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Hanging High And Dry

Posted: 28 Jun 2010 05:41 AM PDT

The way we Indians do it is we hang our towel out in the sun, every day, right after our bath. That's the routine mom taught us when we were young, but the nextgen is too lazy to follow that. The laundry cycles is usually set for a weekly change in towels at most homes, so a system like the "Towel Hanger" suits the situation. It dries, deodorizes and sanitizes the towel, when you hang it on the rail. As an added attraction, ambient lights switch on, creating a sweet environment when indulging in an aroma therapy soak!

As good as a solution for any part of the world, so let's keep the towels indoors!

Designer: Kim Jin Yeong



Towel Hanger by Kim Jin Yeong

Ultimate Modular Kitchen For 2050

Posted: 28 Jun 2010 05:27 AM PDT

Modular kitchens of the future seem to have the basics in place but little can be said about the supporting technology. For example the Elements Modular Kitchen has wall mounted appliances that range from fridge, air-conditioner, lighting and cooking modules. You can add or choose the modules that are best suited for your home. Each unit works independently but can be seamlessly work together via wireless smart networking. They draw power (wirelessly) thru 'powermat' technology applied to the wall, and this is supplemented with solar energy when required.

Like I said, the basic intention is quite in the correct place, but I dunno if I can say the same for supporting tech.

The Electrolux Elements is a part of the shortlisted entries for the Electrolux Design Lab 2010.

Designer: Mathew Gilbride

Electrolux Elements Modular Kitchen By Mathew Gilbride






Umbrella Does A Smiling Wheelie!

Posted: 28 Jun 2010 04:52 AM PDT

Do you recollect the two umbrella posts I did a while back? One had a calligraphy tip and the other a wheel so that you could drag the thing around. The Wheel Umbrella seen here is a mix of these two, but the only difference is that the target audience for this is children. A delightful play element has been included to the design, where you can drag the umbrella trough puddles and leave behind smiles! When opened up, the umbrella doesn't look bad, and the kid in the picture looks like he can handle the added weight. The reason why I find this design super cool is that if marketed well, it can go on to become a rage amongst the youngsters.

Catering to a child's need to lug around an umbrella because he may find it heavy or just fun, in such an appealing way, is really neat. Children have a herd mentality and generally what appeals to one, will definitely appeal to his peers.

Designers: Lin Cheng-Han, Chung Yu-Hsun, Cheng Yu-Ting & Chen Shaw-Chen

Wheel Umbrella For Children by Lin Cheng-Han, Chung Yu-Hsun, Cheng Yu-Ting & Chen Shaw-Chen




Chemistry Cooks

Posted: 28 Jun 2010 01:58 AM PDT

Check out this novel yet totally functional salt, pepper, oil and vinegar set called Earl. Inspired by the iconic Erlenmeyer chemistry flask, Earl brings a scientific element to sophisticated dining. I had a chem teacher in high school that would have flipped over this.

Designers: Kevin Champion & Duncan Taylor for Mode Product Design

Earl Salt and Pepper, Oil and Vinegar Sets by Kevin Champion & Duncan Taylor for Mode Product Design


Bike Courtesy of Aircraft Manufacturing Technology

Posted: 28 Jun 2010 01:55 AM PDT

This doesn’t happen every day. A Tbilisi based aircraft manufacturing company contacts you and asks for a proposal on a bike that utilizes aluminum square tubes. It has to look modern, out of the ordinary, aerodynamic and turn heads. The result is the Spider. The main frame is made by welding aluminum tubes and the chain stays are cold stamped together. The spokes are purposely kinked to look like our arachnid friends. Hmm…

Designer: Zviad Tsikolia for Tsikolia Design R&D Ltd.

Spider Bike by Zviad Tsikolia forTsikolia Design R&D Ltd.


Buzbox Review, Cool As Ice

Posted: 28 Jun 2010 01:48 AM PDT

You wouldn’t think much more could be done for an ice cube tray but when one wins a Good Design Award, we have to investigate. The Buzbox by Raaya Design takes a very simple idea and improves it just enough to make life even simpler and it’s priced just right at $15. Hit the jump for my review.

