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Google TV Ads to be run by Verizon’s Fios

Posted: 18 Nov 2010 11:40 AM PST

Verizon’s Fios TV service is signed into an agreement with Google TV Ads that will feature video ads uploaded by advertisers wishing to work Google’s self-serve tools. An additional 3.3 million homes will be blasted with ads through this deal, adding a big crate of eyes to that which Google TV Ads already reaches. Google and Verizon collaborated on another project dealing this time with with Net Neutrality just this past August.

In addition to this Verizon deal, Google earlier this year signed up for a deal with DirecTV, this time dealing with matters slightly outside advertising direct to the screen. How long until Google gets enough deals revved up to be able to have people go directly through their browser window into the television set with their ads through EVERY network? Only a matter of time, says we. Words from Google:

By early 2011, advertisers will be able to reach 35 million households, or almost one-third of all US cable and satellite homes through Google TV Ads. Combine this reach with our digital buying platform, and you have one powerful solution that can deliver results. 

[Via Cnet]


Changing LCD Density on a Rooted Samsung Galaxy Tab (Make More Room!)

Posted: 18 Nov 2010 09:46 AM PST

The brilliant Jenn K. Lee of Pocketables has whipped up several methods for you to make the most of your Samsung Galaxy Tab, in a very visual way. The Samsung Galaxy Tab has, as you know, a 7-inch, 1024 x 600 resolution screen, but it employs a defaul density value of 240. Now, if you’re the sort of person who trusts fully in the graphic / industrial designers over in the lab where the Tab was created, then please, feel free to keep it that way. If you’re the sort of person who changes the resolution on say, your desktop computer, to as high as it can go, well, then, get to rooting!

Warning! Besides the fact that any sort of tinkering like this might make your whole device collapse, you should also know that many (most) of the apps you’ll get on your Tab are designed to work inside the default density. If you change it, you might get strange results. That said, check it out, and remember that each of these methods were originally collected by Jenn K. Lee of Pocketables and Good and EVO:

Method 1: Download LCDDensity for Root (link to Android Market) With a simple and easy to use user interface with trustable results. Click any “set density” button and your screen will immediately go blank and return with that selected density.

Method 2: Another app: LCD Density Changer (also link to Android Market) this one costing €0.75 or around $1. This LCD Density Changer offers more features like being able to save a new density as a system setting or load it on demand. It also has a compatibility mode setting for finicky (designed for one density) apps. You can also put in whichever density number you wish, as opposed to set buttons options. Remember with this one that changes made WILL survive reboot and that your density will remain changed essentially forever unless you re-open the app and change it back to 240.

Method 3: This one’s copied directly from Jenn K. Lee because every step is important to be precise:

1. Download and install Root Explorer (£2.50) from Android Market.
There are other file managers for root users available, but this is one I use and what the rest of this tutorial is based on.
2. Open Root Explorer on your Tab, scroll to the bottom, and tap the system folder.
3. Tap the Mount R/W button at the top of the screen to gain read-write access to the files.
4. Long press on the build.prop item in the list.
5. Select Open in Text Editor from the pop-up menu that will appear.
6. Locate the line that reads ro.sf.lcd_density = 240. Delete “240″ and input another value in its place. 
7. Tap the Menu button on the Tab.
8. Tap Save & Exit from the toolbar that will appear on the bottom of the screen. A backup of the original build.prop will be created automatically.
9. Tap the Mount R/O button at the top of the screen to return to the previous read-only state.
10. Exit Root Explorer and reboot the Tab to see the changes.
11. Repeat steps 2-10 as needed. Set the density to 240 to go back to the stock DPI.

[Via Pocketables]


Hikari iFame Android Tablet for NTT Launches in Japan

Posted: 18 Nov 2010 08:44 AM PST

So, you’re in Japan, and you don’t mind that you can’t have the Samsung Galaxy Tab quite yet (not that you haven’t thought about that MTV exclusive app), but you really want an Android-based tablet. If you’re on NTT, then perhaps the Hikari iFrame is the device you’ve been looking for. Featuring a nice, brilliant white case, and a roomy 7-inch touchscreen display, the Hikari iFrame is certainly an interesting member to the Android-based tablet family.

The Hikari iFrame was first introduced in November of last year, but it’s finally here. NTT, which happens to be the largest telecommunications company in Japan, has finally officially announced that the tablet device is available right now. The tablet features Android 2.1 under the hood, that aforementioned 7-inch touchscreen, integrated WiFi, one USB port and an SD card slot.

