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Rolling Bundle To Park Your Tushy

Posted: 07 Jun 2010 02:24 AM PDT

Although intended for small apartments that demand functional furniture, I don't see why we can't include the Zip-Up Chair in mansions. I love the simple methodology used in wrapping up a bundle of oversized upholstered swabs; and encasing them in a zipper sleeve. Zip open, turn down a few swabs and park your posterior onto an impromptu stool. Kitsch and comfy!

Designer: Kim In-bo

Zip-Up Chair by Kim In-bo



Want A 3D Mobile Phone?

Posted: 07 Jun 2010 01:17 AM PDT

With Samsung and company outing 3D televisions for home viewers and China loving 3D newspapers, it's not too farfetched to picture the technology being used in laptops and mobile phones. Focusing on the use of 3D in cellphones, Petr Kubik has designed this all-in-one-piece that includes the glasses, intuitive stylus and expandable screens. The 3D apps support 3D movies and camera plus allow you to make surreal calls with family and friends that pop outta the screen!

Here are some of the specs envisioned for the 3D Mobile Phone:

  • Photovoltic screen at the rear for instant recharging
  • Dimensions: 66×133x14mm
  • Expandable Touch Display size: 177×104mm
  • Interactive stylus
  • 3D Glasses
  • Adjustable Leg Support

Designer: Petr Kubik

3D Mobile Phone by Petr Kubik















Grab A 5% Discount On The Hot Cold Mug At YD Store

Posted: 07 Jun 2010 01:12 AM PDT

Perk up this Monday morning, coz I'm giving you a bright way to sip your java! The quirky Hot Cold mug is currently available at a 5% Discount at the YD Store for a limited period. FYI, the Hot Cold Mug is plain Black (with white letterings) when cold and changes to Stark White (with black letterings), when you pour in piping hot beverages. For the love of hot ‘n cold, you got to get this! Coupon Details are inside….

Coupon code: YD0604BRRR
Discount Valid Till: 9th June, 11:59 pm PST

Designer: Damian O’Sullivan [ Buy it Here; Hot Cold Mug is available for $25 at YD Store ]


Grab A 5% Discount On The Hot Cold Mug At YD Store

Big Boat Dragovic Yacht

Posted: 07 Jun 2010 12:23 AM PDT

With a name like Vuk Dragovic, one doesn’t need to go very far to find a unique name for any sort of design they’ve made and need to name. However! Dragovic does also happen to be a world-class name-creator too, so the concept you’re about to look at goes by the name “Atreides Yacht” and lives up to the elegance of the letters that title it. And it’s got some radical innovation on it’s side too, hooray! And not just in the greener section of things. It’s got a fully extendable shallow pool that shoots out the back.

This is innovation in fear! That is, helping everyone have a fun time, a fun swimming time, even if you’re in your yacht in the middle of the deep blue sea. At the back of the boat there is a frame that slowly emerges out as it’s activated. Once extended, the swimming can begin. Stored in a sort of zig-zag pattern, extended this back section comprises of a border and a floor, all you need for complete safety from sharks.

While the front of the boat is meant for speed, the back is meant for rest and play. The roof’s got solar panels which help store energy to charge all the boat’s lights, pool mechanisms, and smaller fuel tank.

This boat comes in two sizes: rich and SUPER RICH. I feel obligated to say something to that effect every time I write about something there’s no way I’ll ever be able to afford. However, everyone should take the time to dream, especially if they happen to be a designer and want to be the person to take all the rich people bucks. Get that money!

Designer: Vuk Dragovic


Atreides Yacht by Vuk Dragovic




Three Dimensional Wrist Communicator

Posted: 07 Jun 2010 12:16 AM PDT

It’s that time again. It’s time for the Mac. The dude who keeps coming hard with the strangest, wildest, most fantastically cool looking conceptual designs on such a regular basis that I can’t believe he doesn’t already work for a super secret design corporation run by time traveling aliens from outer space. Wait. I’m getting a message from Mac. He can see what I’m typing and is telling me to hush up! Oh jeez! Better just talk about this new design – “Dew”, it’s a conceptual mobile communication device that works in three dimensional projection space.

Mac says I’m not to talk about space aliens because they might fire him for me telling you too much. Kinda like intergalactic FBI probably. Secret space mafia of design, that’s what he’s into.

But this watch! It takes the form of what appears at first to be a wrist watch, but in fact its main function is to work as a communication device, not unlike the “smart phones” we have today. On it there’s a ball that works as a color-changing control device that can slide anywhere on the surface, acting also as sort of a mouse cursor if you know what I mean. And of course the whole thing projects in 3D hologram mode.

Help me, Obi-Wan Funamizu, you’re my only hope!

Love that Star Wars pic, Mac.

Designer: Mac Funamizu

Future Mobile Phone Concept Reel from Mac Funamizu on Vimeo.






Glassy Mc Teatipper

Posted: 07 Jun 2010 12:03 AM PDT

That’s what I’d name this project if I had the idea first. But I didn’t. So you know who gets to name it? Designer Antonia Haaf gets to name it, and name it good: “Tea Time Joe.” It’s what he calls a new concept in teatime, that being a tippy kind of teatime. Just put your teawater and leaves in one end, let the magic happen, and get to tipping! The straining happens in the middle through a fabulous removable strainer. Will you go big, or will you go cup-sized?

You can get two different kinds of this Tea Time Joe, when it eventually becomes a reality. One size is 250ml and detaches to become a cup with the tea all ready to drink once it’s strained. The other size is 750ml and has a special spout for special delivery into your own cup-sized containers.

The entire contraption has a double-wall for excellent thermal ability.

Very pretty.

Designer: Antonia Haaf





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