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HTC Wildfire review: Ultimate buyer’s guide

Posted: 09 Jul 2010 09:44 AM PDT

If you read our HTC Wildfire review a few weeks ago, you’ll know that we found it to be a fun low end Android phone, that fixed just about every problem we had with the HTC Tattoo. But as we said in our review, it sits awfully close in price to the incredible HTC Legend on those two year tariffs. How to get the best deal then? Read our HTC Wildfire review: Ultimate buyer’s guide and we’ll show you.

Read the rest of our HTC Wildfire review now
HTC Wildfire review

HTC Wildfire review: Android 2.1
HTC Wildfire review: Build and touchscreen
HTC Wildfire review: Other Android options

While we like the HTC Wildfire, we weren’t bowled over by its speed or low resolution screen. As such, we can’t recommend the HTC Wildfire at the £20 per month or above over two years starting price three networks offer on their official pages (Vodafone, T-Mobile and Three). If you’re prepared to pay that much, you really, really should consider the HTC Legend.

But if you want to get the HTC Wildfire for cheaper than that, here’s how:

Best for early adopters
We don’t think too many people who like to switch from phone to phone to stay on the cutting edge of tech will settle on the HTC Wildfire at any point, but unlocked, it still represents pretty decent value, so might be worth a shout if you’re on a low price SIM only deal.

Prices for the HTC Wildfire are pretty similar across the board, at around £229.99 (Amazon, Play), or £226.53 on Handtec, but with differences like that, go with your favourite shopping site instead. There’s no need to fiddle about with micro SIMs like the iPhone 4, and when you’re done, just resell the phone on eBay.

Best 18 month deal
While you won’t find any network offering an 18 month deal for the HTC Wildfire if you hit up their own websites, there are plenty of deals to be found if you have a browse through price comparison sites – just make sure the costs include mobile data, as an Android phone is pretty useless without it.

Our top picks of the year and a half contracts for the HTC Wildfire are on T-Mobile and Orange. A deal through with data, 100 minutes and 100 texts works out a £16.39 per month when cashback is taken into account, so for moderate users it’s a good shout.

For heavier users, we’d suggest the HTC Wildfire on Orange through 400 minutes, and unlimited texts plus data for £19.44 per month. If you’re going over 400 minutes per month, we suggest you check out another phone, as the HTC Wildfire’s weak battery will likely leave you stranded.

Best 24 month deal
We can’t stress enough that you should avoid 24 month deals where possible: it’s not just a vain matter of having the latest gear, but you are more likely to get sick of your handset, or worse, break it, the longer you have it. But if you are prepared to stick with the HTC Wildfire for the long haul, don’t get that deal straight through a network, and don’t pay £20 per month – if you’re going to do that, buy a HTC Legend.

Our pick of the 24 month HTC Wildfire deals can be found on 300 minutes, 300 texts and data for £15 per month – and four months half price rental thrown in, saving you another £30.

If you’re a heavy texter, we’d also take a look at an Orange HTC Wildfire deal over on, with 200 minutes, unlimited texts, and 11 months free line rental, which works out at £10.83 for each page of the calendar. By the time you’ve factored in data, on top, you’ve still got a deal way cheaper than any of the networks are offering if you come in through the front door.

Read the rest of our HTC Wildfire review now
HTC Wildfire review

HTC Wildfire review: Android 2.1
HTC Wildfire review: Build and touchscreen
HTC Wildfire review: Other Android options

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Apple tiny screen leaked: iPod touch nano, new iPod shuffle or iWatch planned?!

Posted: 09 Jul 2010 08:05 AM PDT

An Apple branded screen has popped up online immediately sparking more wild speculation than a 1.2in x 1.2in square of circuitry ever should. The tiny display was unearthed by Taiwanese blog which has form when it comes to grabbing Apple parts ahead of time – it got its mitts on an iPhone 4 white case and revealed the iPhone 4 battery way before launch. Could we be looking at the guts of a brand new Apple product?

The pictures show a screen branded as an Apple part but besides the display there's no other elements on show. That means it could just be a small LCD display or part of a touchscreen. The current iPod nano has a 2.2in screen and there are already suggestions that the display could be destined for an iPod Touch Nano or a gesture-controlled iPod Shuffle.

The wildest speculation doing the rounds is that the leaked Apple display is destined for a wrist-mounted iWatch. That's the result of imaginations running wild as much as we'd like to see Apple's take on a Dick Tracey-style wrist computer. Even the idea of creating such a small touchscreen iPod is a little crazy but after Apple killed the iPod Shuffle screen off, it's not impossible.

