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HTC EVO 4G’s new root method uses Flash Lite, white EVOs Show up Early at Best Buy

Posted: 06 Jul 2010 11:04 AM PDT

First up, the new method to root the EVO 4G. We all know that the device, the first 4G phone from Sprint, was actually rooted before it officially launched, but since an Over the Air (OTA) update for the handset that root method was dissolved. But we know the developers out there are still hard at work — and now they’ve got a whole new way to go about things.

The way they are doing it, is actually going to a specific website. The site in question is one of Adobe’s own, and it’s designed to tweak local Flash settings. And thanks to HTC including Flash Lite on the EVO (as with their other Sense UI-fused devices), a script in the website actually takes advantage of the EVO’s Flash Lite build. No, that’s not all it takes — it’s just the first of 12 steps, but at least it’s a step in the right direction. And, let’s face it, it’s ridiculously creative.

As for those white EVOs that we reported earlier in June? Well, apparently they are showing up in stores right now. No, not all Best Buys, but a few choice locations scattered around the United States. It’s not meant for customers until July 11th, but it’s good to see that some locations are starting to get their stock early. If you pre-ordered, this pretty much means you’re guaranteed your very own, as it’s already waiting for you. But, if you do get a call before the 11th to come pick yours up, remember to take some pictures, and let us know!

[via Daring Fireball; via Engadget]


Samsung Galaxy S crushes Nexus One in Quake 3 Duel [Video]

Posted: 05 Jul 2010 03:50 PM PDT

The Samsung Galaxy S, pitted against the first superphone (the Nexus One),has managed to come out on top. As you might recall, porting Quake 3 to devices has become a national past time for some developers out there, and now that the game has been given its paces through Samsung’s own super-device, the results are quite revealing. According to Android Police, the Nexus One can only render 22 million triangles per second, while the Galaxy S can render a staggering 90 million triangle per second.

However, all the technical speak is great for those who are interested in that, but for the “average” consumer, none of those numbers are going to mean anything. At least, not this year. But, as you can see from the videos alone, the Nexus One just pales in comparison to the colors, as well as the fluidity of the ported title running on the Galaxy S. But, now that both devices carry it, new benchmarks can be found and tested against one another.

Click here to view the embedded video.

Samsung Galaxy seems to be the best Android device in gaming right now, but we know the landscape of smartphones/superphones is ever-changing, and the Galaxy S probably won’t hold its mantle for much longer. But, being kind of the hill for any amount of time is still great. You’re still king. But, just because it can play a game better than the Nexus One, we’re sure there’s still plenty of folks out there who would choose the phone from Google’s Phone Store, rather than the 4-inch Super AMOLED display packing, TouchWiz 3.0 User Interface boasting Galaxy S. Just a hunch, though.

Click here to view the embedded video.

[via TGDaily]


Samsung Galaxy S2 i9200 features 2GHz, 4.3-inch Super AMOLED Display and More

Posted: 05 Jul 2010 03:31 PM PDT

Samsung Galaxy S2 i9200. Long name, right? Well, apparently this big guy is the successor of the Samsung Galaxy S, and it’s all set to be released in early 2011. The Galaxy S2 will have a 4.3-inch Super AMOLED display with approximately 340 pixels per inch. Also, there will be a 2GHz CPU paired with 1GB of RAM and a 4GB ROM, together with 32GB of flash storage and a microSD card slot.

It’s also going to have an 8 megapixel camera with 1080p full HD video recording. If that’s not enough to make the cake enticing, it will also carry Android 3.0 at launch. Its also got Bluetooth 3.0, WiFi b/g/n, GPS, a gryoscope, an accelerometer, proximity and ambient light sensors thrown in for good measure. So while everyone’s excited to get their hands on the Galaxy S in its current iteration, at least you’ve got something to look forward to when you drop your hard-earned money down now, right? Sure, it’s all rumor right now, but it sure does look like this is where the market’s going, doesn’t it?

[via SlashGear]


Motorola Charm for T-Mobile Free for Back to School Sale

Posted: 05 Jul 2010 03:21 PM PDT

T-Mobile customers will soon be able to get their hands on the Motorola Charm. The Magenta carrier has decided to give them away for free with a two-year contract. According to TmoNews, they’ve caught a glimpse of a promotional poster for the fourth largest wireless carrier in the United States, telling all those who would listen that the Charm will go for free due to a back to school sale.

The Charm is still one of the cheapest Android phones around. The suggested retail price off-contract is only $269.99, which is basically a steal. Then again, with the physical design being somewhat reminiscent of the BlackBerry lineage, maybe that no-contract price makes a lot more sense. That keyboard looks usable, but nothing groundbreaking. As for other specs, it looks like the little guy will feature a 2.8-inch QVGA display, that full QWERTY keyboard, and Android 2.1 with Motorola’s MOTOBLUR.

[via Android and Me]


Motorola XT502 Breaks Cover Again, Still Heading to China

Posted: 05 Jul 2010 03:12 PM PDT

In the beginning, all we knew about the XT502, was that it existed, thanks to some blurry images. However, every phone has to find its way out of the shadows eventually, and today is the XT502’s moment. We’ve got plenty of details about the physical aspects of the device, and we still know it’s heading to China.

This phone will have 3.5 mm headset jack, a camera with flash, tri-band UMTS, WiFi, quad-band GSM, Bluetooth, GPS, and a microUSB port. Also, it’ll have a 3.2-inch touchscreen, a trackball, physical call and end buttons, a 1230mAh battery, a 5-megapixel camera with LED flash, and capacitive-touch buttons below the display. Not a whole lot going on here, but at least Android isn’t being completely overlooked in China.

[via Phandroid]


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