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20 Best Of Best Red Dot Product Design Winners

Posted: 05 Jul 2010 07:55 AM PDT

Red Dot Design Awards has just announced their Product Design winners. Here is a pick of my favorite 20 of the 45 "Best Of Best" winners, in totally random order. Creative industrial/product design is at its best. Some are inspirational pieces while others are classic originals! Come in and take a look!

20) CH04 Houdini by e15 – Stefan Diez Design


Bending bendy wood! An art that very few venture into, but worth the efforts if the results are going to be as classy as this Houdini chair number 4! The basic shape of this chair is created by first bending two-dimensional plywood by hand around a complexly milled solid wood ring to form the back. To make the curved two dimensional elements stay in place, the scale-like arrangement of the slabs is then glued to the base to produce the self-contained seat shell.

19) Batou CS Decoration Fabric by Nya Nordiska Textiles


This versatile fabric can be used as curtains or as a partition screen. The rich embossed material adapts to the form and your creative inspiration.

18 ) Dyson Air Multiplier by Dyson


Bladeless fan! Defying the normal perception of a fan…the Dyson Air Multiplier sans blades is very powerful and can expel up to 450 liters of cool, uninterrupted air every second!

17) CBNes 6256 by Liebherr-Hausgeräte


Defining itself as a BioFresh freshness centre, this fridge has three different climate zones with optimum temperatures for your food. Combining aesthetic appeal with cutting-edge technology, the CBNes 6256 features LED lighting technology, freezer drawers mounted on telescopic rails and user panel featuring the MagicEye control system.

16) Grohe Ondus Digitecture by Grohe


Bathing gets the digital edge with the Grohe Ondus Digitecture. It features a system capable of memorizing individual preferences like water temperature and pressure.

15) Velux Sun Tunnel by Ross Lovegrove


Sun Tunnel takes inspiration from the sun, and channelizes natural light to the form of a ceiling lamp. A long tube-like tunnel brings natural daylight from the roof of a building to the ceiling of otherwise electrically lit rooms. The formal mediator for the light being directed from the outside comes in the shape of a fascinatingly organic-looking lamp body. This body functions as an additional diffuser that both enhances the natural light and spreads it in dynamic light reflections across the room. Just like almost any electric lamp, the natural light of this lamp can be directed and adjusted according to user's needs.

14) Fiskars X Range by Fiskars


Redesigning the simple axe to look something totally cool and awesome!

13) Lucifer Drysuit by Pryde Group


Kitesurfers needed something spectacular to surf in and Lucifer Drysuit is their answer. The jacket and pants are joined at the waist in order to conceal the back side of the protective harness: it is not only keeps safely in place, but also can withstand strong forces when the rider is being lifted into the air.

12) Cosmolite by Samsonite


Samsonite spells opulence and elegance and that tradition continues with the Cosmolite series. This luggage collection features a design of eye-catching ridges that run along the sides and taper towards the bottom, giving the body of the luggage the appearance of a glimmering seashell. It even includes the innovative Curv® technology, making it a durable beauty.

11) Helix by Monoqool


The spiral ends of this frame give it a unique look and explore a new approach towards the understanding and construction of eyewear. It does away with the hinge and focuses on the spiral instead.

10) Container Scope by AnL Studio


Container Scope is an instillation at the port city of Incheon in South Korea, where visitors come to capture the essence of sun setting into the sea. The arrangement of the containers overcomes the limitations of the building site, so that viewers get the full view of the sunset.

9) TANDBERG Performance Mic 20 by TANDBERG Design Team


An easy to use communication device at virtual conferences, the Performance Mic 20 is your perfect media peripheral. As a broadband table microphone it takes into account the specific acoustics of the conference room. It is intuitive to use and its functions are self-explanatory. The mute switch is integrated into the control panel and the double mode LED display informs participants about the microphone status.

