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Book Journals My Shrinking Waistline

Posted: 03 Jun 2010 09:02 AM PDT

To lose weight you must decrease caloric intake and increase physical activity. Simple equation but damn hard to follow. Motivation is the all important and invisible variable and very few products on the market address it. Workbook 001, the Food & Fitness Diary flip book logs 26 weeks of nutrition and exercise. Following every two weeks you measure yourself and by the end of the year, even Kate Moss will envy you. Don’t believe me? Just flip thru the book and watch that shrinking waistline.

Available at your local Amazon for $10.

ISBN: 1451582498
Language: English
Size (inches): 6″ x 9″
Size (cm): 15,24 x 22,86
Pages: 108
Cover: Paperback
Cover Color: White + Black
10.00 USD

About New Text Studio
New Text Studio is an up-and-coming collective of young American publication designers. Founded in 2010, the group aims to produce a line of affordable lifestyle workbooks boasting a clean aesthetic and a generous dose of whim. Their first publication, a Food & Fitness Diary flipbook, was published in May 2010.

Designer: New Text Studio



Food and Fitness Diary by New Text Studio

KitchenAid Variable Grill

Posted: 03 Jun 2010 08:53 AM PDT

The KitchenAid Variable Grill is Tempur-Pedic bliss to your burgers. The top surface of the grill is split into more than a hundred individual surfaces that completely envelope food. This provides a fuller grilling experience from all sides. The cool thing is each unit only turns on when it senses food thereby saving energy (sic). Interesting concept. DO WANT!

Designer: Roberto Bertran

The KitchenAid Variable Grill by Roberto Bertran




Illuminating Cells

Posted: 03 Jun 2010 05:41 AM PDT

It doesn't really take a lot to be creative in the way you illuminate your home space. From the outlandish Etirement lamp to the sophisticated elegance of the d°light Bubbles, all it takes is a little knack of picking out the best. The Cell Lamps here, easily fall into the "cute idea" category. Bunch-up a couple of them, just like the leaves of a tree, and see how awesome they look together. As a single piece, they give a healthy competition to the Soap Light.

Designer: Jun-bum Park

Cell Lamp – Modular Lights by Jun-bum Park



Pressing Out The Bacteria And Grime

Posted: 03 Jun 2010 04:49 AM PDT

Lupe is this innovative iron which can cut down the 3 steps of doing laundry into 1. The 3 steps being: washing, drying and ironing. Swipe it over that blob of dirt on your favorite Tee, and watch it dry-clean, sanitize and iron it at, all at once. Am I being to futuristic about this? No ways! I think if appliances like this are made available, then Carrie Bradshaw and her single friends will have no issues with doing the dirty laundry!

What I really dig about the Lupe is its translucent body that magnifies dust & bacteria and other impurities. It goes from myriad shades of color to colorless once the stains are removed and the garment ironed and ready. A superb concept that is a part of the 2010 Electrolux Design Lab Completion!

Side-note: did you participate?

Designer: Il-seop So

Electrolux Lupe - Hand Held Washing Machine by Il-seop So







Nasty No-Touch Agreement

Posted: 03 Jun 2010 12:13 AM PDT

When you need to show the world that you represent street-warfare, you need to get a clown tattoo. When you want to show the world that you’d like to make PEACE with it, you’re going to need the “Pre-Handshake Handshake Device” by Dominic Wilcox. This handshake device is a made, one of a kind device that’s already been on display during the 2010 New York ICFF, now even photographs of it are flying off shelves. It must be a good idea.

Made of rubber, glass, metal, wheels, and classiness, this might be the missing step we’ve been looking for. Us, a warring world from the start, us, an ever-arguing species of human beings.

Designer: Dominic Wilcox
Photographer: David Sykes

Pre-Handshake Handshake Device by Dominic Wilcox



LSA: Personal Pan Airplanes

Posted: 03 Jun 2010 12:10 AM PDT

Welcome to the future of aviation, if flying cars don’t have their way first. Marty! Where you at? Designers of this project tell of this new class of airplane that’s taking the private world of aviation by storm, that being the LSA “Light Sport Aircraft.” This class is between existing microlight and private pilot classes, and aims to make it easier and cheaper to get your smooth flying butt in the air!

I want you to take a good long look at the first image in this gallery. It’s totally fun. Also totally absurd. Always wear a helmet when traveling in any sort of high-speed airplane automotive, especially if it looks like it’s tearing through barriers in time and space like this one is.

Now, the LSA class is small, and this “EQP2 Excusion” is one of less than 10 models anywhere near reality today. I’m sure it’s exciting for some, especially those who already rock the skies. For me, it seems TERRIFYING. I’m keeping my need for speed attached to the ground.

As it stands now, the designers of this project have built a full scale mockup of the interior as well as a 1:4 scale model of the plane for exhibitions and testing. Their goal is to have a prototype flying in 2013.

Seats: 2
Maxiumum Takeoff Weight: 690kg / 1520lbs
Useful Load: 620lbs
Baggage: 220lbs
Max Speed: 220kts
Cruise Speed: 170kts
Range: 1100nm
Altitude: up to 13500ft
Takeoff & Landing Distance: 750ft
Engine: Concept Electronic Power Source

Wingspan: 9m
Aircraft Length: 6.2m
Aircraft Height: 2.65m

Designers: Oyvind Roar Berven and Tomas Brodreskift

EQP2 EXCURSION Electric LSA Amphibian / Interior Nest Design Study by Oyvind Roar Berven and Tomas Brodreskift






Cutting Back the Hills

Posted: 03 Jun 2010 12:03 AM PDT

Designers at 24° Studio were given a task to create a structure for a pretty specific area of wetlands, a structure that not only provided passage through and safe space for people to enjoy, but one that did not present a danger to the wetlands now or in the future. The area: wetlands along Old Pacific Highway 101 in San Diego California. The solution: Cut Back Hills.

What this whole lovely structure consists of is 522716 sq. ft of wood, basically. The main function of this structure is to provide a really fabulous bridge from the parking lot above to the water below for people to walk upon, enjoying the wetlands from many excellent vantage points as they go. Walking OR rolling, I should say, as there are stairs at the end down to the water or an ADA compliant ramp for wheelchair use.

The entire structure follows a hard-packed path already in existence so as to minimize the impact to the area. There’s new parking spaces at the top, observation areas at the top and all the way down the whole structure, decks, curls, and an overall amazing collection of views throughout.

This is going to be one amazing place to chill out on a nice afternoon.

*BONUS NOTE: Cutback is also a surfer term, just so you know, all of ye waterloving fellows and ladies. Walk down the wood from the parking lot and look around, but don’t forget your board at the top.

Designers: Fumio Hirakawa and Marina Topunova of 24° Studio

Cut Back Hills by Fumio Hirakawa and Marina Topunova of 24° Studio

Cut Back Hills by Fumio Hirakawa and Marina Topunova of 24° Studio

Cut Back Hills by Fumio Hirakawa and Marina Topunova of 24° Studio







Pencil Sharpener?

Posted: 02 Jun 2010 09:19 AM PDT

Apparently I’m out of the loop but some people grind their pencils against cement flooring to sharpen it so this handy dandy device called the Re-knife makes it a bit easier with a portable stone. One side is rough, the other smooth. Who knew? Would any of you use this?

Designers: Yitu wang & Joy Zhang

Re-Knife Pencil Knife by Yitu wang & Joy Zhang


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