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Terrifying People-Face Fingers Play with Samsung Galaxy Tab in New Ad [Video]

Posted: 19 Nov 2010 11:29 AM PST

Samsung Mobile USA posted a video today created by a fan of the Samsung Galaxy Tab, an advertisement submitted to a contest they’re holding over at Zooppa, a site centered around “people-powered brand energy.” The ad spot features a view from inside or through the Samsung Galaxy Tab looking at images showing up on the screen as they’re navigated through by single human fingers with their master’s face on them. Again, very wild and borderline frightening!

This contest / activity started at 4PM on 10/01/10, and ends today at 4PM Pacific Time. You can either just take a peek at this creeper or head on over to ZOOPPA to look at the rest.

Click here to view the embedded video.

[Via Samsung Mobile USA YouTube Channel]


Free NFL Streaming from Verizon this weekend only

Posted: 19 Nov 2010 11:24 AM PST

The NFL Mobile app for Verizon has been very popular among NFL fans. Bringing scores, news, highlights and the ability to track your favorite teams, it offers up some great on-the-go information for it’s subscribers. Well now users who have not experienced all the app has to offer will get a chance, content from the application will be free this weekend!

With full access to the app you will be able to watch live streaming video of Sunday Night NFL games, as well as get NFL RedZone and NFL Network coverage right on your mobile device.

To download the app simply navigate to Verizon’s NFL Mobile page, or text NFL to 8915.

[Via Verizon]


TweetDeck Updated to 1.0.3, available for download as a test release

Posted: 19 Nov 2010 10:49 AM PST

The TweetDeck team has been working hard at refining their TweetDeck for Android application ever since its early beta days. Adding to the continued updates, comes a hefty new release dubbed 1.0.3 bring in many user requested features.

After listening to user requests and feedback they have updated the application with quite a few fixes detailed below:

  • Landscape mode for all update detail views
  • Added support for Twitpic
  • Manual shortening
  • Allow for dismissing Places notification
  • Fix faving tweets on 3g in France
  • Allow old style RTs for protected users
  • Support FB Single Sign On
  • Allow users to delete DMs that are sent to them
  • Likes and comments on FB photos should stay in app
  • Several bug fixes and performance improvements

This is being released as a public test release and is available via the provided APL which you can download here:

If you are new to downloading beta version of TweetDeck, you will need to download and install tAttachApkInstaller from the Android Market.

[Via TweetDeck]


Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 on T-Mobile UK seeing 2.1 Update next week

Posted: 19 Nov 2010 10:38 AM PST

Sony Ericsson has not forgotten about the Xperia X10. First we heard that the device will be getting multitouch, even after they denied it at launch. And now we hear word from T-Mobile UK’s Twitter, that the Xperia X10 and Mini Pro will see an Android 2.1 update next week.

Sony Ericsson hasn’t been a key player in the Android market. However, it sure is nice to see them update their devices with new features such as multitouch, and even new Android OS builds, although it’s not the current, it’s something.


Acer Liquid E Android 2.2 Froyo Update Available Now

Posted: 19 Nov 2010 10:28 AM PST

Users of the Acer Liquid E are finally able to get their hands on Android 2.2 with the official software update available now. The phone, which launched equipped with 2.1 on Rogers and Fido in Canada, can now be updated to 2.2 from Acer Canada’s website.

Because the update is only available from Acer’s website, there is no OTA option. So users who would like the update need to navigate to Acer Canada and grab the firmware from the Update Center.

With your download you will be receiving very detailed installation instructions that will take you step-by-step through the process. As always, it’s advised that you have all your data and content backed up before performing a major OS upgrade.

[Via UnwiredView]


Qualcomm Snapdragon Processor V3 coming

Posted: 19 Nov 2010 10:11 AM PST

As our smartphones get smarter, we are continuing to need faster and faster processors to power our devices. However, the main problem with a faster processor is the power draw that comes along with it. Being a somewhat common problem, Qualcomm has developed it’s popular Snapdragon processor bringing in super fast speeds with minimal battery drain and now they’re adding to its success bringing in a new Snapdragon.

The Snapdragon is currently found in devices such as the Motorola Droid, HTC Evo 4G, HTC Desire HD and Google’s Nexus One. It’s been the “high-standard” to which we compare new Android devices entering the market to. This new Snapdragon chipset, named MSM8960, will perform up to five times better than its predecessor. It will be a 1.2GHz dual-core processor and will use a 28-nanometer process that has not yet been seen in mobile devices.