Peering at such a tiny component and trying to predict what Apple may do with it (if anything) is clearly a little barmy. Still,  we'd feel remiss if we didn't ask you: will this screen turn up in one of Apple's next creations alongside the new iPod touch?

Out TBC | £TBC | Apple (via

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iPad: a pointless toy driving e-readers into obsolescence?

Posted: 09 Jul 2010 07:20 AM PDT

The iPad is viewed by 55 per cent of people as "a very expensive toy" according to research published by Resolve. This attitude is mirrored by the top reason people don't buy an iPad – 54 per cent say they don't see the need for it. The bevvy of devoted iPad owners here at Electricpig towers might disagree…

Resolve’s research looked at consumer attitudes to the iPad since its release and also how it might affect other devices. Perhaps the most surprising result is that the iPad will be an Apple gateway device for 37 per cent of people. Those who did own an Apple product meanwhile, generally owned an iPod (49 per cent) and 24 per cent had an iPhone, with only 16 per cent of Macbook users buying an iPad.

Unsurprisingly though, it showed that e-readers are on their way down, with prices slashed and half of survey respondents saying they would be least likely to buy an e-reader after buying an iPad. More research out today, by Jakob Nielsen from the Nielsen Norman Group, also found that reading on the Kindle was almost 11 per cent slower than reading a printed book.

iPad owner? Was it your gateway Apple drug or were you a dedicated Apple fanboy already?

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Ebay: finally, an iPhone app for selling

Posted: 09 Jul 2010 07:00 AM PDT

Ebay has finally followed up its iPhone buying app with a selling version, meaning you can maintain  your Ebay business from your iPhone, and Ebay are claiming you can list an item in 60 seconds, including track listing a CD.

The iPhone app uses barcode scanning to fill out a listing form, and to push the app, is offering free listings till 29th July. Many of your listing details can also be transferred from other sellers with similar items, which means things like DVDs and electronics will be simple to list, but clothes and furniture and the like might take quite a lot longer. It also sets up custom selling preferences, links to other Ebay and PayPal apps, and your social networking sites.

The original Ebay app has now been downloaded by seven million people, and one item is purchased every 12 seconds in the UK. Interestingly though, only 40 per cent of Ebay's listings are auctions. How effective the barcode scanning is we have yet to see, but if it works not only will it mean that users can sell through their iPhone, but it'll also make listing and selling an item a whole lot easier.

To take a closer look, and meet a frighteningly generic man named John, take a look at the video here.

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iPhone 4 jailbreak: Apple delaying iOS 4.1 update to plug holes?

Posted: 09 Jul 2010 06:32 AM PDT

It seems the iPhone 4 jailbreak standoff we talked about earlier in the week could cut both ways. Reports are popping up that Apple Store employees have been told customers the iOS 4 update promised in the wake of the iPhone 4 signal controversy is being delayed to patch holes that might be used in an iPhone 4 jailbreak.

Previous iOS updates have been used to block iPhone jailbreak exploits. Planetbeing, the brains behind Linux on iPhone, reported in a tweet earlier this week that Apple had added code in iOS 4 specifically to deal with known unlocking methods: "Apple added an anti-blacksn0w trick this time around…"

Twitter is also the source of reports that Apple may be delaying the iOS 4.1 update to add extra measures to combat the iPhone 4 jailbreak. A tweet from @MaxdMerc says an Apple employee at its oh-so-glamorous Lakeside store told him that was why the update has yet to emerge. Others have received the same advice.

There's also speculation that Apple is holding fire in the hope that the iPhone 4 jailbreak will be released before the iOS 4.1 update giving it the opportunity to counteract the coders efforts. With the folks beavering away on the iPhone 4 jailbreak waiting for Apple's next move, we could have a Mexican standoff on our hands.

Of course, there's every chance that the rumours of Apple keeping the iOS 4.1 update under wraps in the hope of heading off the iPhone 4 jailbreak are just idle chit chat. Apple can slip out a OS update whenever it chooses and often does.

Let us know: are you planning on using the iPhone 4 jailbreak when it arrives? Are you impatiently waiting for Apple to release the iOS 4.1 update?

Out now | £varies | Apple (via Redmond Pie)

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Facebook video: David Cameron friends Mark Zuckerberg – who looks most awkward?

Posted: 09 Jul 2010 06:05 AM PDT

Facebook is lending the Government a hand in its campaign of cuts. It's running a Spending Challenge Channel to the Democracy UK page to ask you what budgets it should slash. To promote the initiative, Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg called David Cameron up for a quick video chat. Sadly, they didn’t use FaceTime.

While the PM was sat in his office in his suit and tie, Zuckerberg was a little more laid back. In fact, it looks like he's sat in his bedroom. We're dubious about the Government's plan to get Facebook fans to work out policy but the real question is: who looks more uncomfortable Dave or Mark? Watch the video below and cast your vote!