You’ll also be able to make use of the digital photo frame function, along with the alarm clock functionality. There are also internal speakers. NTT is also going to supply the Hikari iFrame with specific applications for the device, like coupons for local eateries and shops, recipes, and weather information. There are only 50 applications available out of the box, and there’s no access to the Android Market. And, if you want the applications, you’ll have to pay $2.50 every month.

NTT is officially launching the Hikari iFrame beginning November 25th, and you can buy it out-right for $290, or you can rent the device for a monthly fee of $3.80.

[via CrunchGear]


Motorola Milestone 2 Now Available in the UK

Posted: 18 Nov 2010 08:31 AM PST

If you’re in the UK, and you’ve been watching as folks in the United States have all the fun with their brand new Motorola Droid 2 device, it looks like you’re time of waiting has finally drawn to a close. It hasn’t been all that long since the device launched in Germany, either, so it looks like the Milestone 2 is ready to take over Europe.

The Milestone 2 is the same device you’ll find in the United States and Germany. It features Android 2.2 under the hood, and there’s a 3.7-inch WVGA capacitive touchscreen display. You’ve got integrated WiFi, Bluetooth connectivity, and GPS for all your travelling needs. And, if you need a physical QWERTY keyboard, the device features a landscape sliding form factor to provide one for you. On the back, you get a 5MP camera, able to record HD video.

As far as pricing goes, online retailer Expansys is selling the device on contract with Vodafone, in which you won’t have to pay for the handset, as long as you sign over for a few years, and pay a monthly bill of £30 per month or higher. It’s a two-year commitment, as well. Or, if you want to go the unlocked route, Expansys is also selling the device for £379.99, or about $605.

[via UnwiredView]


Samsung and MTV Team Up for Exclusive Application

Posted: 18 Nov 2010 08:21 AM PST

Samsung, the name behind the brand new Galaxy Tab tablet device that’s popping up all over the globe, has just announced an exclusive partnership with MTV. With it, the Galaxy Tab will be the lone device to feature a brand new MTV-exclusive application. But, if you’re hoping its a great way to watch new music videos whenever you want, sadly that’s not the case. Not even close, actually. No, instead you’ll get to watch Jersey Shore whenever you want. And other shows, too, but who cares about that, right?

The application is focused on the TV shows that have made MTV popular over the last few years. Yes, we know that it should be music that makes MTV popular, but obviously MTV doesn’t care about that anymore. In any case, the new, exclusive application will let owners watch one episode of five different shows, including: The Hills, Jersey Shore, Cribs, Pimp My Ride, and The Dudesons.

The app will also let you get regularly updated news articles, as well as information about upcoming contests, which would let you win prizes. Interestingly enough, the app is set to start shipping out of the box with newly purchased Galaxy Tabs. As in, you may as well go ahead and consider this bloatware, if you’re not someone who watches MTV for the television shows.

[via TG Daily]


Android ties iOS in mobile ad impressions

Posted: 18 Nov 2010 05:52 AM PST

The latest numbers are in for the mobile market as Millennial Media offers up the latest stats for the mobile advertising market. According to the company, ad requests from Android devices have grown 2,128% since January. Ad requests for Apple devices have grown 32% since January.

According to the numbers from the firm Android devices are 37% of the smartphone OS’ in use with iOS commanding the same amount. Another 20% of the market is taken by RIM.

The ad network shows that 15.96% of mobile devices are iPhones. It’s clear that Android is growing quickly, Steve Wozniak is right Android is on schedule to become the most popular mobile OS around.


Gamblers get a new Android app from Boyd Gaming

Posted: 18 Nov 2010 04:07 AM PST

Android users that like to make regular trips to the closest casino owned by Boyd Gaming now have a new app that will let them keep up with the goings on at their favorite location. The new app is called B Connected Mobile and it is on the Android platform along with the iPad.

The app is an extension of the online Boyd community and is a loyalty program for multiple properties owned by the casino firm all around the country. The app will offer the user special deals for the specific property that they frequent.

Once they get to the casino, the app will also offer them deals specifically for the property that are good right then. The app also has a slot search tool that helps the user find their favorite machine on the casino floor. The app covers Boyd properties in Vegas, Indiana, Illinois, Mississippi, and Louisiana.


Steve Wozniak reckons Android will win smartphone wars

Posted: 18 Nov 2010 03:31 AM PST

Say what you want about Apple and its products, but Jobs and Woz are never ones to mince words. I particularly like that Woz seems to be a realist. He has stated during an interview with a Dutch paper called De Telegraaf that Android will eventually win the smartphone OS wars. This is no surprise; you can't win an entire market with one product on one carrier.