It is not only faster, Qualcomm states that it will use around 75% less power than current generation Snapdragon chipsets. These new chips will be ready for the entrance of mobile phones into the 4G market being fully ready to support LTE.

No word yet on when we will see these processors make their way into phones, but we can most certainly expect appearances in 2011.

[Via eWeek]


HTC Hero Maintenance Release rolling out now

Posted: 19 Nov 2010 09:52 AM PST

Sprint has just announced via its official forums that a maintenance update for HTC Hero owners will begin to rollout today. Bringing in a few fixes, it’s a welcome update, especially when we won’t be seeing anything beyond 2.1 for the device.

With just a few fixes, the update includes the following:

• Correct a non-customer impacting issue (device diagnostics)
• MMS issue with contact number format
• Updated Sprint Zone application

To update your device:
• Go to All Applications
• Tap Settings > About Phone > System Updates > HTC Software Update
• Select Check Now
• Follow the on-screen instructions to download the update

The update will take about 5-10 minutes to download, followed by another 5-10 minutes to install and will bring your current software up to 2.32.651.2.


NOOKcolor Unboxed by SlashGear

Posted: 19 Nov 2010 09:03 AM PST

Are you looking for a new, shiny, and color screen eReader this holiday season? Maybe you want to see how one, recently announced, stacks up when it’s out of the box and handled? You’re in luck, because the fine folks over at SlashGear managed to get some time on their hands to do just that. And, luckily for us, it’s the new nook Color, from Barnes & Noble. The device, now featuring a color touchscreen, is still running Android under the hood. But, how does it fare out of the box?

There’s plenty of pictures to be had, and even a video, which you can watch below. In the initial hands-on, we take a look at the hardware, but only briefly. Of course, the review of the device is coming soon, so you’ll have to stay tuned as we wait for the official ruling on the device. Until then, check out the full unboxing and hands-on with the nook Color through the source link below.

[via SlashGear]

Nook-color-review Nook Color review2 Nook Color Review3 Nook Color Review4 Nook Color Review5 )

Motorola Droid X, 2, & Pro with HTC Droid Incredible on Sale for 1 Penny at Amazon

Posted: 19 Nov 2010 08:26 AM PST

Are you someone who’s been waiting to get their hands on one of Verizon’s high-profile Android devices, but haven’t been able to pull the trigger due to the price? Well, if you’re someone who doesn’t mind buying things from Amazon’s digital store shelves, then the retailer has a great deal for you. As of right now, and until November 22nd, you can pick up one of those high profile devices for only one penny.

Amazon has every single Droid device, currently available on the Big Red network, up for sale right now. And, it’s a killer sale. You can choose from the Motorola Droid X, the Droid 2, or the Droid Pro for just one penny. And, just to make sure that all o the high-end Droid devices make the cut, you can even get the Droid Incredible for the same price, too.

You’ll have to be a non-Verizon customer starting up a new line to get this deal. And you’ll obviously have to sign a new, two-year contract to get the deal, too. But, for only one penny, how can you pass it up? Head on through the source link to check out the details.

[via Amazon; thanks, Dave!]


POV Mobii TEGRA tablet offers more budget Tegra 2 Android

Posted: 19 Nov 2010 08:16 AM PST

Tempted by Advent’s Vega tablet but missed the two hour window the slate was on sale before all PC World’s stock got snapped up? An alternative has popped up for pre-order over at Expansys, the POV Mobii TEGRA, another 10-inch model running Android 2.2 on NVIDIA’s second-gen Tegra 2 chipset.

The Mobii tablet is priced at £285 with 512MB of RAM, WiFi b/g, HDMI and a 1.3-megapixel webcam. Interestingly, while POV’s site only has a few photos of the Mobii TEGRA, the ports and speakers do look surprisingly similar to the Vega. Another rebadge, perhaps? Neither is on sale right now, so it’ll be a while before we can find out for sure.

pov_mobii_tegra_tablet_1 pov_mobii_tegra_tablet_2 pov_mobii_tegra_tablet_3

[via Twitter]


Pocket Legends MMO lands for Android devices

Posted: 19 Nov 2010 04:50 AM PST

Android users that are fans of MMO gaming have a new app to choose from that looks really cool. The new game is called Pocket Legends and it is in the Android Market right now. The Android version of the game has all the features and content that the iPhone offers.

The coolest part about the game is that it is cross platform. That means that you can play against your friends on the iPhone from your Android device. That is really cool.

The game is free to play and purchases can be made in the game. It works on Android phones running 2.1 and up and requires OpenGL ES 1.1. I wonder if Android users with phones lacking in the gaming muscle department will find the game runs poorly like some Angry Birds users have found.


