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EA announces Real Racing 3 – Graphics are amazing

Posted: 03 Aug 2012 11:18 AM PDT

The folks from Electronic Arts and their newly formed studio Firemonkeys have just announced their next big mobile game. Following on the awesome success of Real Racing they’ve just released their first teaser trailer for Real Racing 3. Listed as still in pre-alpha (so a very early look) it looks so visually impressive I almost started drooling.

Some would argue that Real Racing 2 is better than any of the Gameloft Asphalt racing games, but either way I think they are both awesome. To help celebrate you can get Real Racing 2 for Android on discount for just $0.99. While EA’s preview of Real Racing 3 only shows Porsches, they have tons of officially licensed vehicles for their new game. Check out this awesome trailer below.

Don’t those graphics look impressive? They are some of the best near console-quality graphics I’ve seen lately. EA appears to be at the top of their game. Along with licensed official cars they’ve also done the same with some of the most popular race tracks around the world. Here’s what EA had to say:

Real Racing 3 will also include a full lineup of real world tracks from the top names around the world including Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca, Indianapolis Motor Speedway and Silverstone. With a 22 car grid, gamers will be able to pit themselves against 21 other drivers in one race. – EA / Firemonkeys

For now we don’t know when it is coming, but we want it already. Real Racing 2 was originally launched on iOS and eventually made its way to Android. EA’s recent titles have all been launched on both Android and iOS so we can expect to see Real Racing 3 for Android sometime this fall. Until more details are released enjoy the teaser video, and we’ll report back when they make a full announcement.

Real-racing Screen Shot 2012-08-03 at 10.42.00 AM real-racing-3-game

[via DroidGamers]

Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus ICS update rolling out

Posted: 03 Aug 2012 10:22 AM PDT

Earlier this week we confirmed that the Galaxy Tab 10.1 WiFi model was getting upgraded to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, but only in the UK and Italy. Today however it looks like the Tab 7.0 Plus WiFi has also joined the list. Sadly it still doesn’t appear to be rolling out in the US, but should be soon.

According to the folks at SlashGear The 7.0 Plus has also started getting the update as of this morning, and can be updated via Samsung Kies. The update to Ice Cream Sandwich brings along many changes including Samsung’s own Touch Wiz UX.

Samsung UK representatives have confirmed the update, and that it can be pulled right on the device over the air by checking for updates, as well as using Samsung’s Kies PC software as usual. We should all know what to expect with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich already, but if not be prepared for some great performance.

Along with better performance, enhanced browsing, face unlock, and camera enhancements you’ll also be seeing a major user interface overhaul. The Tab 7.0 Plus already launched with Touch Wix, so you shouldn’t notice too much as far as the user experience changes. For now this is only the WiFi model, and T-Mobile’s 4G capable version isn’t included in the update. If you’re rocking a WiFi Galaxy Tab 10 or 7.0 Plus in the UK go ahead and check for updates, then enjoy that Ice Cream Sandwich!

Device Specifications and Information
Device Info
    Device Name : Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus
    Manufactuer : Samsung
    Carrier : T-Mobile SIM-free
    Announced Date : September 30, 2011
    Release Date : TBA
    Also Known As :
  • Screen Size : 7 Inch
  • Resolution : 1024x600
  • Screen Type : LCD
Dimension & Weight
  • Height : 7.62 Inch
  • Width : 4.82 Inch
  • Depth : 0.39 Inch
  • Weight : 345 Grams
Battery & Power
    Battery Type:
  • Lithium Polymer
  • Battery Capacity : 4000 mAh
  • Talk Time : NA
  • Stand By Time : NA
    Android OS:
  • 3.2.x
    Audio Playback:
  • AAC
  • AAC+
  • AMR
  • MID
  • MP3
  • WAV
  • WMA
    Video Playback:
  • h.263
  • h.264 / AVC
  • MPEG-4 (MP4)
  • WMV
    CPU : Exynos
    CPU Clock Speed : 1200 Mhz
    Core : 2
    Ram : 1024 MB
    Internal Storage : 16 GB
    Front Facing Camera :
    Camera Resolution : 3 MP
    External Storage:
  • MicroSD
  • MicroSDHC
    Camera Features:
  • Auto focus
  • Flash
  • 720p Video Recording
    QWERTY :
Cellular Network
    Network Technology:
  • GSM
    GSM Band:
  • 850
  • 900
  • 1800
  • 1900
Device Connectivity
  • 802.11b
  • 802.11g
  • 802.11n
  • Bluetooth 3.0
    Location Features:
  • Compass
  • GPS
  • Cellular location
  • Wi-Fi location
    FM Radio :
    NFC :

Samsung confirms Galaxy Note 2 debut on August 29th

Posted: 03 Aug 2012 09:58 AM PDT

Samsung’s Unpacked event August 29th, confirmed yesterday, will in fact be the debut and unveiling of the companies new Galaxy Note 2 smartphone phablet. After Samsung sent out invitations to their Unpacked event in Berlin, Germany, they’ve now confirmed to Reuters they’ll be announcing the Galaxy Note 2.

