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To Eat Off A Smile

Posted: 10 Dec 2010 04:53 AM PST

Inspired by virtual imagery and digital computer graphics, specifically the popular “emoticons”, PATTERNED SMILE introduces two new faces designed exclusively for this urban, contemporary tableware set. A delicate and humorous vision by Estudio BIS// CUIT to give your table a distinctive and creative twist. I’m enthralled y’all. Really, this is just BRILLS!

Each dinner set includes:
1 dinner plate-27 cm diam.
1 bowl- 19.5 cm diam.
1 dessert plate- 21 cm diam.

The pieces are made of porcelain with decal in black, brown and gold, and are suitable for the dishwasher and microwave. Design and manufacturing were done entirely in Portugal. Oh those clever, clever Portuguese!

Designer: Estudio BIS//CUIT


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Design of the Decade: ClearRx

Posted: 10 Dec 2010 04:49 AM PST

The first decade of the 21st century has been frequently accused of lacking coherence. Ironically, coherence emerged as one of the prevailing themes of some of the decade's most important design work. Target's Clear Rx bottles—hailed by IDSA's esteemed jury as the standout Design of the Decade receiving a gold award and it’s designed by a student no less.

The story of the ClearRx begins in the frail hands of a grandmother who misunderstood the labeling on a pill bottle and took the wrong dosage of prescription medication. That mistake made her ill and inspired her granddaughter—then a master's candidate at the School of Visual Arts (SVA)—to ask simple, yet powerful questions about what had been taken for granted as the acceptable way to store and distribute medicine.

Deborah Adler—the granddaughter/grad student—identified several problems with existing pill bottle designs. Why were so many different styles of labels used? Why did information about the drug provider so often trump information about the drug itself? Why was the type so tiny? Why were so many factors unwittingly conspiring to increase the risks associated with taking prescribed drugs?

When Adler completed her SVA thesis in May 2002, she had arrived at a solution that changed a long-neglected form factor and fundamentally overhauled the communication design of the pill bottle. She produced a compelling prototype that offered a safer, more usable means of storing and distributing medicine—but it was still just a prototype.

Adler's original Safe Rx design raised almost as many questions as it sought to answer. Would it satisfy all of the mandates laid out by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)? How would it change the workflow of the average pharmacist? Could any single company effectively deploy the design as a business solution?

Target, of course, chose to become that company, and it has been rewarded pretty handsomely. Since the ClearRx launched in 2005, Target's pharmacy business has experienced double-digit sales increases. That return followed an investment in design—and a very thoughtful commitment to the design process.

After Target engaged with Adler, the company coordinated resources to develop her prototype as both a product and a system equipped to serve the product. It hired Sonic Design's Klaus Rosburg, IDSA to shape the industrial design process. He joined Adler and Target's native design team to reimagine the bottle design so that it would achieve all of Adler's original communication design objectives without upending Target's supply chain or adversely affecting the work of its pharmacists.

A D-shaped bottle designed to be read more easily evolved to become a wide, flat container capped at the bottom to create more space to communicate with the user. The original design featured an unusual semicircle cap that would have faced difficulty obtaining child safety certifications from the FDA. The final design encountered no such problem.

Color-coded labels aimed at personalizing the pill-taking experience were not feasible given the expenses associated with installing and maintaining color printers, but the need for personalization was paramount. Consequently, the team developed a cheaper, equally effective personalization system featuring six primary color rubber rings that attach to the neck of the bottle.

While Adler's original information hierarchy remained largely unchanged as the SafeRx morphed into the ClearRx, she did tap her mentor, Milton Glaser, to help redesign instructional and warning graphics to be consistent with the intentions of her information hierarchy.

Along the iterative path, Target's technology services, pharmacy team, pharmacy operations, pharmacy training and marketing team were tasked with figuring out how the product would be produced and handled. Target upgraded its CRM and point-of-sale IT systems, leveraged its pharmacists to create new workflows and exploited marketing to explain to consumers the new ways they would interact with their meds.

All of this may sound like something of a creative miracle—and it is, to a degree. The story of Target's ClearRx also represents some of the most elemental and very best design practices: identify a consumer problem, develop a solution, scale the solution to make it compatible with your business and collaborate with all the appropriate stakeholders to bring that solution to market.

In this case, a designer with a superior idea initiated a complex process to deliver a solution that made a quantum leap in clarity for a business and the consumers it serves. The Target ClearRx was, according to Design of the Decade Chair Chuck Jones, FIDSA and his fellow jurors, the finest example of design that was realized during the first decade of the 21st century.

Design of the Decade is hosted by IDSA. You can view the other winning entries here.

Credit: Deborah Adler, Klaus Rosburg of Sonic Design, Patrick Douglas, Matthew Grisik


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Watches that Won The Red Dot!

Posted: 10 Dec 2010 02:42 AM PST

Red Dot Concept Design has this niche category called Fashion and the projects seen here range from shoes to backpacks to watches. So what in the future for wrist bling? It’s a diamond encrusted digital edition and an eccentric analogue beauty! Hit the jump to find out more.

Eye of the Storm by Qian Yiran

The Eye of the Storm as you've guessed, takes its inspiration from the calm center of a destructive storm. It displays the time at the flick of a button and is otherwise a faceless clock.

OZO Watch by Anton Repponen

OZO is quite a cool looking watch. It displays time via two dials, the hours on the top and minutes in the bottom, both of which rotate at a constant pace. The time is read through the hourglass icon situated plum in the centre of the watch face.