Ubuntu running on the Galaxy Tab

Posted: 19 Nov 2010 03:59 AM PST

Geeks like to mod. We all know this to be true. We dual boot and change things to make them our own, warranty be damned. If you are the modding sort of geek staring at a shiny new Galaxy Tab wondering what to do, here you go.

You can put Ubuntu on your Tab thanks to a geek over at XDA forum going by dviera88. The dude used some directions by another geek known as BThomas22x for putting Ubuntu on the Samsung Epic to do the deed.

There are a few things you have to do before you can install Ubuntu though. The big thing is that you have to root your Tab and you need some software like Busybox, Superuser, and the Android SDK. You also need to know how to use this stuff along with Android VNC and Terminal Emulator. Dviera88 says that the instructions worked perfectly and he’s now enjoying Ubuntu on the Tab.


Advent Vega tablet sells out in hours

Posted: 19 Nov 2010 03:12 AM PST

Having gone up for sale just a couple of hours ago, Advent’s Vega Android tablet has seemingly already sold out. UK retailer PC World is now saying that “Due to unprecedented demand we have sold out and will be back in stock next week.”

We’re checking with PC World for more details – and hopefully an idea of how many units they had on hand in the first place – but don’t let anybody tell you there isn’t a hunger for low-cost Android slates.

[Thanks sgruffalo!]

Update: PC World has given us the following statement:

“The first shipment of Advent Vega tablets was made available at the start of business today on the Currys and PC World websites, and sold out nearly as quickly as ‘Take That’ tickets. We are expecting more stock and bigger shipments over the coming days which we will be rolling out as quickly as possible to all our stores in time for the busiest Christmas shopping weekends in December, starting with Currys and PC World megastores at the end of next week.”


Schlage LiNK system gets Android app support

Posted: 19 Nov 2010 03:00 AM PST

Schlage has been making locks for homes and offices for years now and the company has a great reputation. A while back Schlage launched its cool LiNK system of locks that was automated and allowed the user to do all sorts of cool things from anywhere their iPhone could get a connection to the internet.

Schlage has announced that its LiNK system now has an Android app (PDF) for the first time. Using the Android app the smartphone user can monitor and control Z-Wave enabled locks, lights, thermostats, and cameras from the Android smartphone.

Using the app, you can log on and unlock the doors for a maid or your kid if they lose their keys. You can check the security cameras in your home to see that you kids made it home from school or see what your pet is up to. If the temperature drops suddenly, you can log on and use the app to turn the heat up in the house so it’s comfortable when you get home. The system is really cool and a basic starter kit with hardware is $249 after a rebate. The Android app is a free download.


Lightweight Angry Birds version planned for low-power devices

Posted: 19 Nov 2010 01:33 AM PST

The developer of Angry Birds, Rovio Mobile, has announced that it will be producing a second version of the madly popular game intended for low-power Android devices. According to the company’s blog, some Android device owners are experiencing performance issues, with their handsets unable to cope with the game’s processing requirements.

“We are aware that a number of our fans have had trouble running the game on their devices. For example, some older and lower performance Android devices are experiencing severe performance issues. We are preparing a new solution for the next update … This does not mean lighter gameplay or a lesser amount of levels, but a game experience optimized for devices with less processing power.” Rovio Mobile

As a result, there’s a long list of devices not officially supported, and Rovio says anything running under Android 1.6 or on custom firmware is also not supported. We’re guessing when they mention the HTC G2 in this list, they mean the G2 Magic not the more recent handset.

  • Droid Eris
  • HTC Dream
  • HTC Hero
  • HTC Magic/G2/Sapphire/Mytouch 3G
  • HTC Tattoo
  • HTC Wildfire
  • Huawei Ideos/U8150
  • LG Ally/Aloha/VS740
  • LG GW620/Eve
  • Motorola Backflip/MB300
  • Motorola Cliq/Dext
  • Samsung Acclaim
  • Samsung Moment/M900
  • Samsung Spica/i5700
  • Samsung Transform
  • Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 mini
  • T-Mobile G1

Advent Vega Tegra 2 tablet now shipping

Posted: 19 Nov 2010 01:19 AM PST

Advent’s Vega tablet has begun shipping, having been listed on the PC World website earlier this week. Priced at £249 ($400), the 10-inch slate is powered by NVIDIA’s Tegra 2 chipset, and has WiFi b/g, Bluetooth 2.1+EDR, HDMI, a 4GB microSD card and a battery good for up to 6.5hrs of 1080p HD video playback.