David Cameron sounds a little like our Gran talking about Twitter whenever he says the word ‘Facebook‘ and Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t seem nearly as excited about the whole enterprise. Watch carefully and you can see him turn the volume up on his Mac at one point. He also looks pretty nonplussed about the Prime Minister’s invite to pop in next time he's in town.

Cast you vote below: who was more awkward? DC or the big Z? Do the smiles in this clip complete with the oddness of the infamous Gordon Brown grin?

Out now | £free | Facebook

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The Pirate Bay: ‘sad’ to have leaked 4 million user details

Posted: 09 Jul 2010 05:20 AM PDT

After The Pirate Bay plugged the hole in its site found by hacker Ch Russo, it has posted a blog stating that the team are "very sad that it’s out there". That's right, The Pirate Bay are 'sad' that they missed a hole that leaked millions of users' details.

The hole in The Pirate Bay was in the blog, in SQL injection vulnerabilities, which then allowed the 23 year old Argentinian to get his hands on 4 million user details, including passwords and email addresses. He also had the ability to create, delete modify or view all user information according to, including details of torrent uploads.

The Pirate Bay blog carries a statement saying: "We encourage all our users to change passwords as soon as possible – and if you have the same password on the bay as other places, you should update them as well. Sorry for the mess, but we are all human and we miss something sometimes."

Luckily, Ch Russo exposed the information to show people their information might not be as well protected as they think, not to exploit it. The Pirate Bay did not contact Ch Russo, but say they know who he is, and patched the holes in the blog quickly, bringing the site down temporarily with the message: "Upgrading some stuff, database is in use for backups, soon back again.. Btw, it’s nice weather outside I think."

I wonder what the reaction would be if Steve Jobs came out and said he was saddened by the signal problem his company had inflicted on the company? Perhaps we'd all be so baffled as to sympathise with the man, rather than filing a stack of lawsuits against him.

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Become Electricpig Facebook fan 1,000 and win!

Posted: 09 Jul 2010 04:48 AM PDT

Don’t forget, we’ve got plenty of prizes to give away for Facebook fan of Electricpig number one thousand. To be in with a shot of winning that coveted mug and a fistful of vouchers, just head on over to the Electricpig Facebook page and sign up. In return, we’ll deliver you all the juiciest headlines of the day straight to your social networking stream. Win win, right? Right.

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Lunchtime Lowdown: iPhone 4 Fring video calling, HTC Windows Phone 7 plans and Red Dead Redemption DLC

Posted: 09 Jul 2010 04:37 AM PDT

We’ve had yet another hectic morning of gadget headlines, so to help you sort the wheat from the tech chaff, check out our round up right here in the lunchtime lowdown. Get everything you missed, while it’s still piping hot!

First up, on the Apple front, Fring beat Apple to video chat on the iPhone 4 over 3G, with its own app now ready to go, and we got word of Apple’s plans for streaming rentals of TV shows on iTunes – do they herald the revamped Apple TV? Rival smartphone maker HTC meanwhile suffered another leak, with more details on its first Windows Phone 7 handsets emerging.

Over in gaming meanwhile, Rockstar served up the details on the next Red Dead Redemption DLC pack – and wouldn’t you know it, it includes zombies. Finally, in him audio, we reviewed the Pure Oasis Flow, so be sure to check out or verdict on the rugged DAB.

Still want more news? Head on through to the homepage and help yourself to it all as it breaks! is on the look out for a new Commercial Director. Could it be you? Click to find out how to apply.

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UK 4G rollout: HTC EVO 4G not so far away?

Posted: 09 Jul 2010 04:01 AM PDT

The coalition government yesterday stated its commitment to UK 4G rollout, and said we can expect a decision to be made before parliament's summer recess, reigniting the hope that the EVO 4G might reach our shores (but hopefully not before the battery life is improved).

Yesterday, Adam Afriyie, Conservative MP for Windsor, asked the Secretary of State for Business Innovation and Skills, Ed Vaizey, in writing: "What steps he is taking to support the roll-out next generation mobile broadband services."

Vaizey replied: "The coalition Government are committed to releasing spectrum to support the next generation of mobile services. A decision on the approach will be made before the summer recess."

Summer recess is just a few weeks away on 29th July, which means that news of 4G spectrum release for the UK is just around the corner.

So far, O2 are the only network testing 4G, tests which are taking place in Slough with help from Huawei. Tests have reached a peak downlink rate of 150Mbs. However, there's no news yet about a full commercial 4G rollout, and no other UK networks have committed to 4G networks.

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