Woz says that right now Android is inconsistent, but that eventually the Android Os would match iOS and Android devices would pull ahead and lead the pack. Woz says, “[the iPhone] has very few weak points. There aren’t any real complaints and problems. In terms of quality, the iPhone is leading.” He also said, “Android phones have more features.”

Woz says that the Android OS will eventually beat out iOS and Apple to win much like Windows did in the computer market. Woz also let slip the fact that Apple had developed a phone with a Japanese electronics firm in 2004, but shelved the idea.


Android 2.2 Update Coming to Canadian Galaxy S devices this December

Posted: 17 Nov 2010 11:37 PM PST

Samsung Mobile Canada has now officially announced their plans for Android 2.2 on Canadian Galaxy S Devices on their Facebook page. These devices include the Vibrant, Captivate and Fascinate and we will see an update in December with the Fascinate update coming in 2011.

Currently working to provide a tested and secure upgrade experience in Canada, the team is hard at working getting the updates out to customers.

The releases will happen as follows:

  • Samsung Vibrant from Bell – Update in mid-December
  • Samsung Captivate from Rogers – Update in mid-December
  • Samsung Fascinate from TELLUS – Update in early 2011

Although we would have liked to see the update sooner, at least users of Galaxy S devices in Canada will get their hands on Froyo before Gingerbread becomes the most used operating system.

[Via Samsung Mobile Canada]


HTC Sync Windows Application gets Updated to 3.0

Posted: 17 Nov 2010 10:24 PM PST

HTC Windows syncing application “Sync” has now been officially updated to version 3.0 bringing in an array of new features. This software is available for the following devices : HTC Desire, DROID ERIS, DROID INCREDIBLE, HTC Aria, HTC EVO, myTouch 3G Slide.

HTC Sync can be used to sync Outlook contacts, calendars, bookmarks, and manage downloaded third-party applications, photos, videos, documents, songs, and playlists.

New features in this update include:

  • Support "Group" syncs in Contact
  • Extend Calendar Sync period to 1 year
  • Add "My favorite" item support for Contacts

You can download the update here, as well as look at further changes, and system requirements.

[Via HTC]


DROID Pro Available From Verizon Tomorrow

Posted: 17 Nov 2010 09:21 PM PST

The time has come. All of you business users looking for an Android handset, with a Blackberry-like keyboard, will no longer have to wait. The DROID Pro officially launches from Verizon tomorrow for $179.99 after $100 rebate or $479 contract free.

The device ships with Android 2.2 and is the first DROID phone to feature a full QWERTY keyboard under the screen, which is proving to be a key feature for business users. You can check out our unboxing and hands-on here, if you missed it, or check out our unboxing video below.


Verizon proposes speed-based pricing for it’s LTE Data

Posted: 17 Nov 2010 09:01 PM PST

As carriers migrate away from the unlimited data plan structure, they are moving into more tiered options. Verizon started this new pricing structure back in October, but now they may have plans priced based on speed for their upcoming 4G network. This will be very familiar to how home internet is handled now, and would be a first for the mobile data industry if it’s implemented.

They do not have plans to commit to such a system, but they see it as an option. Ivan Seidenberg, Verizon’s CEO also commented on on the company’s plans to launch a LTE phone in February. He also goes on to state that more LTE equipped devices will launch than originally planned.

[Via Engadget]


DROID 2 Global SIM Locked To Verizon, Hack possible

Posted: 17 Nov 2010 08:28 PM PST

Coming as not such a big surprise, it looks like Verizon’s DROID 2 Global’s GSM radios are locked to the carrier. The never officially announced device will not allow any sim cards other than Verizon, so you will not be able to slap in your AT&T or any other sim card and go from there.

It seems the stock Verizon ROM is blocking AT&T so it may be possible to overcome this with a little bit of hacking. If anything comes out of this, and the device gets unlocked, we can expect it to come out of XDA Developers and we will be sure to let you know!

[Via XDA Developers]


LG Targeting High-End Phone Market, LG Star coming in 2011

Posted: 17 Nov 2010 07:44 PM PST

It seems as if LG doesn’t want to keep it’s Android offering for the “entry-level” user. With a leaked image of its upcoming LG Star we see that LG certainly has its eyes on the high-end consumer market.

The LG Star will be an extremely powerful device. It will feature a NVIDIA Tegrea 2 processor which will provide 1 GHz dual-core processing speeds. Along with this chip, the LG Star is expected to be running a near stock version of Android 2.3 Gingerbread.

The device will feature a 4-inch screen, front-facing camera, 8-megapixel rear camera, LED flash, and a 1500 mAh battery. With the impressive camera on back, the device will be able to record videos in 1080p which is a step up from current phones, like the iPhone 4, Droid X, and Galaxy S, that are limited to 720p.

