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Yanko Design - Latest Posts

Yanko Design - Latest Posts

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Kitchen Worthy of a Starship Captain

Posted: 15 Jun 2010 08:38 AM PDT

It’s easy to spend a fortune on a kitchen – especially if you want to show off your spending power by splashing out on prestigious, German or Italian brands with their awe-inspiring price tags. A young Hamburg-based family thinks differently – and commissioned KINZO, three young Berlin-based Designers, to create a bespoke kitchen that you won't see anywhere else.

"Jet-Kitchen" is as über-cool as functional, and is inspired by aircrafts and star ships – a trademark of KINZO. The kitchen elements seem to float in space, cleverly arranged lights enhance the bright, airy and slightly "clinical" impression – but they create an illusion of space in a room that’s barely 20 square meters. What's more, this bespoke kitchen didn't cost a fortune.

Designer: KINZO



Jet-Kitchen by KINZO




iPhone Makes Coffee FOR REAL

Posted: 15 Jun 2010 08:35 AM PDT

Browse the iTunes App store and you’ll see there really is an app for everything. Take for instance the Make Coffee app, a slick virtual coffee maker. If you can’t make that real cup of joe, well this is next to the best thing. In fact it was so wildly successful with more than 10,000 downloads, the makers are working on a REAL ITALIAN STYLE COFFE MAKER wirelessly controlled by your iPhone. HELLO NURSE!

Our iPhone lovin’ coffee drinkers are probably palpitating at the thought so take a deep breath and relax. For now it’s just a concept but one that’s very close to fruition. I like it but  suggest an updated approach to Apple’s aesthetic. They’ve clearly moved on to an aluminum uni-body design configuration so that leaves this coffee maker a bit “2006″ looking. Nice concept nonetheless and to satiate your cravings, you can download the free LITE version of MAKE COFFEE .

Designer: Mario Baluci

Make Coffee iPhone App For WiFi Controlled Coffee Machine by Mario Baluci



Flat And Folding

Posted: 15 Jun 2010 03:48 AM PDT

The Flexible Speaker for the iPhone is quite a departure from conventional speaker styles. More like a pretty hanging charm on the phone, this device makes use of "Flat Flexible Laminated, (FFT) Loudspeaker technology" to its advantage. Read: paper-thin & foldable. The folding aspect is relevant; coz with each un-fold of the connecting speaker, the volume goes up. Charming!

Imagine that each connecting piece of the speaker is an individual mouth. Opening one piece is just like opening a mouth. If fully open the speaker will be like a choir singing a song.

Designer: Chun-Chieh Yang

The Flexible Speaker For iPhone by Chun-Chieh Yang



Illusion For Hot Chocolate?

Posted: 15 Jun 2010 02:03 AM PDT

We have been exploring the various ways to get the perfect coffee fix while completely ignoring our other addiction, CHOCOLATE! My apologies. It wasn't till Ahmad Bittar brought to my notice the Maya Machine. Now Maya means illusion, so let’s get swept up in this fantasy express. Maya is completely dedicated to the chocolate cause, it's similar to the espresso machine, but doesn't use crass powders to bring out the choco-licious flavors. It uses special pods of real chocolate that melts & blends into steamed fresh milk. Giving you the perfect velvet-chocolate experience.

Maya Delivers the Ultimate Hot Chocolate Experience

Maya’s technology has been created and patented to get the best chocolate taste and finish. It is a machine meant for your kitchen counter, but I don't see why offices can't adopt it.

Designer: Cambridge Design Partnership



Maya - Hot Chocolate Drink Machine by Cambridge Design Partnership

Melting Away Lights

Posted: 15 Jun 2010 01:00 AM PDT

I've had a bitter experience with a 200-watt bulb and here’s my story: when I dunked my phone accidentally into a mug of water, like a bright person I decided to evaporate the excess moisture by placing the phone under my table lamp. The 200-watt heat melted & disfigured the plastic interface and now I've cursed the bulb….and melted it! True story, but the Melt Bulb here is actually a reflection on how eco-conscious we are getting by replacing bulbs with LEDs. Just a gentle reminder by Keita, about precious electricity and how melted bulbs can make chic decor!

