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Droid 2 Global will be available in black and white; T-Mobile comet will cost $149.99

Posted: 30 Oct 2010 11:15 AM PDT

After seeing the Droid 2 Global yesterday on Verizon’s rebate form, we have more info on the phone that popped up today on Boy Genius Report. We found out yesterday that there would be a camera and non-camera version of the Droid 2 Global, now we have some more info.

The photo above is from Costco’s inventory system. The difference between the two phones is the color. One will be available in black, while the other in white. Both will be $199.99 when they launch sometime next month. Hopefully the white Droid 2 Global won’t end up like the white iPhone 4. Another point of interest is the T-Mobile Comet, which is a mid-range Android phone that is expected to launch sometime in November. It will cost $149.99 on a two year contract. We will keep you updated on the status of the Droid 2 Global and the T-Mobile Comet as well.

Via [BGR]


Samsung has record profits, wants to sell 1 Million Galaxy S phones by the End of the Year

Posted: 29 Oct 2010 10:02 PM PDT

It’s crazy how much some things can change. After a horrific Q3 last year, Samsung has shown great improvement. After Sony had released their Q3 numbers this morning as well, Samsung being the rival that they are, wanted to up the ante and released theirs as well. Their total revenue came out at $35.8 billion with profits coming around to $3.96 billion.

Samsung performed very well in the mobile industry as well, selling a whopping 71.4 million phones during Q3 2010. That is a 19% increase from year to year. Reports indicate that 5 to 7 million of those phones were one of the Galaxy S line. Samsung hopes to bring that number up to 10 million in Q4. Samsung’s revenue can only look to increase with the release of the Samsung Galaxy Tab coming November 10th in the US. Their revenue could also go down as well due to increased prices of LCD panels. We will have to see how the Galaxy Tab will affect their profit. Congrats on a great Q3 Samsung.

Via [Press Release]

Samsung Electronics Announces Third Quarter 2010 Results

Friday, October 29th, 2010

October 29, 2010 – Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. today announced revenues of 40.23 trillion Korean won on a consolidated basis for the third quarter ended Sept 30, 2010, a 12-percent increase year-on-year. The figure tops the previous record for quarterly revenue of 39.25 trillion won recorded in the fourth quarter of 2009.

For the quarter, the company posted record consolidated net income of 4.46 trillion won, a 17-percent increase year-on-year. Consolidated operating profit for the quarter was 4.86 trillion won.

Provisions for various patent-related expenses totaling 230 billion won were reflected to third quarter earnings. Without these provisions, operating profit would have been close to 5.1 trillion won.

In its earnings guidance disclosed on October 7, Samsung estimated third-quarter consolidated revenues would reach approximately 40 trillion won with an operating profit of 4.8 trillion won.

The company’s increased profitability in the third quarter was driven by the strong performance of its Semiconductor Business, which recorded an operating profit of 3.42 trillion won. The Mobile Communications Business also achieved solid growth with profit supported by increased sales of flagship smartphones such as the Galaxy S.

“In the third quarter, Samsung faced a challenging business environment including declining demand for PCs and TVs, along with a continued economic slowdown in developed markets such as US and Europe,” said Robert Yi, Vice President and head of Samsung Electronics’ Investor Relations Team. “Despite this, we achieved strong revenue growth and profitability, which was built upon our cost competitiveness in memory semiconductors and increased sales of cutting-edge products such as our latest smartphones.”

Looking ahead to the fourth quarter, year-end demand for TVs and mobile handsets will support continued sales growth. However, Samsung expects oversupply in the memory semiconductor market will lead to reduced pricing, while prices for LCD panel will continue to decline. The recent appreciation of the Korean won is also expected to put downward pressure on fourth quarter earnings.

Samsung also announced that total capital expenditures for the year through September 30 reached 15 trillion won, representing 83 percent of the total planned outlay of 18.2 trillion won for 2010. When including investment in subsidiaries such as Samsung Mobile Display, consolidated capex will reach 20 trillion won for the year.