More details of this impressive phone are expected to be coming shortly, so stay tuned!

[Via GottaBeMobile]


Pontiflex CEO says “Android is More Important” than the iPhone for Mobile Advertising

Posted: 17 Nov 2010 06:59 PM PST

Pontiflex is a New York based ad startup company just entering the mobile market with its AppLeads advertising system. AppLeads has been available for the iPhone for a few weeks now, but its ready for release on the Android platform. When asked about their Android plans, Zephrin Lasker the CEO of Pontiflex stated that Android is more important in the mobile advertising space, and they’re happy to finally hit Android.

The reasoning behind his statement is the ease of use of incorporating their advertisements into any application. To insert an ad on the iOS platform, developers need to insert and then resubmit the application to Apple. The beauty of Android is developers can add the code into their app and have it functioning within a few short hours.

AppLeads is quite different than other advertising methods found on mobile devices. When someone opens up an app, they are shown a page with offers. From here the user can decided if they want emails or deals from the different brands listed. If a user opts in to share their information for continued interest, Pontiflex and the developer get paid.

[Via SFGate]


Android Community Daily Wrap Up: November 17 2010

Posted: 17 Nov 2010 06:34 PM PST

Today has been a pretty slow day in Android related news. As we all wait for Gingerbread to be announced and details start to pour in, we are left with a feeling of emptiness and excitement to see what’s in store for our favorite OS. Before we even officially hear about Gingerbread we are left with news regarding Honeycomb and how we might see it on the MOTOPAD as early as February. We also found out that Samsung is shifting it’s focus on Android devices to focus more on Windows 7 Phones.

R3 Media Network

Honeycomb Equipped Motorola Motopad Expected February/March 2011
Samsung Galaxy Tab Available from Bell Now, costs $599.95
Android Market’s Publishing Interface Gets Updated, More Signs of Gingerbread
Cooliris Liveshare App Review
Conceptual Design for Porsche Smartphone is Sleek, Hot, Amazing
HTC and Samsung Believe Android Will Dominate Future Smartphone Market
White Dell Streak Pictured as Best Buy Exclusivity Begins
Nexus S Concave Touchscreen Originally Intended for Sprint?


Mobclix survey reveals demographics of Android users

Posted: 17 Nov 2010 05:49 PM PST

Mobclix sent out a survey last month to its thousands of users, which revealed some pretty interesting info about Android users. One of the most interesting results was that Android users prefer a physical QWERTY keyboard. This is good news for the recently released Droid Pro, which features a full QWERTY keyboard. Check out the rest of the results after the break.

The full list of results are as follows:

  • 60% are under 34, another 30% are 34-49 (seniors don’t appear to be big Android users)
  • 8% of the users surveyed switched from an iPhone, 45% switched from a feature phone.
  • Email is still the biggest activity with 37%, Games are 21% while Maps are 8% (browsing?)
  • Only 46% of Android users prefer a touch screen over a keyboard.  That means physical keyboard users are still a significant market for Android phones.
  • Android users spend 1/7th of what iPhone owners spend on in-app purchases. iPhone owners have an average of 28 installed apps vs. Android users who have 17 installed.
  • Android owners are twice as likely to make payments on their devices as other smartphone owners
  • The top 3 games are Angry Birds, Solitaire and Jewels

Pretty interesting stuff, and congrats to Angry Birds for being the most played game. It looks like the app store for iOS is still more profitable than the Android Marketplace.  Check out the full image below.

[Mobclix via CNN]


Samsung and Cellular South agree to LTE network launch plan.

Posted: 17 Nov 2010 04:28 PM PST

Not long after hearing earlier in the week that Samsung would not participate in Verizon’s LTE licensing program and that they had plans to build their own network, Samsung Mobile and Cellular South have announced an agreement that will bring LTE or Long Term Evolution networking to Cellular South by the end of Q4 in 2011.

Cellular South will deploy services in Q4 in 2011, while Samsung promises to bring two LTE enabled devices then as well. It’s nice to see that 4G is coming pretty much everywhere and that Samsung will be bringing at least two 4G devices to the table. Check out the full press release below.


Samsung Mobile will supply multiple LTE-enabled handsets in support of
Cellular South's LTE network launch in 2011

DALLAS and RIDGELAND, MS – November 17, 2010 – Samsung Telecommunications America (Samsung Mobile), the No. 1 mobile phone provider in the U.S.1 and Cellular South, the largest privately owned wireless carrier in the U.S., today announced their collaboration to build and deploy a fourth generation (4G) mobile broadband network using Long Term Evolution (LTE) technology.

