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Tech week in photos: Advent Vega tablet unboxed and video, Boxee Box reviewed, Griffin iPod nano case, Motorola Milestone 2, Defy and more

Posted: 27 Nov 2010 05:00 AM PST

From the Boxee Box media streamer to the lesser spotted Advent Vega tablet we’ve covered plenty of tech in hands-on detail this week. Missed any of it? Then do read on for all the photo-pieces and reviews you’ve missed this week.

To see everything you’ve missed simply visit the photo gallery above, and clock on the photos to see the full story. We’ve herded up the links below too just to make it easier to see what you’ve missed at a glance. Enjoy.

iPod nano Griffin Slap case makes your ‘pod look like a watch

Boxee Box impresses in our review

Advent Vega unboxed: photos and video

Pure Twilight: A radio with its own light show

Motorola Milestone 2 reviewed

Motorola Defy unboxed

Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare standalone disc in pics

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Top tech stories this week: PlayStation Phone, Advent Vega hacked, Call of Duty charges, a royal 3D wedding and more

Posted: 27 Nov 2010 01:00 AM PST

Want to know when the PlayStation Phone launch (yes it’s happening) is going down? How to get the Advent Vega to gain Android Market skills? Or when iOS 4.3 could be released? The answers to those questions and more are right here in our top tech stories this week. Find out what you’ve missed from the week right here.

You know the drill by now. Check out the story snippets below, and click on the link for the full lowdown for each news nugget.

PlayStation Phone earmarked for December 9th launch?
That’s the word from our latest report. A release announcing said launch by Sony Ericsson France even displays a picture of a phone alongside the PlayStation pad buttons. It’s coming.

Advent Vega hacked to add Android Market, Google apps
Want to know how to add even more apps to your Vega? Click the link to learn how.

Call of Duty online charges on the way?
“The answer is no,” says Activision. Phew.

Apple computer sells for £133,350
Apple have often being accused of selling overpriced goods, but the Apple I is really is an antique, and one of only 200 ever made. Hit up the story to see just how much Apple computers have changed.

iPad 2 patent signals second connector
A patent shows a landscape connector present in a new iPad 2 patent. But what is it for?

iOS 4.3 launching December?
Apple only just launched iOS 4.2 but according to a new report iOS 4.3 could be arriving as early as December, 13 December, to be exact.

Wi-Fi NotSpots: The Cloud responds
After reporting that 40 per cent of The Cloud hotspots didn’t work, The Cloud has responded, and set up an email for Electricpig readers to get in touch.

PS3: Over 50 3D games incoming!
Got  a 3D TV but lacking in 3D content to peep at. Sont Computer Entertainment says there are over 50 3D games in development. That’s better, isn’t it?

Royal wedding could be the first in 3D
This year’s royal wedding will undoubtedly be big TV event. But do you want to see Prince William and Kate Middleton getting married in 3D? You may well be doing that. If you’ve got a 3D TV that is.

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