More details in our hands-on report. Anybody tempted to pick one up?


Android Community Daily Wrap Up: November 18 2010

Posted: 18 Nov 2010 08:49 PM PST

As we are left waiting for Android 2.3 Gingerbread, not much else in happening in the world of Android. Many devices are getting up to 2.2 before Gingerbread officially breaks on the scene such as the Galaxy S line in Canada next month. Today even marked the official launch of the Droid Pro on Verizon bringing in Blackberry fans a great Android-based alternative. Speaking of Verizon, their CEO informed the media that they may be charging for the 4G network based on the speed the user decides. Interesting stuff indeed, for the rest of the days stories hit up the links below!

R3 Media Network


Android 2.2 Update Coming To Canadian Galaxy S Devices This December
Droid Pro Available From Verizon
Verizon Proposes Speed-Based Pricing For Its LTE Data
Steve Wozniak Reckons Android Will Win Smartphone Wars
Samsung and MTV Team Up For Exclusive Application
Motorola Milestone 2 Now Available in the UK
Nexus One Receives Another OTA Update

And also don’t forget to check out our review of the Samsung Continuum!

Samsung Continuum Review


McAfee WaveSecure named Software of the Year for mobile Devices

Posted: 18 Nov 2010 08:08 PM PST

McAffee’s WaveSecure has just been voted as the Software of the Year by Softwareload- Deutsche Telekom’s software download portal. The vote took place with over 30,000 UK software fans casting their votes online for their favorite software for PC and mobile platforms. WaveSecure took the top spot in the Tools category which we can all agree was is much deserved recognition.

“This is the first time we’ve run our Software of the Year Awards in the U.K. and we’re delighted that they fired the imagination of so many people — almost 30,000 voted in the end. It’s interesting to note that audio software, mobile tools and freeware were the areas which generated the most competition. It’s apparent that when it comes to PC software and mobile applications these are the areas that people are most passionate about.”

Todd Gebhart, executive vice president and general manager of consumer and mobile security at McAfee stated the following about WaveSecures popularity:

“Device loss is the most worrisome and likely security incident that consumer mobile users face today. The WaveSecure security service for consumers allows users complete protection and control of their mobile device, anytime and anywhere. We’re honored that Softwareload readers value this technology and chose it as their favorite tool.”

For those of you who do not know WaveSecure is a service that allows it’s users to remotely locate their device by GPS. You can pinpoint it’s exact location via a web browser or even SMS. If your device is gone, you have the option to either remotely lock it, or even wipe all personal and sensitive data off of the device and it’s memory cards.

You can download WaveSecure from McAfee here with the purchase of a McAfee Total Protection plan.

[Via McAfee]


LG Launches Optimus One in India, more phones on the way

Posted: 18 Nov 2010 07:54 PM PST

We have heard a lot about the LG Optimus one over the past few weeks. Being one of the most solid entry-level Android devices it’s proving itself to be more than just a cheap phone for users who can not handle a smartphone. Continuing it’s domination of the lesser market, the Optimus One has hit India for Rs 13,500.

The Optimus One has been a very popular device where it has been available, earlier this week LG stated that they have already sold over 1 million units. The phones will be imported from the Korean factory and if the sales of their devices are right, they will make the decision if manufacturing the smartphones in India is a good idea.

This is not all India will be seeing of the Optimus series. LG Electronics India Managing Director Moon B Shin told reporters:

“We entered the smartphone segment later than many of our competitors. But over the next six months, we will launch 10 more devices in the Optimus series, priced between Rs 8,000- 30,000,”

It will sure be interesting to see how much market share LG can grab in the Indian market over the coming years.

[Via Times of India]


Nexus one receives another OTA update

Posted: 18 Nov 2010 06:57 PM PST

No, the update isn’t Gingerbread. Thought I would get that out of the way before describing this new update that the Nexus one has received. The update size is 1.3 MB and is named FRG83D. Check out the full features of this OTA update after the break.

Here are the full features of the update:

  • Updates to the core and framework JARs
  • Updates to the Dalvik VM and Webcore libraries
  • Updates to the Email, Google Services Framework and Market packages.
  • A couple of other very minor patches

Google has yet again teased us with this update. With every new OTA that is pushed up I smell gingerbread cookies, and then I realize its only a regular peanut butter cookie. Oh well, we’ll just have to keep on waiting for gingerbread to finally come to our devices. As for downloading the new update, you can either do it on your device or hit the source link below and download it there.

Via [XDA Developers]


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