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Yanko Design - Latest Posts

Yanko Design - Latest Posts

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DIY Player

Posted: 17 Jun 2010 04:39 AM PDT

Simply called the DIY Player, this device is quite intriguing. The concept is simple, we as humans lust for a lot of shiny gadgets and hunger for innovation. DIY Player combines our greed for Cell phones, PMPs, gaming consoles and other such gadgets into one. It comes with a base screen and has detachable modules to it. Hook up the keypad to make it a phone or swap it for the gaming controls. Awesome idea, neat renders and a whole lot of imagination going on here!

Designer: Shao Wen

DIY Player by Shao Wen




Pulsating Music For The Elbows

Posted: 17 Jun 2010 04:23 AM PDT

Physiotherapy for children with Cerebral Palsy can be quite challenging. No doubt they are more resilient than adults, but getting them to do their daily motions needs a zing of innovation! Feel The Beat adds a dash of freshness to the routine by using simple pneumatic air pump technology and music synchronization to become this interactive and toy-like wearable elbow device. Strap it on to your special child and do a different routine!

With adjustable angles of use, this device pulsates in tune with the music, guiding the children the correct pattern of motions. Hence, it improves their ranges of motions, which is important for their daily activities.

Way to go and feel the beat!

Designer: Ang Weiquan

Feel the Beat from aydandesign on Vimeo.

Feel The Beat - Active Assistive Elbow Pulser Designed for Cerebral Palsy Children by Ang Weiquan



Let’s Yank A British Plug

Posted: 17 Jun 2010 04:02 AM PDT

We all know what will happen if you yank a plug off the socket; the cable will snap internally or the plug-house will split open. It isn't the wisest way to remove a plug from the socket! Unless you are using a 3 Pin British Plug! Just go right ahead and tug at the red-sweet spot. The reason why the cable or plug-house doesn't snap, is that the cable is reinforced internally and the plug is made from durable PVC. Apparently the British have a rule that says, if a person trips over a cable, the plug shouldn't snap to expose the wires and cause an electrocution. This design conforms to those norms, and so swears the designer!

Designer: Konstantinos Ladas

3 Pin British Plug by Konstantinos Ladas



Watch your Speed

Posted: 17 Jun 2010 12:12 AM PDT

You race car enthusiasts and automotive lovers better look out, there’s a new watch in town. This is the “Speedometer Watch” from the design group called Projects. It’s look is sleek with its fabulous false face, appearing to speed forward in overdrive as it keeps perfect time. Dedicated to high quality design, Projects presents a speedometer on a tire band for the wrist. It’s a clock that makes your arm seem like it’s ripping around the track at full tilt! Plus there’s lights, dials, everything you need to get your time on the racetrack spent well.

The Speedometer Watch is made of stainless steel. It’s got a real rubber band to attach itself to your wrist, doing so with a flip lock to ensure perfect sizing.

It comes in black and it comes in red, the red being the most firey red I have basically ever seen.

Speed on!

Designer: Projects [ Buy it Here, Speedometer Watch is available for $135.00 @ YD Store ]


Speedometer Watch is available for $135.00 @ YD Store





Cocoon on Wheels

Posted: 17 Jun 2010 12:05 AM PDT

The name of this project is the “Hyundai Aebulle” concept car, and it’s designed by Shane Baxley. The word Aubulle, when translated directly from Korean, means “cocoon.” When you are in the cocoon, you are definitely cocooned. A sort of lay-down seating situation with the vehicle wrapped all around you. Cruising through the streets on a luge of Aubulle. The mobility and speed of a motorcycle with a cocoon-like safety for the body of the driver. Plus super fabulous light strips.

The Aubulle is 105.7 inches long, approximately the same size as the 2010 Corvette. Suspension similar to a dodge tomahawk. Front wheels on separate independent swing arms, allowing for extreme turning.

The driver of this amazing machine will be safe due to a magnesium frame which wraps around them, plus aluminum oxynitride glass for the front cockpit area. This glass is embedded with E-ink that allows for radical button controls including radio, gps, etcetera.

The center steering column for the machine lifts upward along with the glass cockpit cover so the driver can hop on in. The entire system is powered with lithium batteries stored in the boards in the floor of the vehicle which power small electric motors inside each wheel.

And you know I wouldn’t go a whole article without mentioning how it relates back to TRON, right? Check this bike out. It’s singly manned, black, top opening, and has lovely strips of lighted colors all around it. Lightbike!

Designer: Shane Baxley


Hyundai Aebulle Concept by Shane Baxley





Japanese Wooden Sandal Update

Posted: 17 Jun 2010 12:03 AM PDT

They don’t have rockets, they don’t transform into anything, and no, they do not have ice skates pop out the bottom of them.* What they DO have is a couple lovely innovations that designer Silvialy Tjhin was ever-so-thoughtful to include. Silvialy Tjhin created these in a class whilst at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design, where in a Methods & Materials class, was going through a lesson on woodworking machines, and Tjhin, being an ever-so-clever utilitarian, created a pair of shoes.

*So often we get caught up in the newest way to innovate on a product, like adding an iPod plugin to a coffee maker, that we forget that the oldest innovations can often be applied to the oldest items. Lots of things haven’t been thought of yet, we’ve just gotta know where to look!

This is the first update I’ve ever seen of the Japanese “geta” sandal, and when I say utilitarian, I hope I didn’t inspire anyones thoughts of utility-only non beauty! Nay! These are cute!

A few things that were updated: first, and most visibly, the outer rim of the shoe has a jagged shape to it. This has less to do with utility and more to do with modernizing the shoe to the point where a young person would wear it. Squares are out! Jagged is in! Japan is no Bauhaus! Then there’s the thong. This thong piece of the sandal is made of strong leather. Leather, when treated nicely, can last a really really really long time. Thus, what an excellent thing it is to wear. Lastly, the joint between the floor-touching wood and the top is connected using a lovely dovetail design. Never, ever to come loose again.


Designer: Silvialy Tjhin

Modern Geta by Silvialy Tjhin



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