In a nutshell, the Buzbox is an ice cube tray with a grid lid. Most ice cube trays are designed around the idea of compartmentalized sections to freeze water. Traditional trays require twisting both ends to release the cubes. There are also trays that employ switches to flip the cubes out. What Raaya Design did was turn the anatomy of an ice cube tray upside down. The tray holds water and the grid lid seals odors out while creating perfectly shaped cubes that release with ease simply by peeling it off. It’s BPA free and dish washer safe too.

In practice it works quite well with one minor fluke; you have to set the tray out at room temp or run tap water on the lid. This process helps release the cubes. It’s a minor annoyance but the end result is quite nice. My only other issue is how to store unused cubes. It’s not exactly easy lining up the grid with the left overs. The tray isn’t very large to begin with so you’ll probably never need to store a batch of cubes anyway.

I would recommend it based on the odor shielding qualities alone. I froze cubes next to an open bag of shrimp and there wasn’t a trace of our odorous seafood friends. For a control, I also made cubes using a traditional tray and sure enough, they smelled like an oceanic surprise.

What we liked:

  • Nice stackable design
  • Odor barrier
  • Easy to clean
  • Priced at $15

What could be improved:

  • Better way to release the cubes
  • Better way to store unused cubes

Designer: Raaya Design for Buzbox (Buy it here $15)





Southern California Goes Solar Plant

Posted: 28 Jun 2010 12:10 AM PDT

Solar panels have been around for quite a few years now, but like any great technology, it takes hundreds of iterations before it catches on as a perfectly suitable solution to masses of everyday problems. Here’s another piece in that great puzzle. Nectar Design’s made a fabulously pretty set of plant-esque solar panels by the name of Solarflora™. This project’s already been adopted by a charter school in Southern California. Plant em everywhere! Cute!

The first location for these planted panels is an urban garden operated by the publicly funded charter New City Schools in SoCal. Each Solarflora is a flower-like sculpture designed with three solar panels, each one representing a “leaf.” Each leaf provides 90 watts of poster and maximum amperage for the fully functional on-site offices at these NCS schools.

Yay please send me a million. Super day!

Designer: Nectar Design

Solarflora by Nectar Design





Pistol Grip Mug

Posted: 28 Jun 2010 12:03 AM PDT

It’s the pistol grip mug on my desk at all times. Filled with coffee and sitting there at all times. Trigger happy designer with a cup full of caffeine ammo, that’s what you’re gonna be with this sassy momma. It’s the “Kill Time Gun Mug” by ChilliChilly. It’s 7.6 oz or 225 ml of fire hot fury. Don’t let the trigger fool you though, this cuppa’s made of porcelain and paint only. The only bullets you’ll be firing is the ones out of your eyeballs when you’ve swallowed your 15th glass of joe from this cannon.

You can have it in white or black! Just like a real gun? If you’re rich you can have a gun in whatever color metal you want I suppose. These porcelain cups are just white or black though, with a platinum colored trigger for the black and a gold colored trigger for the white.

White hot heat! And if you’re not into coffee, I’m sure you could fill the Kill Time with cold-as-ice soda pop too! Still hot!

Designer: ChilliChilly [Buy It Here, Kill Time Gun Mug is available for $17.00 @ YD Store]


Kill Time Gun Mug is available for $17 @ YD Store



One Crib, All Babies

Posted: 28 Jun 2010 12:03 AM PDT

One panel, all personalities. That’s sort of the idea with this particular line of furniture that focuses on the panel. It’s called “Muu” and it’s got a “MuuPanel” system working for it. Imagine the luck, them having the same name like that! We’ve got a tiny bit of info on their Sam Collection – premium, colorful, and fresh. It’s all right inside this modern hipster style furnishings age we’re in. Right in there. I expect some amazing rock and roll screenprint posters on the wall and all natural food in the fridge for sure.

Each panel location in a piece of Muu furniture gives you the option of choosing a pre-fabricated design or allows you to create your own. If you choose to have them made, each panel’s custom-printed order has the choice of 10 characters in your choice of font. Once you’ve got the panel you want, they’re held in place by high-strength magnets, allowing them to be changed whimsically.

Below you’ll see the Crib, Toddler Conversion Kit, Dresser, Storage Unit, Nightstand, and Twin Bed. All of these are from the Sam Collection of Muu. They’ve also got a set called Ray that’s a bit more understated, working instead with simplicity and grace as opposed to fantastically loud expression of your undeniable child.

Designer: Muu

Muu childrens furniture line by Muu





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