Bronze Award: The 22nd Koizumi International Lighting Design Competition for Students

Designer: Keita Ogawa

Melt LED Light by Keita Ogawa



Your Liquid Email Box

Posted: 15 Jun 2010 12:13 AM PDT

I was going to nickname this something along the lines of Flowmaster but then I realized that was sort of… inappropriate if you know what I mean. What this project IS titled is “Go with The Flow.” What it does is control the amount of email communication you get via a real-world water container and valve system. Depending on the amount of communication you wish to receive from any group of sources, you loosen the valve accordingly. Keep them spam mails all corked up!

This project functions as a… whatever you’d like to call it… a “message” piece of work. I’m really tired of people copping out, calling everything they can’t explain a piece of “art,” so this isn’t art, its an Industrial Design Message piece.

You’ve got these tubes (irony) that fill with water, more and more depending on how many emails are coming at you. When you want to receive those emails, you loosen the valve a little bit, and bam, you get some of those emails. You can loosen it a little bit and let one or two through, or loosen it all the way and you’ll get them all.

What you do with the water, how you get it in the system, that’s not important to this bit of work. It’s what the system is doing that matters most. And then there’s one more thing:

It’s made on a Mac computer. I don’t support any one brand of computers, but Apple, my whole life in working with computers, has always been known to the people in my social groups, as an easy, simple, no bones involved computer. I think this project is, in a small way, indicative of how that way of thinking is being blurred. Do awesome projects on any computer.

The world is your oyster. Use water to get email. Go wild!

Designer: Filippo Cuttica

Go with The Flow Filippo Cuttica





Organic Aesthetic Transportation

Posted: 15 Jun 2010 12:03 AM PDT

Behold once again the power of 3D rendering software. This is all realer than real. Master of this sort of illustration is designer Aleksandar Dimitrov, one who Yanko’s featured once before. What this project consists of is an organically shaped positive energy metro car for relaxing travel. A giant yet compact 2-sided sitting module is what this consists of, and in it, a fabulously futuristic experience you will find.

I don’t know what dimension or year in the future we’ll find something as fantastically different from the status quo of today we’ll find this, but we can certainly peek at it now! Dimitrov describes this human transport as one of positive energy and inspiration for its passengers.

Made out of highly reflective fiberglass surfaces with movement and comfort built into the overall aesthetic. Even the flat floor directs you along pathways it wishes for those who walk upon it. Handrails that mimic the lighting fixtures run along the wall, elliptical handrails are installed above each sitting unit to provide extra support.

And the whole thing – wild colors. Love the wildness.

Designer: Aleksandar Dimitrov

Metrocar by Aleksandar Dimitrov




Not a Flying Saucer

Posted: 15 Jun 2010 12:03 AM PDT

There are lots of things this lamp is, but the one thing it certainly ISN’T is a spacecraft. It COULD be a UFO if you detached it from the ceiling and threw it off a building, but don’t do that! It’s an amazing light source and you should just use it the way it’s mean to be used. Which is to install it, turn it on, and admire it. It’s called “Verse” which is short for Universe. It uses an indirect light source that isn’t visible from its exterior. The Verse employs a filter that distributes the light through perforations all along the underside, shining on your head.

The top also has holes through which light can escape, both to add to the ambiance and to have a place where heat can escape. Heat?! Yes, there is a tiny amount of heat that’s generated by the LED light inside the lamp. Don’t want any sort of melting going on do we?

The lamp is constructed of injection molded Polycarbonate (so it probably wont melt unless you REALLY pump the energy into that bulb.) There’s two distinct pieces that make up the cover that clip together and apart so you can clean/fix with ease. The bulb is fixed to the top piece, while the bottom piece features a frosted bulb that distributes the light evenly on its way out.

Diameter of light is 50cm, 9cm tall. Options for different colors for top and bottom, and the entire thing is intended for both commercial and domestic applications.

Designer: Christian Harrup




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