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Registration For GTC 2012 Swings Open

Posted: 15 Feb 2012 11:33 AM PST


Following a whirlwind tour of Japan, Singapore, Taiwan and China, the GPU Technology Conference (GTC) returns home to San Jose, Calif., for its flagship event on May 14-17, and registration opens today.

Now into its third year, GTC keeps getting better and better. This year's event will feature some of the most advanced scientific research being pursued on the planet – all done with the help of GPUs.

GTC 2012 continues to be for a wide group of individuals interested in the exceptional power and efficiency of the GPU.

The GTC keynote stage, in all its glory

CUDA developers will continue to have their needs championed by the event, with the highly technical and practical programming curriculum that has come to define GTC.

Domain scientists will benefit from learning how to get faster research results. They'll want to check out the workshops and sessions devoted to OpenACC directives programming – the fastest, easiest way to leverage GPU computing with their existing scientific code. They'll also get a chance to learn what their peers are doing with GPUs in areas such as bioinformatics, climate and weather modeling, computational physics, energy exploration, medical imaging & visualization, and more than two dozen other fields.

The Emerging Companies Summit will give investors and others interested in start-ups a chance to learn how dozens of entrepreneurs are trying to capitalize on the GPU to drive new businesses.

You can expect to see some serious education and collaboration happening at GTC. But no conference would be complete without some time set aside for celebration – so don't forget about the GTC Party on Wednesday night.

Come join us at GTC 2012. Register today.

Moving The Workstation Beyond Its Tower

Posted: 14 Feb 2012 02:56 PM PST


The HP Z1 Workstation is about to turn the professional workstation market on its head.

The breakthrough HP Z1 Workstation was unveiled today as the world's first 27-inch all-in-one workstation, featuring a sleek, space-saving design, and NVIDIA Quadro professional graphics.

The HP Z1 with its hood open for easy upgrading

To help design and engineering professionals stay ahead of the curve, the HP Z1's display swings open like the hood of a car so you can easily and quickly upgrade the system. This innovative design allows you to swap out parts and make upgrades to the GPU and other components without the need for any tools.

As you guessed by now, a key part of the Z1 is the introduction of a new, custom line of NVIDIA Quadro GPUs – developed through a multi-year collaboration between HP and NVIDIA. These GPUs, designed for all-in-one workstations, consume less power, generate less heat and require less cooling compared to a traditional workstation. The result is whisper-quiet operation and blazing fast performance.

The HP Z1 gives designers, engineers, digital media and entertainment professionals the kind of uncompromised 3D graphics capability they demand, packaged into a convenient All-In-One form factor.

Check it out for yourself in the video below.

Freedom from the tower. No compromise on graphics power. NVIDIA and HP deliver beauty and brawn with the Z1. Go to, open the hood, and kick the tires for yourself. We think you'll like what you see.

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