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Yanko Design - Latest Posts

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Serendipitous Curiosity

Posted: 29 Jun 2010 09:02 AM PDT

Serendip is a portable device that helps you explore the world in a… for the lack of a better word, serendipitously. The design revolves around personalization and interaction. There’s a small screen, a wireless communication aspect and a camera. The user is to go around snapping, recording and cataloging everything. The skin even changes in pixel density to represent how much memory is left.

It’s a bit esoteric but I’d assume it could be used as a research tool – say if I knew I wanted to research everything there was to know about Sea World. Well now I have something that lets me conduct that research other than pen and paper.

Designer: Thomas Troch

Serendip Multimedia Research Device from Thomas Troch on Vimeo.

Serendip Multimedia Research Device by Thomas Troch









Adidas Automotive Industry

Posted: 29 Jun 2010 01:37 AM PDT

United Kingdom designer Chris Duff reminds us of our potential future, the one where the entire world is run by several parent corporations, most of them once small, direct idea-drivin groups, now just a name. Or is that the present? This project presents a future in which the sneaker brand Adidas will produce automotive vehicles. This project is called “Adidas Mobility” and gives us the first roller, a lightweight adaptable vehicle to epitomize the former shoe brand, current world brand.

It’s all about class. Adidas already has class. They also went to class, got so smart, then applied the intelligence to their shoes. They’ve developed many different sport-changing technologies for their footwear over the years, mixing and matching these technologies in their shoes for each different purpose they’re employed on. The same is true with this vehicle. Inspiration and education from each of Adidas’s future exploits all merge here inside this perfectly sporty auto.

A fabulous example of this technological magic is the wheel. Look at that thing down there in the gallery. It looks like a soccer (football) ball! I bet it rolls so hard and fast and fabulous that it takes the entire world by storm when they first deploy it.

This is my favorite kind of conceptual work. THe kind that, in what I’d call a sort of pop-art fashion, takes what’s already sort of there, then takes it to an entirely different place.

Same ingredients, different mix.


Designer: Chris Duff

Adidas Mobility by Chris Duff







Plastic Beach Sucka

Posted: 29 Jun 2010 01:07 AM PDT

When the Gorillaz put out their newest album, “Plastic Beach,” did you know what they were talking about with the title? Do you know what the plastic beach is? It’s an occurrence in the sea where garbage from every direction comes together to form an island of trash. The largest of these islands sit in the Pacific Ocean, the same location where this project by Electrolux, “Vac from the Sea,” aims to turn that garbage back upon itself. Yes, they’ll be transforming these floating conglomerates of plastic back into something useful – vacuum cleaners!

The folks at Electrolux aim to collect masses of plastic from these floats and turn them into recycled floor cleaners. They’ll be doing everything from diving after it to scooping it up with nets. Presently they say they’ve got their green-range vacuum cleaners up to 70 percent recycled plastic, but are aiming for the perfect 100.

The most interesting part of this project, I find, is the mindset involved in it. These Electrolux people are bypassing government cleanup efforts, doing it themselves, all the while collecting material to make a profit on later by selling vacuums. It’s brilliant capitalism.

"There are plastic islands, some several times the size of the state of Texas, floating in our oceans. Yet on land, we struggle to get hold of enough recycled plastics to meet the demand for sustainable vacuum cleaners. What the world needs now is a better plastic karma", says Cecilia Nord, Vice President, Floor Care Environmental and Sustainability Affairs, Electrolux.

You can take a look at this campaign from many angles. There’s the blog, the twitter, the facebook, and the email: vacfromthesea@electrolux.com if you’d like to contact them directly.

Designer: Electrolux

Vac from the Sea by Electrolux



Story Of Needles And Thread

Posted: 29 Jun 2010 01:00 AM PDT

Call it the aging process or lack of dexterity, but there will come a time when threading the needle will become a difficult task! That's the time "Little Helper" will be the real help in getting the job done. No automatics or robotics here, but simply a magnifying glass that fits neatly into the center of the thread spool so that you can magnify the eye of the needle and thread it conveniently.

Visualizer: Roslov Anton

Designers: Chugunnikov Alexey and Alexander Trofimenko

Little Helper - Magnifying Glass For Threading Needles by Chugunnikov Alexey and Alexander Trofimenko




Digital Picture Now Comes Stamped

Posted: 29 Jun 2010 12:42 AM PDT

Why would you want a digital camera that doubles up as a rubber stamp? Why? The answer is simple….just for fun! As of now digicams offer a variety of options and modes (sepia, landscape etc.) to take pictures and edit them. Stampy Digital Camera gives you the option of creating a rubber-stamp version of your photograph, so that you stamp it onto any sheet of paper or surface. If you ask me, the best way to tweak this concept will be to have it stamp out pictures in multi colors instead of the single red. What do you think?

Designer: Jinhee Kim

Stampy Digital Camera by Jinhee Kim




My Doggy Bestest!

Posted: 29 Jun 2010 12:40 AM PDT

Cute as a button, the DIY Doggy Lamp for your desk is super convenient and awesome! Besides being a lamp, the doggy also is a holder for all your desk-stuff like pens, pencils, stapler, ruler etc. The basics include stamped wooden sheet for the dog-design, screws, washers, bulb-socket and wire. However, you will need to buy your own bulb. My only concern will be wiring the socket, coz an untidy job done there can be dangerous.

Good news is that you can actually buy this pooch!

Designer: David Zhang

DIY Doggy Desktop Lamp by David Zhang







Urban Seeds for Story Planting

Posted: 29 Jun 2010 12:03 AM PDT

Not a cake! It might look like a cake a little bit when there’s plants growing out of this project, but it’s not a cake! This project, “Urban Seed,” comes from an overarching concept made by designer Ruedee Sarawutpaiboon. This overarching concept is futuristic public play. In the future, we’re gonna have some fun. This Urban Seed project is inspired by public secret storytelling and apology traditions. Urban Seed works with citizens, citizen to citizen, person to person, seed to blossom.

Now you can do this fabulous trade of ideas in two ways: analog or digital. The digital one works through some basically “traditional” means, odd as that sounds. It’s on telephones, smart phones if you call them that, and what it is is a system where you write your story, whatever you conceive that to be, and share that story anonymously.

Now the analog version is the real hot one. In this one, people are able to write their story on cards of bio-degradable cards filled with seeds. One person leaves a story, another person reads it, and like the seed that has been planted in their brain, another seed is planted via the card, which they can simply lie on the ground, allowing the rain to do its deed.

Grow on up!

Designer: Ruedee Sarawutpaiboon

Urban Seed by Ruedee Sarawutpaiboon



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