8 ) 3M Littmann Model 3200 by 3M Littmann Stethoscopes


This is a stethoscope that I'd love to gift my doctor on Doctor's Day! It's got excellent ergonomics, more detailed sound quality and can communicate via Bluetooth with diagnostic software for additional assessment. A patient heart sounds can thus be recorded during auscultation and directly analyzed by murmur detection software developed by Zargis Medical Corp. Basically a cool looking doctor gear!

7) Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Coupé


The Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG reinterprets the styling of the 300 SL and in a fascinating approach that manages to maintain the styling of the classic model, yet also adds something entirely new to it. I love the doors! When both are up and open, they make the Merc look MAGNIFCENT!

6) Rolls-Royce Ghost


Inspired by the majestic styling of a yacht, the Rolls-Royce Ghost is a dream machine! "Simplicity is the hardest design principle to follow," says Ian Cameron, chief designer at Rolls-Royce, thus expressing the most central principle that all his designs follow: what he means is the kind of simplicity which develops organically out of complexity.

5) Peugeot RCZ Coupé


The Peugeot RCZ Coupé captures the "fun car" essence and delivers it immaculately. The coupe features a silhouette with broad wings and aluminum roof edges that are particularly captivating in their appearance. The design features non-slip steering-wheel, ergonomic body-contour seats with soft leather and slanted, user-friendly centre console and an environmentally friendly engine.

4) Reference 52 LCD TV by Loewe AG


Inspired by Coco Chanel's design philosophy, the Reference 52 LCD TV skillfully focuses on the essentials and communicates an elegant design. The device integrates receivers for DVB-T, DVB-C and DVB-S, including HDTV reception, as well as an installed hard disk recorder, all of which can be operated comfortably via its one single remote control.

3) iPad by Apple


Much has been said and written about the iPad, and one thing is for sure it's one helluva sleek design that conforms to the Apple standard. It's the sleekest and the besttest!

2) Adamo XPS by Dell



The unique kickstand form factor incorporated into the design, gives Adamo XPS the cutting edge over its contemporaries. What's more the stand only goes to enhance the notebooks beauty.

1) USB Clip by Emamidesign




The USB Clip has been designed with this intention that one day we will be sending documents with additional info via USB sticks. That day, this sleek USB Clip will come into use. The attractive colors and form, make the clip a winning design.


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Beetle Juice Inspired!

Posted: 05 Jul 2010 02:24 AM PDT

The onymacris unguicularis is a beetle found in the Namibian desert and has the most unique way of procuring water. Early in the morning, when the dew enriched fog is settled over the dunes, the beetle goes to the peak and positions its body in such a way that it helps in dew formation, and slurps up the water thus formed. Using this technique is the Dew Bank Bottle. It's made is such a way that the steel body helps to assimilate the morning dew and channel it into the bottle immediately. Ideal for the nomads in the desert!

Be sure to watch the BBC clip at the end of the post, which explains this ingenious tactic.

The Dew Bank Bottle won the Bronze Prize at the Idea Design Awards 2010

Designer: Kitae Pak

Dew Bank Bottle by Kitae Pak





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One Heavy Phone!

Posted: 05 Jul 2010 02:21 AM PDT

Hello high definition. Four awesome designers bring you an HD cellular / mobile phone with a lovely shape, a flat screen with the highest definition, and most excellently, a fabulous presentation. This is the “Gravity Series” phone concept and it “offers HD technology within the dimensions of your pocket.” Of course, if you’ve got those pants that have the notebook sized pockets, it might be better to go with that, but this one is lighter, despite the title of this post.

This line of telephone will allow for upgradeable components, plug em in and plug em out, switch em how you please. There’ll be full expandability allowing for perfect usability. Your personal needs fulfilled by an open market and a uniquely shaped telephone.

I mean look at it! It has that extra bar on there. It must do something fantastic! I bet it lets you play some fantastic games. And that side view? That is just sensual. I bet it’s a dream to hold.