We’ve heard rumors regarding the new and improved Galaxy Note 2 for a few months now, and the image above is only a fan-made image. We can however report that based on some benchmarks and rumors the Note 2 will feature the same awesome Galaxy S III like design, only be more in line with the Note. Boasting a large 5.5-inch HD display with a 1280 x 800 resolution.

Most likely the same impressive digitizer will be on board for the accurate S-Pen stylus support, and rumors also suggest Samsung will be tossing in their Exynos 4 Quad 1.6 GHz quad-core processor, 2GB of RAM, 32GB of storage and an improved camera.

The original Galaxy Note was actually more successful than many thought, and we can now confirm that Samsung will be unveiling the successor a year later — which will be August 29th in Berlin. Many reports suggest a thinner design and smaller bezel so the actual in-hand device size won’t increase, but the screen will still be larger. We like what we’re hearing, but will be live in Germany with full coverage so stay tuned!

[via SlashGear]

Gameloft promises simultaneous launches across Android and iOS

Posted: 02 Aug 2012 04:27 PM PDT

Today Gameloft is in the news with an awesome looking new next-gen game that we are still awaiting more details on. In the meantime we wanted to talk about their game and app launches. Gameloft recently took to Twitter and announced that in 2012 their goal is “simultaneous launches on iOS and Android.” If you’ve ever seen an awesome game from Gameloft, you know their games always arrive on iOS first.

Gameloft is one of the biggest game developers for Android. With hit games such as The Amazing Spider-Man, Batman: The Dark Knight, the entire impressive N.O.V.A. franchise, and then the best racing game for mobile — Asphalt. Their latest game Asphalt 7: Heat was announced as coming to Android and iOS at the same time (like their goal) in early June, but sadly that never happened.

Asphalt 7: Heat landed for Android about a month after iOS started enjoying the game. Obviously developing for the wide array of Android devices poses a challenge, but I’m glad to see Gameloft is up to that challenge. If their promise is kept, we can expect to see all of their upcoming games arrive on both Android and iOS at the same time.

With Android continuing to grow at a massive rate, and activating around 1 million devices daily, this is a great move by Gameloft. They were slow to adopt Android and only released games with very little device compatibility but things have surely changed the past 6-8 months. Now their releases support almost all devices, including the absolute latest with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, and we hope this trend continues. Details and information on all the games mentioned can be found below.

Multi-user Accounts coming to Android – tweaks enabled in Jelly Bean

Posted: 02 Aug 2012 03:37 PM PDT

Multiple user accounts in Android would be awesome right? Think about that “living room tablet” the entire family shares, or the Nexus 7 as your Google Fiber TV remote. If Android had multiple user accounts you could simply sign in and enjoy all your apps, your bookmarks, and your tablet. Then the rest of the family can too on their own accounts when they use it.

Apparently the folks at Google have been working on multiple user accounts (MUA) for ages already. Code entries dating way back to 2011 show this has been in the works for a while. The folks from Android Police gathered tons of evidence to support this, and now Android developers are taking notice.

I really can’t see this being useful for a smartphone, as I’m not sharing mine with anyone. For tablets however, this could be an awesome addition to Android 4.2 (or 5.0) Key Lime Pie. While the framework for this is extremely broken, it is there. Until Google continues to work on this we’ll have to rely on third party developers to tackle the fun and that is exactly what we have here. Over at XDA a developer named zanderman112 has bits and pieces working, and even made this cool video. Watch to learn, or skip to 1:20 to see multiple user accounts in action.

Basically what you see is he creates an additional user account, and it appears to be an entirely new device. New homecreen, new icon setup and everyone. The framework and code is there, but it still needs tons and tons of work to be useful. That is why Google has not mentioned it. Being able to store each accounts apps, settings, and more individually instead of device wide is a really exciting idea and we can’t wait to see more. This type of stuff has been available in CyanogenMod, but Google will surely be taking this to a completely different level.