Freflex by Lowey Lee

Freflex is a watch that takes advantage of nanotechnology and solar energy. The energy is stored in carbon nanotubes (a paper battery) at the base, which powers the components and the bendable OLED display. A protective thin plastic sheet (tinted to a dark shade and given a polyurethane coating to make it scratch resistant) encases the body. This is attached to a highly stretchable polyurethane band using ultrasonic welding, doing away with the need for buckles and snap-locks. The watch is flexible and can withstand shocks if dropped.

F-Moments by Kiran Pal Sagoo

F-Moments or Fluid Moments uses electroactive polymer (EAP) to create soft, organic needles that display the time. Normally the watch sports a transparent and invisible face, but a simple tap on it "wakes" it up to display the current time as fluid mounds that resemble clock-hands.


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Buoy oh Buoy

Posted: 10 Dec 2010 01:05 AM PST

Presenting the full future of sea traffic control. This is a new kind of buoy designed by Tae Hoon Lee and Sung Yong Kim, designed to be not only self-sufficient, but radio controlled. Each one of these devices is powered by EPAM, aka the undulating energy of waves. According to Lee and Kim, the EPAM is “shrunk or extended by the undulating force of the wave, such distortion of EPAM creates the electricity by induction of current drift.” How much power? Hows 5w of current per second? Enough? I think so.

These buoys prevent the colliding of ships in the night with their bright LED lights up top, using GPS signals to make an optimal environment for ships to travel. These buoys are easily tracked and controlled using RFID. Looks fabulous!

Designers: Tae Hoon Lee and Sung Yong Kim


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Time and Memories

Posted: 10 Dec 2010 01:00 AM PST

Wonjune Song sent us his version of how time flows like a river and memories are all that are left behind. Nice esoteric thoughts, but I dig the Memory Time Watch more for its casual looks, and the subtle way the inner mechanics are revealed. Let’s just go with the memory flow!

Designer: Wonjune Song


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Wild and Wacky, Super Weird!

Posted: 10 Dec 2010 12:03 AM PST

Welcome to the crazy person list. This is a collection of ten items we’ve got available in the YD Store that are sure to touch the funny bone in anyone’s body when they find themselves eye to eye with the madness of each. Such a lovely list made of things that can’t possibly fail when given as gifts not only to a friend, but to yourself. See if you can find the secret warrior!

Mobile Tail (in Pink, Green, White, or Black)

Of all the little things you can attach to your mobile device, this has got to be the cutest. It’s like a tiny little puppy!

Price: $6.50

A Peaceful Bomb Vase

In this vase is both a simple statement on the state of the world and a rather lovely looking pot for your prettiest flowers.

Price: $52.00

A Love Grenade Coin Bank (Gold, White, Black)

How would you like a grenade to go with your bomb? This one can hold all of your coins until you fill it up or need enough for some ice cream – then all you’ve got to do is bust it!

Price: $56.00, $32.00

Coffee Mug Shadow Coaster / Soda Shadow Coaster

What looks better with a glass of coffee than the shadow it casts? Grab a set of four and impress your friends with full integration!

Price: $10.00

Leaf-It (Brown, Green)

What’s more natural to the world than a handful of leaves making sure you don’t lose your place in a book? How about some sticky notes that look just the same?

Price: $6.00

Pebble Eraser (Gray, Black, White)

As long as we’re on a natural tip, why not go to rocks? These pebbles are perfectly workable erasers in a hand-held size, great for illustrating or just doodling all day long.

Price: $5.00

On/Off Magnets

Some fabulous magnets, holding on to whatever you like in an ironically electronic manner for such an analog bit of physics. Cute!

Price: $16.00

Ring-ge-roo Light

Fill your energy up! What a strange IV-bag sort of situation filled with LED brightness. Refraction through whichever liquid color you like. Very weird, very wild.

Price: $59.00

Bike Rack Bag (Solid Silver, Contrast Damask, Fleur de France)

A surprisingly lovely, simple, and conservative bag for this sort of list. Anywhere else it might seem a bit wild. Anywhere though, it’s completely excellent. Three unique colors.

Price: $160

Ninja Shuriken Magnets

You didn’t think we’d have a wacky list of this caliber without finding the ninja in our spirits, did you? Here’s just what you need to get your daily document kill down to a single cut!

Price: $18.00

*bonus ninja from Pixeljoint!


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T-Shirt Reality

Posted: 10 Dec 2010 12:03 AM PST

Welcome to your fantasy! Ever since the days of Teletubbies, people across the world have been dreaming of having a television in their stomach. Now that dream can become a reality with AR-Tees, augmented reality shirts! Each shirt features a television set with a special combination of symbols printed inside. When connected to the special viewer via their computer and a webcam, they too can enjoy the ability to watch movies and documentary films on their belly. Hooray!

Designer: Sebastian Merchel


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Friday Giveaway: Win A LELO Insignia For The Holidays

Posted: 10 Dec 2010 12:00 AM PST

Anyone can be passionate but it takes true lovers to be adventurous and creative. Heighten passion to new levels with LELO’s range of pleasure toys from the INSIGNIA Collection. We bet you have someone that’s really hard to shop for. Think sleek, sexy, a little naughty and a whole lot of fun. Here’s your opportunity to score brownie points by winning the ALIA, ISLA or SORAYA! Happy Holidays to all! Contest rules apply!


Contest Rules

  • Contest Closes: 12th December 2010, 11:59 pm PST.
  • Contest Open to those who are of legal age.
  • Contest Open to those countries where Sex Toys are Legal.
  • One Lucky Reader Wins An ALIA, the rest can get theirs from Lelo.

The LELO INSIGNIA Collection

LELO is a company committed to providing ultimate pleasure with their range of pleasure toys. Their biggest draw is the artistic way they have sculpted their collection. Fine examples of this are the ALIA, ISLA or SORAYA. A common feature to all, are the flowing curves that are specifically designed to match your body's natural contours. You can know more about the collection here.





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