Semiconductor Business Records Highest Ever Quarterly Earnings

Samsung’s Semiconductor Business achieved record consolidated sales of 10.66 trillion won in the third quarter, with an operating profit of 3.42 trillion won, representing a profit margin of 32.1 percent.

The Memory Division accounted for 7.49 trillion won in revenue, a 60-percent increase year-on-year. In DRAM, cost competitiveness and strategic investments allowed Samsung to outperform the market, amid a decline in prices due to market oversupply. For NAND, strong demand for embedded products, especially for smartphones and tablet PCs, led to increased profitability.

The System LSI Division also achieved a significant improvement in both revenue and profit, driven by strong demand for mobile application processors and CMOS Image Sensors.

For the fourth quarter, Samsung forecast continued oversupply in DRAM and weak PC demand will weigh on the market, while in NAND embedded product demand is expected to have a positive effect on profitability.

LCD Business Slow Over Weak Demand
The LCD Business recorded an operating profit of 520 billion won on revenue of 8.10 trillion won. The operating profit margin declined to 6.5 percent due to a slump in demand, particularly in the United States and Europe.

Across the industry, large-size panel shipments fell quarter-on-quarter to 160 million units from 167 million, including both TV and IT panels. Average sales prices for notebook PC, monitor and TV panels all witnessed declines.
For Samsung, total shipments increased slightly year-on-year and remained flat compared with the previous quarter. Performance was driven by sales of premium products including LED TVs panels due to year-end demand in developed markets. Demand for TV and monitor panels is expected to remain weak in the fourth quarter, although demand will pick up for notebook panels stimulated by growing tablet PC sales.

Samsung plans to focus on highly profitable premium products such as LED TV and 3D TV panels, and optimize product lines to respond to the market environment.

Samsung Mobile Handset Sales Up 12 Percent

The telecommunication businesses – including Mobile Communications and Telecommunication Networks – posted an operating profit of 1.13 trillion won on revenue of 11.12 trillion won. The operating profit margin was 10.2 percent.

In the Mobile Communications Business, Samsung sold 71.4 million handsets during the third quarter, an increase of 19 percent year-on-year, outperforming the industry. Average sales price also increased 14 percent quarter-on-quarter. The rollout of Samsung’s flagship smartphones, Galaxy S and Wave, were the primary drivers of continued sales growth amid a global demand recovery.

Since its introduction in June, Galaxy S has been launched in 90 countries and has been selected by 210 carriers worldwide. Samsung projects sales of 10 million units by the end of 2010. The Samsung Wave, which operates on Samsung’s open smartphone platform, bada, has also shipped more than two million units in 80 countries.

The quarter was also marked by the launch of Samsung’s Android-powered Galaxy Tab, which will be available on 140 carriers globally including all four major service providers in the United States.

In the fourth quarter, Samsung aims to increase its market share and maintain double-digit operating profit by meeting seasonal demand with an enhanced product mix of mass market smartphones, full-touch phones and the Galaxy Tab.

Slow Economic Recovery Impacts Digital Media Businesses

Due to an increase in sales of TV and digital appliance products, Samsung’s digital media businesses achieved 14.13 trillion won in revenue in the third quarter, a 10 percent increase year-on-year but a three percent decrease quarter-on-quarter.

The businesses – which include Visual Display, IT Solutions, Digital Appliances and Digital Imaging – recorded an operating loss of 230 billion won. This was attributed to reduced profitability in TVs and a loss for Digital Appliance products.

Flat panel TV shipments in the third quarter reached 9.07 million units, a 17-percent jump year-on-year. Sales of premium TVs such as LED and 3D-capable models decreased following the 2010 World Cup, due to weakening consumer confidence amid the slow economic recovery in the United States and Europe.

Samsung anticipates that the seasonal peak in the fourth quarter for TV sales will help sustain the growth trend in both developed and emerging markets. However, severe price competition is also expected. Samsung aims to grow the Smart TV market by providing local market-specific content and developing its reputation as a pioneer, just as the company has done in the LED TV and 3D TV markets.

In the Digital Appliance Business, Samsung achieved growth of 25 percent quarter-on-quarter, but increased costs and investments in production and sales infrastructure pushed the business into a deficit.

