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Yanko Design - Latest Posts

Yanko Design - Latest Posts

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Power Around My Neck

Posted: 25 Jun 2010 01:42 AM PDT

Most photographers use a sturdy camera strap while clicking pictures and here's an idea that wants to capitalize on it. This is done by making the strap solar-savvy! Meaning, adding thin solar films across the width of the strap, so as to harness solar energy when out on the field. Aptly christened the Solar Camera Strap, it's a neat idea; when we can have solar panels on backpacks and what not, then why not on a camera strap!

Designer: Weng Jie

Solar Camera Strap by Weng Jie



Making It Easy To Communicate With Grandma

Posted: 25 Jun 2010 01:21 AM PDT

If it's not the technology, then it's the size of the gadget that some senior citizens find challenging. Touch interfaces are not necessarily friendly to arthritis fingers. The IC Social Communication Tool is a project that Mikael undertook when he realized his grandmother was having a tough time coping with emails, chats and video calls over the internet. He devised the IC to be the perfect medium for electronic communication.


  • Upon buying, the user gives away his or hers personal information and the device automatically makes an e-mail account and accounts for the social medias the user have chosen from a list.
  • It is connected to the internet with 4g so no installation at home is needed.
  • It gathers messages from contacts sent through all medias and sources and displays them in a simple and similar way so there is only one interface to get used to.
  • If the user wants to send a message, he or she can use either voice recognition or “rub off” a hand written message on the screen while a person or message is shown.
  • The message will then be sent back the same channel it came, eg: an e-mail is replied with an e-mail so the user doesn't need to bother with what kind of channels to use.
  • The bi-directional touch-screen has built in sensors to capture video giving the users real eye contact for a more natural conversation.
  • It is resting on top of physical buttons to give the right type of feedback. You can place your finger and hold it against the screen before you decide to push. When you are pointing at something at the screen, it enlarges. The frame around let you stabilize your hand if you are shaky.
  • The environmentally friendly wood and round form gives a friendly look to distinguish it from similar technical products.
  • Contacts can easily be added by scanning e-mail addresses on the screens surface or by talking to the intelligent voice recognition.
  • Other data about the contacts is automatically gathered from social media sources like Facebook.

Designer: Mikael Johansen

IC – Social communication tool for seniors from Mikael Johansen on Vimeo.

IC Social Communication Tool For The Elderly by Mikael Johansen






Best Of Machine And Digital

Posted: 25 Jun 2010 01:00 AM PDT

The Mechanized Digital Watch features a digital font but manipulates it to function as a “mechanized” number because the elements of each digit physically move to create numbers. Every digit is composed of 7 panels and to create a number, panels on the watch face recess revealing contrasting sidewalls. Thus creating the outline of a digit and a whole lot of fun!

Designer: Carl Allen

Mechanized Digital Watch Concept by Carl Allen






Prick of The Syrinx

Posted: 25 Jun 2010 12:10 AM PDT

The Sphinx is an ancient mythological creature that sits around all fabulous looking with a feline body and a human head. The “Syrinx” is a cute little modern-day creature that helps kids out with getting their skin pricked for shots at the doctor. Specifically it’s made for reducing the fear children feel before taking a blood test. Aimed directly at kids aged 3 to 6 years, or for bigger kids, whoever likes cute thangs and fears the prick of the needle!

The Syrinx works its magic in four steps:

One While the anesthesia is taking effect, the child and the parent together read a book about what’s about to happen, all illustrated and designed real nice just for this event. This Syrinx book allows the child to become immersed in the event in a positive way rather than the usual anxiety-filled episode of yore.

Two The child chooses their own Syrinx creature they want to work with, allowing them to continue their journey into the event, rather than skirting around it.

Three When the blood is being taken, the child can (hopefully) focus on the Syrinx rather than the normal looking away in terror situation.

Four After the event is over, the Syrinx is detached and given to the child, kind of like getting a toy with your box of cereal!

Cute! Super fun!

Designer: Jesper Nilsson

Syrinx by Jesper Nilsson



Food Storage Orchestra

Posted: 25 Jun 2010 12:10 AM PDT

What better way to store your gobs and gobs of food than with a full band? This is the “Food Symphony” by Chow Pei Huan, Ho Wen Chi, and Chua Kai Ren, designing conceptually for Electrolux. In a way that, as far as I know, has never been done before, this big box can store food, and store it well. In individual storage units with adjustable temperature settings it stores, sensing the integrity of the food inside as it does so. This is the sort of thing you’ll wonder how you lived without.

It’s the new fridge.

Smart lids: Covering each unit in the box is a bit of smart glass. What this sort of glass allows is for you to see what’s inside, turning transparent when it detects you are near, and opaque when you’re away.

Temperature zones: Each drawer can have its temperature adjusted with a finger run along the lid. Each of the smaller drawers have one adjuster, the main drawers have two temperature zone. In addition to custom temps, there’s also five temperature modes: freezer, meats, vegetables and fruits, refrigerator, and off.

Range of compartment sizes: The main, larger drawers are made for items you might not use everyday, while the side drawers are made for stuff you’ve just gotta have all the time! Breakfast cereals, drinks, and condiments go in these smaller drawers. Then there’s one taller compartment for bigger items like tall bottles.

Bacteria sensor: Every drawer has an expiration sensor and bacteria detector. It scans bar codes and detects nastiness to keep you healthy, showing you where the grossness is by glowing red in whatever drawer contains it. It’s kind of like the Batphone, but for your food.

Now lemme tell you this – this concept is amazing. I’m sure I’d never be able to afford it, but if it were real, and I could, I would. I can’t tell you how helpful it’d be, especially the B-Sensor. Totally!

Designers: Chow Pei Huan, Ho Wen Chi, and Chua Kai Ren






Large Lovely Shipyard Taiwan

Posted: 25 Jun 2010 12:03 AM PDT

This project goes by the title “Shipyard Taiwan.” As you probably have already guessed, it’s a Taiwanese shipyard, one that’s designed, planned, and visualized by Motion Code Blue. Built onto and into an existing u-shaped hall and production building for motor yachts, this project aims to add an office building, green and recreational spaces, and a showroom. And in the vein of near-impossible design requirements the world over, the commissioner asks MCB to give this project “landmark-like characteristics.” It’s sort of like saying “make it godly, please.”

Inside this structure you’ll find VIP-areas, meeting rooms, offices for employees and CEOs, terraces, a yoga room and language course facilities. In the lower levels theres a kitchen area, staff restaurants and a cafeteria. The entrance area connects the showroom with the VIP-areas and office wing, with much fantastically beautiful room for walking around, buying up all kinds of boats.

Multimedia walls accent the intentionally neutral space, highlighting the boats – the heart of the complex. Meant for everything from launch parties to press events to public presentations. The main show area can show a max of three 50 feet yachts at once.

Outdoor areas also show the boats as the whole thing is basically made of windows. Outside there’s space for BBQ, relaxing, or just jamming about, thinking about all the boats you’re gonna buy.

Designer: Motion Code Blue

Shipyard Taiwan by Motion Code Blue







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