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Electricpig opinions: FaceTime, iPhone 4 jailbreaks, 3D gaming and Google Voice

Posted: 11 Jul 2010 05:00 AM PDT

Every now and then our team of tech slaves, er, writers like to let off verbal steam about the latest goings on in gadget land. Want to know what’s on their minds? Join us as we round up the opinions of Electricpig’s writers on some of the week’s talking points. But which one will you furiously disagree with? None we hope. But where’s the fun in not finding out. Read on.

We’ve got opinions on FaceTime, how jailbreaks will predict the future of the iPhone 4, why the Nintendo 3DS will be the first 3D games machine to be a success and thoughts on the future of Google Voice.

FaceTime will flounder

Says Electricpig editor James Holland on Apple’s take on iPhone 4 video calling. Apple wants to get people video calling. So why isn’t Apple shouting from the rooftops about it, he asks.

“What Apple should be doing is making FaceTime indispensable. It could help by tying it into the OS X address book, and letting any Mac with a webcam call an iPhone using FaceTime for free.

But Apple needs to pull its finger out:

“Until Apple shows FaceTime some love though, I can't blame any third parties for being slow to react. Cupertino needs to pull its finger out, put FaceTime at the heart of its own products and show the world, not to mention mobile networks, just how great video chat can be when it's done properly.”

Why jailbreakers will create the perfect iPhone

Long before Apple attempts to at least. While Mic Wright is over the moon at the extra features that came with iOS4 he still casts an envious look at what iPhone 4 jailbreakers will have to play with before him. But more than that, it’s these very coders who will show us the future of iPhone 4.

“They deployed copy and paste, spell checking, application folders, ebook readers before iBooks, rotation lock and even an iPhone locator before Apple did…

“With the souped-up hardware of the iPhone 4 to work with, I expect Cydia, the unofficial app store, to start filling up with apps that will do amazing things with the gyroscope and front-facing camera.”

Why the Nintendo 3DS will be the first 3D games machine to succeed

The jury might still be out on whether 3D in gaming (films too) is the next revolution in entertainment or a nerdy sci-fi wet dream. But if anything has the chance to put 3D into the hands of the mainstream and succeed it’s the Nintendo 3DS says Ben Sillis.

“Unlike with the Sony PS3 3D experience, there's no need to explain you'll need the latest PS3 firmware upgrade, a 3D TV with a HDMI 1.4 socket and a compatible game. Nintendo's shipping its 3D skills out of the box, with everything…”

The 3DS is gonna need games too, right? Well, the 3DS will have plenty when it arrives in stores, Ben observed:

“Just look at all the incredible titles already confirmed: Assassin's Creed,Kid Icarus: Uprising, Kingdom Hearts, Zelda, Metal Gear Solid, Mario Kart, Paper Mario, Resident Evil, Star Fox, The Sims 3 – the list goes on.” Hit the link to hear more of Ben’s 3DS musings.

Google Voice: First step – voicemail transcription, next step? The world!

The ability of Google Voice to transcribe voicemails is most welcome, letting users easily search voicemails by text on their handset. But it’ll be its ability to transcribe phone calls that could be the making of Google Voice says our reporter Jennifer Allan.

“And herein lies the keyword. Transcription. Google Voice transcribes. From here, it's one step to transcribing phone calls, the phone calls it records. For me, whether or not this functionality comes in will be the making or breaking of Google Voice.

“Until Google Voice goes global, its impact won't be felt strongly enough,” but will it be effective in the UK at attempting to decipher the myriad of regional accents over here” Jennifer asks.

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Video of the week: Flash running on iPad and soon on iPhone 4

Posted: 11 Jul 2010 01:00 AM PDT

Flash won’t be appearing on the iPhone 4 anytime soon. So rather than wait for pigs to spurt wings a team of jailbreakers have got Flash running on an Apple iPad. Next on the list? iPhone 4. Have a peep at our video of the week to catch a glimpse of things to come.

Jailbreak team Comex have been demoing its version of Flash, titled Frash on the net for iPad iPhone owners to see what they’re missing out by fiddling with Flash games on an iPad.

With word of the team planning to dish out the same treatment to jailbroken iPhones and iOS 4 there’s going to be some very excited iPhone 4 owners very soon.

Hit up the video below to see Frash on iPad in action:

Read more about it here:
iPhone 4: jailbreak coder pledges Flash for iOS 4

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Tech week in photos: Xperia X10 Mini Pro, iLuv, Kinect, PlayStation Move and more

Posted: 10 Jul 2010 05:00 AM PDT

Hope you’re enjoying the weekend! Once again it’s been a gadget filled week here at the Electricpig tech stable. To help you remember it all we’ve rounded up some of the best photos to appear on these very pages this week. Games, accessories, mobile phones, radios – it’s all here.

With all the gadgets we’ve put flesh on this week snapping them in action is the only way we’ll remember everything we’ve laid our hands on. If like us you need a helping hand catching up what went on we’ve herded up all our hands and eyes-on snaps right here. We played with the PlayStation Move, Microsoft Kinect, Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini the Pure Oasis Flow and more. Take a look in the gallery above.

See more photos!

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini manhandled

iLuv Glacier iPhone 4 case road tested

Microsoft Kinect waved at!

PlayStation Move moved!

Pandora pawed!

PS3 update to herald 3D Blu-ray

Kinect puts us in the game!

We jump into the shower with the Pure Oasis Flow

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