Samsung will continue to expand its distribution channels and global production sites while developing highly efficient and environmentally friendly products.


More details and new photos of the Playstation Phone

Posted: 29 Oct 2010 09:19 PM PDT

After hearing a few different rumors and seeing a few surfaced pictures, more photos have shown up, but this time with some new information as well. The phone has a codename of “Zeus” according to the photo below. The phone also is running Android OS 2.2 in the picture.

The phone will also have an 8GB microSD card included and at minimum 512 MB of internal storage. Nothing definite has been confirmed yet about what the device will run(gingerbread?) or how much exact memory it will have, but these photos show us it has the potential to be a great gaming phone and could change the mobile industry. We will keep you posted on any other info/photos that we find. In the meantime let us know your opinion on these new photos and stay tuned!

Via [Engadget]


Angry Birds Plush Toys now available for Purchase!

Posted: 29 Oct 2010 08:26 PM PDT

The first thing that came to my mind when I saw these was OMG, I have got to get at least one if not all of these. I happen to love the Angry Birds game like most people and happen to play it on my iPad, so I was ecstatic when I saw these.

These adorable toys will be available for pre-order at a price tag of $14.99. There is a limited quantity so I recommend purchasing them as quickly as you can if you’re an angry birds fanatic like myself. If you do decide to purchase them, they will ship sometime in December. Go ahead and check them out on ToyWiz.

Via [ToyWiz]


T-Mobile G2 Unboxing and Hands-on

Posted: 29 Oct 2010 02:30 PM PDT

Aha! Yes it is here in my mail, inside a box with a letter that tells me to be honest and not dip the phone in my chocolate milk. It’s the T-Mobile G2, that wonderful slab of silver boasting 4G speeds, a Qualcomm Snapdragon MSM7230 processor, Android 2.2 Froyo, and a massive price range of $99 to $499.99, it’s coming fraught with talk of early arrivals, hardware issues, and missing storage. But I’ll tell you what, right now, right here, this phone is wild. I don’t throw that term around lightly. When I say wild, I mean completely excellent and amazing.

The box I received from T-Mobile (on loan for a short time, I gotta get playing before I have to cry and give it back,) contained a letter with an agreement I had to sign saying how specific I had to be in saying that I’d tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth, and plus that I wouldn’t launch the phone across the parking lot for fun. Along with that came a lovely fact sheet, both of them in a heavy envelope. But you don’t even care about that! Let’s talk about this box.

The box itself is relatively thick. If you’ve ever constructed a book by hand, you’ll know what I mean when I say it’s made of medium-weight bookboard covered with high-quality printed slick paper (with a bonus layer of gloss ink over the screen part of the phone, hot!) The top layer (white) comes off to reveal a lovely array of cool colors in which several icons float. You later find that these icons are essentially the “home row” of apps found on the first couple of screens in the phone.

In the box is the G2 blasting into your face an off-center position in the box (props, box designers.) Once you pop it out, there’s a peek hole through which you can see the words “Start Guide,” which, once you pull the first later of cardboard out, you realize is there because otherwise all the user manuals would basically be hidden because they’re enclosed behind the position where the phone sat. There’s two books: a G2 start guide and a Terms & Conditions / Limited Warranty / Return Policy. The Start Guide, even though most people wont end up needing it, is full of excellent illustrations and supremely easy to understand instructions.

Then there’s a third item – a T-Mobile Handset Recycling Program Merchandise Return Label. This is a sticker you can use to slap on a box full of your old phones (or batteries, PDAs, accessories,) and bring to a T-Mobile retail store to drop off. From there they’ll take the items and recycle them. Super neat!

Inside the box you’ll find a 3.5 mm stereo headset, an opaque package with headphone earbud pads and a clip, AC Adapter, microUSB cable, and inside the phone the SIM Card, and 8GB microSD card trapped down in an interesting and weird contraption behind the battery (see gallery below) – some people don’t like having this card behind so much stuff, some people like it hidden away, your call.

