in harmonic as well as melodic style, and that too without any use of electricity, indeed made it indispensable in the Indian Classical and Semi-Classical genre of Music. There were initially many types of harmoniums available however, it was the hand pumped version that struck the right “note” with Indian Musicians as it can be played while sitting cross legged on the floor. However, the harmonium was never designed to be played for long durations and it was never a comfortable ride for the player. The hand stretched out working against a spring to pump air into the bellows can give pain in hand of any healthy individual. Though the music industry is in boom, the harmonium has always taken a backstage because of its inability to cope with the modern playing durations, electronics, and aesthetics.

This design is an attempt to bring back the harmonium into music scene with ergonomic design, aesthetics and electronic plugins. Just like the sound of an acoustic guitar cannot be replaced by the electric guitar, the music from the harmonium cannot be imitated by any electronic synthesizer.

Designer: Amandeep Singh

Harmonix - The New Generation Harmonium by Amandeep Singh






Time Telling Poles of Doom

Posted: 02 Jun 2010 12:29 AM PDT

Actually these poles of doom are known as “Attrito” which is Italian for “friction.” Attrito is designed by Shane Roepe to be time bars indeed, each of them sitting parallel to the other, both of them identifying to you that moment in time you look upon them. Each bar has house and minutes (the minutes being listed in increments of 5) laser etched into the enclosure with an LED backlight. As the enclosure slides over the light, the light shows the time as it is then, precisely.

The bars are symmetrical at mid day. Can you figure it out? It’s really lovely, isn’t it? Blue is the most elegant of futuristic colors, if you ask me, looking just right in this particular design.

For those who love gigantic cleverly displayed timepieces, strictly.

Designer: Shane Roepe

Attrito by Shane Roepe




Tri to Turn Screws Tight

Posted: 02 Jun 2010 12:10 AM PDT

For those of you paying very close attention to every single post I personally have ever made, you know that for a while, about a year ago, I was working with some family members on refurbishing houses. During this time, of course, I came in certainly came in contact with my fair share of screwdrivers and screwdriver accessories. Lots of solutions out there for a problem that’s just never quite gonna get fixed, that being the one where you say “aw, heck, this just isn’t the bit I want right now, is it?”

Well Dong-gun KIM has a new solution for you. I’ve seen screwdrivers similar to this one, for sure, but this one, not quite. This one called the “Triver,” designed by KIM, employs three separate triangular bit holders and 6 bits. Each of these triangles fits neatly in the side of the handle of the screwdriver OR in the end of the body of the screwdriver where it holds neatly in place one of the bits for use.

Negative side? Looks like the bits might be easy to loose this way.

Plus side? Looks like it uses standard bits, which are cheap.

Plus side? I like how compact the tool gets for storage.

Plus side? I bet it works real spiffy, and if I had one, I’d probably totally use it all the time.

Designer: Dong-gun KIM

Triver multiple-headed screwdriver by Dong-gun KIM




Stool with Horns

Posted: 02 Jun 2010 12:03 AM PDT

Let’s talk about this antler stool. It’s called the “Antler Stool,” and it inspires in me a massive flashback. Check this old post out: Extremely Painful Furniture. Notice any similarities? Antlers! Hooray! What’s the difference? These one’s don’t hurt! Hooray! The chair we’re talking about today is also designed by a different designer, namely Kim jiyoun, who tells us that this stool turns any normal man into “Antler-Man” instantly!

Now that’s an amazing guarantee. I mean, furry people should be getting right on this seat as fast as they can, especially if they want to be in the mood for moose.

This chair has many secondary uses, like hanging your hat upon it, for instance, but in the end the main function of this instrument is to inspire a happy emotion in the person on the receiving end, that being the person having a giggle at the person sitting in the seat.

Designer: Kim jiyoun

Antler Stool by Kim jiyoun


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