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We’re Talking Social Media @ SXSW

Posted: 12 Mar 2012 07:34 PM PDT

downtown Austin

This week I'm participating in the interactive portion of SXSW, and doing my part to help keep Austin weird.

With over 20k attendees, dozens of panels and events taking place simultaneously, SXSW is like the hipper and cooler CES.  Seriously, check out this schedule. "South by," as the kids much cooler than I are calling it, is the epicenter for all things digital, music and film.

I had the chance to speak on a SXSW panel titled "Social Media in the Underground World of B2B."  It was half as ominous as it sounds, and twice as educational . I joined panelists from Cisco, IBM and Xerox to talk about how we use social media to connect with employees and fans.

Rather than summarizing our discussion myself, I thought it would be fitting to share some tweets from audience members who attended the talk.  Check out their thoughts, and if you want to learn more read the summify stream here.


And make sure to check out our previous SXSW blog post for details on where you can find NVIDIA's Quadro team in and around downtown Austin, Texas.

Real Ultrabooks Have GPUs

Posted: 12 Mar 2012 07:08 PM PDT


Acer and NVIDIA are redefining Ultrabooks.

When it comes to those lithely powerful Ultrabooks, you can't be too thin, light or powerful. Acer is pushing the performance envelope on all three fronts with the Acer Timeline M3 Ultra – the world's first Ultrabook to rock a dedicated GeForce GT640M.

Today's Ultrabooks lack the graphics processing power to satisfy gamers and power users. The Timeline M3 Ultra breaks the mold by pairing the latest Intel Core processors with a discrete GPU based on the next-generation NVIDIA Kepler GPU architecture. The GeForce GT640M is based on the power efficient Kepler architecture in 28nm silicon and boasts Optimus technology to reduce power consumption where it's most important – an Ultrabook.

Thanks to NVIDIA and Acer, you can have high-end graphics performance and the best battery life on the planet.

Expect to see more Ultrabooks featuring discrete GeForce graphics cards in the near future. Your next Ultrabook doesn't have to compromise its multimedia chops – demand a thinner, lighter and more powerful machine like the Timeline M3 Ultra.

Clearly, the best Ultrabooks have NVIDIA GPUs.

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