And then there’s the phone itself. The G2. This is the first smartphone designed to deliver the goods 4G style on T-Mobile’s HSPA+ network. There’s a touchscreen, trackpad, and QUERTY keyboard complete with customizable keys. 3.7" WVGA Super-TFT screen display and Qualcomm® SnapdragonTM MSM7230 processor. Dimensions are 4.68" x 2.37" x 0.55"; Display: 3.7"; and it weighs in at around 6.5 ounces. 4GB internal memory with pre-installed 8GB micro SD card, expandable to 32GB, stereo Bluetooth 2.1/EDR/A2DP, works on both UMTS/HSPA+ (dual-band) (Bands I and IV), and it’s a Quad-band GSM world phone: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz. On the back there’s a 5 megapixel camera with digital zoom (I dont know why they keep using this on any device, ever,) autofocus, and LED flash. The camera is also a HD camcorder with 720p video capture that automatically uploads to Photobucket. Very silvery, very nice to the touch.

As I picked it up, I heard the whispers of a thousand fanboys telling me all the things that might go wrong with it, but they were all so very foolish. The hinges on this phone are so tight that it was almost difficult to slide it open the first try, (as you can see in the video, me looking like a newb trying to flick it open,) and just holding it feels oh-so-natural. Again: rough, tough, tight, and when I write this, I’ve been handling it for a few hours already, opening and closing it every once in a while to test the hinge. Feels good, man.

For the sake of clarity, for the rest of the article, I’ll be referring to the portrait-top (near the T-Mobile logo on the front of the camera) as the top of the camera. On that top, there’s both a headphone jack and the power button. On the left is a button to activate the camera and the switch which allows you to take off the back cover of the phone and access the battery. On the bottom there’s nothing, and on the left side there’s the USB jack and the volume up/down button.

As far as the screen area goes, at the top there’s a speaker grid in the center that runs about half the length of the touchscreen, inside of which there is an orange light that turns on whenever you’re plugged in to your computer with USB. Also at the top is that T-Mobile logo, and along the bottom is the usual set of four buttons in this order: Home, Menu, Back, and Search. Below these there’s the trackpad which I’m almost certain I’ll never feel the need to use.

Once the device is open, the four rows of light-up keys shine bright in the darkness, look plain and lovely during the day, all of them separated enough for easy typing. The three custom-keys stand out clearly, and everything is clearly marked to a degree where anyone picking up this phone would know how to go at it at this point. From the point when I press the power button to the moment I’m able to start working on the phone, it’s around 30 seconds of wait time. And now you’ll have to wait just a little bit longer for a full review. Prepare yourself by grabbing a nice can of soda and maybe some cheese-related snack, and sit back. Seeya then.

SlashGear-42-tmobile-g2 SlashGear-41-tmobile-g2 SlashGear-40-tmobile-g2 SlashGear-39-tmobile-g2 SlashGear-38-tmobile-g2 SlashGear-37-tmobile-g2 SlashGear-36-tmobile-g2 SlashGear-35-tmobile-g2 SlashGear-34-tmobile-g2 SlashGear-33-tmobile-g2 SlashGear-32-tmobile-g2 SlashGear-31-tmobile-g2 SlashGear-30-tmobile-g2 SlashGear-29-tmobile-g2 SlashGear-28-tmobile-g2 SlashGear-27-tmobile-g2 SlashGear-26-tmobile-g2 SlashGear-25-tmobile-g2 SlashGear-24-tmobile-g2 SlashGear-23-tmobile-g2 SlashGear-22-tmobile-g2 SlashGear-21-tmobile-g2 SlashGear-20-tmobile-g2 SlashGear-19-tmobile-g2 SlashGear-18-tmobile-g2 SlashGear-17-tmobile-g2 SlashGear-16-tmobile-g2 SlashGear-15-tmobile-g2 SlashGear-14-tmobile-g2 SlashGear-13-tmobile-g2 SlashGear-12-tmobile-g2 SlashGear-11-tmobile-g2 SlashGear-10-tmobile-g2 SlashGear-09-tmobile-g2 SlashGear-08-tmobile-g2 SlashGear-07-tmobile-g2 SlashGear-06-tmobile-g2 SlashGear-05-tmobile-g2 SlashGear-04-tmobile-g2 SlashGear-03-tmobile-g2 SlashGear-02-tmobile-g2 SlashGear-01-tmobile-g2 )

Sprint Giving New Epic Buyers $50 Media Hub Credit

Posted: 29 Oct 2010 01:19 PM PDT

If you have been looking for even more reasons to finally pick up the ultra fast and powerful Sprint Epic 4G, now is your chance. Sprint is currently offering up a $50 credit to anyone who purchases the the device between October 31st, 2010 and January 8, 2011.

