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Yanko Design - Latest Posts

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A Rule For A Man’s Man

Posted: 04 Jun 2010 09:04 AM PDT

Well here’s something clever and that means I want it! The Leather Ruler works just like any other except there’s a large piece of supple leather to provide the weight and traction necessary when drawing those important straight lines. When you’re done, just roll it up and throw it in your pack. If it seems unnecessary then let us not forget MUJI makes a crap load of money selling items just like this. People would definitely buy it.

Designer: Jung-Woo Lee for Ek Design

Leather Ruler by Jung-Woo for Ek Design



Solar Energy, Band-Aids and The iPad

Posted: 04 Jun 2010 09:00 AM PDT

Those kooky but fun Korean design gurus are at it again. You’d be surprised how hefty the iPad is and that smooth surface is just begging to slip out of sweaty hands so the Band are band-aids you stick all over the back of the iPad to create traction. A little too kooky for ya? How about the Solar Panel Bag – yes a backpack with solar cells arranged into Steve Jobs’ favorite fruit. Let the whole world know you’re an Apple fan.

Designer: Seo Eul Hwa

Solar Panel Bag & Band for iPad by Seo Eul Hwa




Obsession With Sputnik!

Posted: 04 Jun 2010 03:08 AM PDT

Sputnik on Yanko Design has a deeper meaning than just the space satellite. Hit the "Sputnik" button and you'll find two lamps and a projector already featured here. This time around our quest for the name takes us to the doors of Kibardindesign Studio, who have designed the namesake watch. Giving a new look to the classic digital watch, this funky version allows you to accessorize in a myriad of hues. Fancy one of these? You're in luck coz they are open for pre-orders!

Size: 40 x 40 x 10mm/Band Width: 30mm
Color: Black, White, Silver and 16 bright colors
Water Resistance: 3ATM
Functions: Alarm, Chronograph, Date, Time
Battery: CR2016 Battery (3.0VDC Operating Voltage)
Module: 32,768Hertz Quartz Crystal Oscillation Frequency
Display: TDF LCD Display
Electroluminescent(EL): Backlight (with Auto – EL option)
Case Material: ABS plastic
Case Back: ABS plastic /Screw In
Wristband: Silicone and ABS plastic buckle
Warranty: 1 Year
Status: manufacture and pre-sale preparation

Designer: Vadim Kibardin for Kibardindesign Studio

Sputnik Watch by Vadim Kibardin for Kibardindesign Studio






Draining Experiences Can Be Cute!

Posted: 04 Jun 2010 02:37 AM PDT

Cleaning the toilet drain is quite a stinky job in my opinion, and can never be labeled as cute! However, a look at the delightful Carack Drain Design, and I'm sold. The cuteness factor is personified in the accompanying video, where once the drain is choked with your body grime and hair, a blue head bobs up and down to indicate – it's un-clogging time! Another factor in its favor is the sunken drain-trap; it keeps the ghastly hair-strands out of sight.

Designer: Oh Kyoung Hea





Carack Drain Design by Oh Kyoung Hea

The New Mr Coffee

Posted: 04 Jun 2010 12:15 AM PDT

Now I don’t mean to say that there’s only ever been one New Mr Coffee, only one innovation EVER, but this definitely is the NEW for the right now. Also that’s the title we got with it. So here it is, brand new, and what’s new about this Mr Coffee is it’s innovations in both heating and insulation, making way for better brewed, better tasting joe.

If I say so myself, their innovations in aesthetics are fabulous. Really, really good looking machine right here.

Just released this past month, this pot has a new brewing process that they say makes it a “first-of-its-kind product for the American market. The coffee brews faster and hotter than Mr Coffees of the past, staying hot for hours with user friendly functions. Instead of having hot water routed under the heating plate, this maker’s water is heated to an ideal temperature in a small boiling chamber. This reduces the chance of burnt beans and oily buildup. This maker employs a double-walled, vacuum-insulated, stainless steel thermal carafe to insulate the coffee after it’s made rather than heating it with a plate, keeping it at an optimal temp. There’s a self-cleaning water filtration system that removes mineral deposits and 97% of chlorine from the water.

Pause ‘n Serve function.

Automatic shutoff.

Removable brew basket and water reservoir.

Easy cleanup and compact cord storage.

The entire heating process uses an amount of energy that’s less than the average maker. That, and the information display dims when not in use.

BONUS interesting:

At the beginning of the Optimal Brew's™ development, designers at TEAMS Design took a leading European coffeemaker – the product attributed with making the best coffee in the world – and reverse engineered it to analyze how it heats water and keeps coffee piping hot. The Optimal Brew's™ resulting design provides fuller and richer flavor extraction for a better cup of coffee. Third-party testing revealed a brew that is hotter and faster than competitive units.

I do that sort of thing all the time (to a degree) with my website(s) and CSS/PHP coding. I call it Frankensteining. Surgical design.

Designers: TEAMS Design partnered with Jarden Consumer Solutions

Mr. Coffee Optimal Brew Thermal Coffeemaker by TEAMS Design partnered with Jarden Consumer Solutions




A Lamp of Fireflies

Posted: 04 Jun 2010 12:03 AM PDT

This is a complicated lamp masked so well as a simple lamp, you might even think it’s graced with the magic of nature. This lamp is called “Geometric Romance”, also to be known as the Firefly’s Nest Lamp. What it appears to be: a globe of light, filled with nature’s fabulous, curious flies of light. What is is: a lamp filled with a fluid moved by a pump that moves electronic “fireflies”, powered by a wireless system located in the base, similar to a cellphone wireless charger.


That’s what it is, the relationship between human’s want for natural beauty and their ability to make entertainment like this realer than the real world. It’s a very lovely situation.

In addition to this device working wirelessly and with electronic fluid, it’s solar powered! It’s working really, really hard at using every wild technology it can. When not in use, cover the device with panels and let the solar panels collect sunlight energy. When it’s time for some ambience, fold the shell back and let the fire flow.

Touching the lamp changes the color. Fireflies are tiny LED lights with resonant circuit receivers. Fireflies float in isodense fluid moved by a tiny fluid pump, convective flows move the fireflies in a smooth, cool way.

Designer: Tommaso Gecchelin

Geometric Romance by Tommaso Gecchelin






Danger Alert Enabler

Posted: 04 Jun 2010 12:03 AM PDT

A view of the ambient noise is what this device hopes to give people with less than a perfect sense of hearing. The fashionable bit of the Danger Alert Enabler, is the wristband, but it also comes with a “micro device.” The way these two bits work together is: sound goes in one, comes out the other. But as the micro device, which sits on your belt, hears sound, it interprets it and translates it to a corresponding pictogram and in some cases, a vibration for warning.

Fancy, yes?

In nature, the device can show you a bird, a sheep, an oncoming thunder or rainstorm, the sound of water, and more. In the way of ambient sounds, the device can show you the telephone, some music, some chattering voices, and more! Then there’s DANGER!

In the way of DANGEROUS sounds, you can hear a siren, some construction working people, a clown…

I need one of these.

Designer: Konstantin Datz

Wristband for the Hearing Impaired by Konstantin Datz






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