Designers: Lukas Doenz, Joachim Kornauth, Toni Weichselbraun, and Max Salesse

Gravity Phone by Lukas Doenz, Joachim Kornauth, Toni Weichselbraun, and Max Salesse




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Your Whole Wall is a Clock

Posted: 05 Jul 2010 01:27 AM PDT

A clock for not just any of your average time enthusiasts – check it out – full wall clock. Always what you’ve wanted, right? Forever? A clock that’s the size of your whole wall? No longer do you need to live in a bell tower to make this dream come true. No gargoyle dreams for you, buddy, no! All’s you need is the “Shadow Clock”, designed by Hanhsi Chen and Chiyu Chen. With the Shadow Clock, all you’re time’s a whole-wall time show. Believe me when I say, full wall display.

It’s a lamp, but not a lamp. It’s a clock, but also sort of a lamp too, I suppose, if you’re into the whole categorization thing. From the light comes three different shadows of course: one each for hour, minute, and second hands of the clock.

Inside you’ll find a conventional halogen bulb and a quartz clock movement mechanism. Quite simple when it gets down to it.

Shadows adjusted at your will.

Designers: Hanhsi Chen and Chiyu Chen





Shadow Clock by Hanhsi Chen and Chiyu Chen



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Green Lights Glide on Magnets

Posted: 05 Jul 2010 01:03 AM PDT

These automobiles are made to speed. And on the power of magnets, they shall. But how do they work, these cars? Magnets are difficult to understand, right? No way, what are you thinking? This isn’t magic. It’s science! And it’s Chinese! Yes, this car right here is meant to play a large part in the gigantic burgeoning Chinese economy by (in 10-15 years time,) playing a role in the environmental, economic, and cultural wave-like revolution!

I can’t wait!

There will be an exponential increase in first-time car owners, and this generation is the one that’ll be demanding electric! Before we go any further, I gotta say that these words are mine speaking those of Rui Guo, the fabulous designer behind this car, the “GlideX 2020.” But not only do I agree that should be a radical wave of electricity coming down China way, I can’t wait! Especially if the cars that come with it look and work like this! And with a Chinese wave comes a world wave!

With a gigantonormous population like China comes a shock to the world economy and the culture that buys and sells automobiles. If the mindset in China is that cars like this GlideX need to be made, by gosh they will be! Upon the tracks of magnets it will run. Efficient and noiselessly it will run. Without destroying the unsustainable Earth it will run!


Designer: Rui Guo

GlideX 2020 by Rui Guo






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Not Your Typical Dishwasher

Posted: 05 Jul 2010 12:55 AM PDT

Most dishwashers are the size of a washing machine, taking up as much space. What if you are a small family unit or a singleton? You don't need such a huge size for 2 plates, a glass and some dishes? The Instant Dishwasher addresses these questions and comes off as this table-top version that integrates comfortably into your kitchen counter. A sliding top reveals a pull-up basket for your dishes, and more importantly it's placed right next to the sink for easy plumbing and waste disposal.

Developed with the help of Bosch, Robert Lange looks to have done his homework well. This is what he has to say, "The dishwasher has a basket that goes up and down a shaft, where all the nozzles are located. All the other hardware like the pump, the air turbine, the flow heater, and the water tank are in the bottom of the device."

Designer: Robert Lange In Collaboration With Bosch

Instant Dishwasher by Robert Lange In Collaboration With Bosch








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Light Saber For The Table, With A Digi Frame

Posted: 05 Jul 2010 12:00 AM PDT

It depends on you entirely, how crazy or clean you keep your workspace. Family pictures, calendars, table lamp etc. require their own nook, thus cramming up the table. For those who can't do without stuff, you need a table that can conceal the frills, until required. You need the "Hidden Friends", a table that has a pop-up table lamp (looks like a lightsaber) and a pop-up digital pictureframe concealed into its surface. Clever way of keeping a clutter-free table! But what if you place a book on top of the concealed frame and forget about it?

Designer: Son In-ae

Hidden Friends - Table Lamp And Digital Album Concealed In Desk by Son In-ae





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