The agreement also calls for Samsung Mobile to design and launch two LTE-enabled
smartphone handsets available in 2011 in Cellular South's 700 MHz footprint.

The advanced end-to-end LTE network and devices from Samsung Mobile will allow Cellular South customers to stream video, download music, enhance Web browsing capabilities at high download speeds, and utilize voice communications to increase productivity and access downloadable applications. Samsung Mobile and Cellular South will launch LTE service by the end of 2011 using voice-over LTE (VoLTE) and continue to expand availability across its 700 MHz footprint in 2012.

"Samsung Mobile is excited to work with Cellular South to bring the speed and connectivity of LTE infrastructure and devices to consumers in the Southeastern United States, along with two LTE-enabled handsets by the fourth quarter of 2011," said Dale Sohn, President of Samsung Mobile. "The LTE network and upcoming handsets will enable Cellular South customers to consume multimedia content like they never have before, such as Samsung's Media Hub service, with first-rate movies and TV programming. Our collaboration with Cellular South will also expand consumers personal communications capabilities, including Samsung's Social Hub service, which integrates contacts, calendar and social networking accounts into intuitive user interfaces."

"Cellular South is pleased to partner with Samsung Mobile on an LTE solution that uses all of
our spectrum in the lower 700 MHz band," said Hu Meena, president and CEO of Cellular South. "This network will deliver a first-class LTE experience to our customers who want the freedom to access content and services and to communicate in new and innovative ways, whether it's Samsung Mobile, Cellular South To Deploy LTE Infrastructure, Two LTE-Enabled Handsets it's viewing video, listening to their favorite music, gaming or social networking."

Samsung Mobile's commercial LTE network products leverage years of 4G orthogonal
frequency division multiple access (OFDMA) commercial experience in MIMO networks and have flexible bandwidth support of 1.4 to 20 MHz standards. Samsung Mobile's network infrastructure supports a wide portfolio of enhanced node B (eNB) products, including rack types, remote radio heads (RRH), picocells and distributed antenna system (DAS) hosts.

Samsung Mobile's network solutions feature a scalable, single rack, enhanced packet core (EPC) along with IP multimedia subsystem (IMS) products, to support rapid deployment and end-to-end quality control through devices.

Samsung Mobile's infrastructure network products also feature an open architecture which
supports multi-vendor inter-operation through initiatives such as the LTE Strategic Test
Initiative (LSTI). Samsung Mobile's network infrastructure will incorporate Self-Organizing
Networks (SON), high efficiency multimode amplifiers and energy saving mode.

For additional information and product photos, please visit or visit Cellular South's website at


Verizon ad shows AT&T its 4G map, or does it?

Posted: 17 Nov 2010 04:02 PM PST

The war between AT&T and Verizon has most recently come in the form of a small poster ad in what looks like inside a Verizon store. Verizon attempts to slice through AT&T’s jugular with a 4G blow to AT&T’s 3G network(huh?).

To the common eye, this picture looks as it is comparing AT&T’s 4G network, but if you take a second glance you will notice that they are simply comparing 4G networks, but with the addition of tiny green dots that mark the areas where LTE is being installed. AT&T’s map is the usual map with scattered blue dots pitted up against Verizon’s sea of red dots on the map of the US. Verizon always seems to be targeting AT&T, but I’m not sure why they don’t ever attack T-Moblie or Sprint, who both already have full functioning 4G networks. Expect to see more Verizon ads in the future that will be yet again targeting AT&T.

Via [Twitter]


Samsung Galaxy Tab for Bell Now Available, Costs $599.95

Posted: 17 Nov 2010 02:15 PM PST

Samsung is still on a roll with the release dates for their tablet device, the Galaxy Tab. While it’s interesting enough to see where the tablet will pop up next, half of the fun comes in the fact that it looks like carriers are perfectly complacent pricing the device however they see fit. For example, Bell Mobility is the next carrier to launch the device, and they are doing some pretty interesting things with the pricing.

While the $599.95 price tag may make more sense when you find out that Bell Mobility is doing this for a postpaid plan, it still gets confusing when you think about the fact that the carrier is offering the tablet for $649.95 up-front, when you do opt-in for a postpaid, rather than prepaid. Basically, you’ll have to pay more, right up front, if you want to sign a contract with the carrier to get the Tab.

Data wise, you’ll be paying the same, no matter if you go pre- or postpaid. $20 per month will get you 500MB of data per month, and if you opt for the $35 plan, you’ll have access to 5GB of data per month.

[via IntoMobile]


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