The Media Hub is a great application dedicated to bring it's users movies, videos, and TV content. The credit will be sent to users via a text message and can be used to rent movies in the Media Hub.

However, the free credit does come with some restrictions. Once activated you have $60 days to use the credit. You can hold on to the codes and wait to activate, but all codes will expire on March 31st, 2011.

Note: It is also likely that this promotion will also extend to the Galaxy Tab!

[Via Androinica]


Verizon’s Rebate Form Reveals Droid Global, Samsung Continuum, Citrus and more

Posted: 29 Oct 2010 12:30 PM PDT

Rebate forms are always a good way at getting a glimpse into what a carrier is planning for upcoming weeks. Usually revealing some sort of new hardware, they are also a reliable source. Verizon's rebate form has hit the internet, with it some details of upcoming hardware has been revealed to be close to release.

In the form we see that there are two different Droid 2 Global handsets coming, and one Droid Pro handset. Could this mean that the Droid 2 will be seeing the camera-less release instead of the Pro?

We also see the Samsung Continuum is coming. This gives us even more reason to believe that this will be the topic of discussion at the November 8th event. We will be at this event so stay tuned for that bit of Samsung news, as well as any updates with the carriers device plans.

[Via Engadget]


A Bit of Extra Clarity for Would-Be Developers of NookColor Apps

Posted: 29 Oct 2010 11:51 AM PDT

So you’d like to develop some apps for the new NookColor, yes? Let’s take a look at what you’ll be looking at. In a recent conversation we had with Barnes & Noble representatives, they made it clear that the approach behind NookDeveloper will be very reading-centric. Very soon, B&N will be launching NookDeveloper to reach out to developers and content providers and show them love. In the next few weeks, the developer portal will be opening up, and inside will be an SDK emulator that you and your pals can work on to create and/or optimize your apps to work with the NookColor.

There’ll be documentation on what developers need to optimize, and dialogue between B&N and the developers on what they might create or what might be neat to develop for the future. The development of apps for the Nook will be very much an extension of the B&N store: apps will be available on the B&N website, in the Nook itself, and at 1400 physical B&N stores. This store for the NookColor will be completely separate from Android Market, the NookColor having no access to that market.

Currently the revenue share for developers is not publicly disclosed, but B&N does note their attractive monetization model including powerful tools like the idea that these apps are marketed directly to B&N customers in a very specific market. There will eventually be an announced revenue share as well as details on merchandising.

Developers – what do you think? Sound attractive to you?

Extra notes: There is currently no publicly announced path for NookColor to be moving to Android 2.2 (NookColor will be running 2.1) but there will be an update in November for the original Nook that will feature such lovely upgrades as faster page turning. AND for those of you who know I’m obsessed with the loop in the lower left hand corner, we now know that it’s mainly meant to evoke the feeling of a page turn. A lanyard will be coming out for it, it making it a more carry-friendly device, which makes me think it’s not especially built for security like I’d originally hoped. Looks like I’ll have to keep my fingers wrapped around it.


REMINDER: 1 Day left to enter our LG Optimus T Halloween Giveaway!

Posted: 29 Oct 2010 11:23 AM PDT

Halloween is quickly approaching, and with it – the end to our T-Mobile LG Optimus T Giveaway! You now have just over 24 hours to submit a picture of your phone dressed up in a creative halloween costume.

Click for contest details

To enter, head over to the original post here, submit your picture in the comments section and the winner will be determined Sunday morning with an announcement following shortly after.


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