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Sony Ericsson LiveView Reviewed by SlashGear

Posted: 03 Dec 2010 09:47 PM PST

Oh Europe, you get the all the cool stuff. Right? Our resident Englander master of many things Chris Davies got his hands on and subsequently reviewed that lovely little “what does it do?” device the Sony Ericsson LiveView. You know, the one that released early November and got a really strange introduction to the world of developers by a mister Marcus Hansson over Thanksgiving weekend? It’s a neato little device about the size of a large wristwatch face that connects wirelessly with your Android phone, sending you updates and telling you the time and such.

On the front there’s a 1.3-inch 128 x 128 color OLED display, on the back there’s a strong metal clip. Also included in the box is a nylon wrist-strap and a plastic frame assembly for you to be able to create a big ugly cool watch if you want. Two buttons on the top (one of which also controls power), and a touch-sensitive bezel with four panels, up, down, left, and right – not quite as intuitive as, oh, what’s the same size basically and looks almost exactly the same? Oh yes, iPod Nano.

The device is cool though in that it’s essentially compatible with all Android phones running 2.0 and above, with a free app available in the Android Market (be sure to read Chris’ description of the other app available, both apps confusingly seeming to do the same thing.) Right out of the box, this device supports incoming calls, SMS, Facebook and Twitter updates, basic media player control, RSS headlines and date/time. Developers are encouraged to create apps for this device specifically, the selection of apps currently being limited, the coolest of the ones out so far seeming to be a Google Maps "Where Am I" app, showing you, you guessed it, the place where you happen to be – on a Google Map! Neato.

The piece of the puzzle that’s missing from this device seems to be the most important one: performance. As Chris notes, the idea behind this device ends up being rather brilliant in that it has the potential to make your experience with your mobile device(s) another level of enjoyable. However with the connection being broken on several occasions, the battery lasting about half as long as promised, and general letdowns with the controls, this little fellow might need another look before it becomes a winner.

Take a look at the full review over at [SlashGear]

sony_ericsson_liveview_sg_7 sony_ericsson_liveview_sg_28 sony_ericsson_liveview_sg_22

[Via SlashGear]


Playstation Phone Previewed in Two Clear Videos: Running Android 2.3 Gingerbread, Gameless

Posted: 03 Dec 2010 09:08 PM PST

Hooray look at that! Some dude on the other side of the world has a Playstation phone (otherwise known as Zeus Z1), and he (or I suppose it could be a she) put up two videos of it working. Here you’ll see quite a few fine features like the slick new Android 2.3 Gingerbread interface, the super sensually smooth sliding of the back panel becoming game controls, and the big S in square in the center of the controller. Pay close attention to the moment the screen turns to the Android version, I know that even though you knew what it’ll say, you’ll still be excited to see it.

Notice the thickness of this device – it’s no slacker. The ratio of the back, where the camera, controllers and L and R buttons are housed, to the front, with the screen, tells you how much importance they’ve placed on the ability to play games with this device. Sony Ericsson means business with this device. Unfortunately it appears that there’s no games to be run (or the person in the video simply doesn’t have any ready to test) so you’ll have to wait to see what the device is capable of. For now though, cookie goodness!

Click here to view the embedded video.

Click here to view the embedded video.

[Via SlashPhone]


Google Chrome Event Announced, Invites Sent to Publishers [UPDATED]

Posted: 03 Dec 2010 01:59 PM PST

Hooray! Invites have been sent out to publishers for an even that’ll be taking place on December 7th at around 10AM centered around Google Chrome! What’ll it be, what’ll it be?! This event will take place at Dogpatch studios over in San Francisco, the event lasting 3 hours, with a DEMO session near the end! You know what that means? Something totally and completely sweet.

They say they’ll share some exciting news about Chrome – maybe something along the lines of an expansion the size of a whole OS? That’d be madness. Be over at SlashGear (and more than likely here at Android Community) during the time we’re there because we’ll surely be sending out the news as fast as we get it! Excitement!

UPDATE! A new message has been sent out adding info surrounding the event, including the URL where everyone can check out the live event:

On December 7, we will host an event in San Francisco where we plan to share some exciting news about Chrome.

The event will be webcast live on YouTube at: Mark your calendars for 10:30 a.m. PST and tune in.


[Via SlashGear]


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