For now this is a long ways from reality, but multiple user accounts in and for Android does exist — and is coming. From larger tablets, in-home devices, computers and more. This could be useful for a wide array of future Android devices. We can’t wait to see and hear more about this moving forward.

Would you use multiple user accounts on your Android device?

42575122-4df4-e952 secondusers-281x500

[via XDA Developers] – Thanks NN!

AT&T set to buy up spectrum with NextWave acquisition

Posted: 02 Aug 2012 03:01 PM PDT

Today AT&T announced plans to buy up NextWave Wireless, and though it may seem like an odd purchase at first, there’s a good reason for it. NextWave has the rights to use Wireless Communication Services (WCS) and Advanced Wireless Service (AWS) spectrum, and it seems that AT&T is specifically interested in WCS spectrum to give its 4G LTE service a boost. Of course, there are a few roadblocks that AT&T has to get past before it can do such a thing, considering that the FCC hasn’t cleared WCS for mobile Internet yet.

AT&T, along with Sirius XM, is working on that however, asking the FCC in June to begin allowing WCS to be used for mobile data. The FCC’s main concern is that using WCS for mobile Internet might interrupt the adjacent satellite radio spectrum, but the proposal presented by AT&T and Sirius XM would apparently solve this issue. The FCC is still reviewing the proposal though, so it could go either way for AT&T’s request.

There’s also the fact that the FCC might want to review this acquisition, and the Justice Department may be interested in checking out NextWave’s assets before they change hands. If there aren’t any objections to the deal, then AT&T will be purchasing NextWave for $25 million plus a contingent payment of approximately $25 million. AT&T will also acquire all of NextWave’s debt for a total purchase price of $600 million. AT&T says that NextWave’s debtholders have agreed to the terms of the acquisition, as have most of its shareholders.

This could be a pretty big buy for AT&T, provided everything with the FCC works out in the company’s favor. By purchasing NextWave’s assets, AT&T could do a lot to boost its 4G LTE service. We’ll be finding out if the purchase is a go soon enough, as AT&T expects to have everything in the books by the end of the year. Stay tuned.

[via SlashGear]

ZENS Wireless Charging kit announced for Samsung Galaxy S III

Posted: 02 Aug 2012 01:39 PM PDT

When Samsung unveiled the Galaxy S III smartphone to the world one of the many exciting aspects was wireless charging accessory. Inductive charging has been around for a few years now, but no big name Android manufacturers have ventured into it until Samsung made the announcement. Later that was delayed but now ZENS has announced their own option for the smartphone.

We still aren’t fully sure what Samsung had prepared, but they stated it would be a unique and "first wireless resonant charger." That lead us to believe it could be different than past inductive chargers that needed to sit on a dock, just without wires. Hopefully this new option will allow you to be “near” the charger, and not actually on it. Truly wireless. Shortly after the Galaxy S III announcement we reported that the wireless charger had been delayed until September.

Now it looks like a 3rd party manufacturer by the name is ZENS is here to steal the glory. Thanks to PocketNow it looks like we have a better idea of what to expect. Just like ZENS previous products, you’ll be required to swap out the battery cover for their own, and then you can charge away all wirelessly. They offer Pebble blue and pearl white replacement backs, and the only change is the inclusion of the inductive charging supplies, and their own branding on the back.

Samsung is a founding member of the Alliance for Wireless Power, so we still expect something awesome from them later this year. While we wait for Samsung to reveal more details, hopefully before September, we’ll have to settle for 3rd party options like ZENS. More details can be found below.

gs3-zens zens-gs3a samsung_gsiii_wireless_charging_ac_1-540x382

[via MakeZENS]

Gameloft teases next-gen Infinity Blade rival for Android

Posted: 02 Aug 2012 12:20 PM PDT

One of the biggest game developers for mobile, Gameloft, is at it again this afternoon teasing an upcoming game. This isn’t just another run-of-the-mill mobile game either. This is their absolute first game to use the highly impressive Unreal Engine for graphics, only on mobile. If you’ve been waiting for something impressive like Infinity Blade to arrive on Android — this is it.

The extremely popular and visually impressive game on iOS, Infinity Blade (and 2), never made it to Android but Gameloft looks to change that by making something similar themselves. Epic Games is the team behind both Infinity Blade and the Unreal Graphics engine. Gameloft today is teasing their first game to use the next-gen gaming engine, but we don’t have a name for it yet. Epic’s Unreal Engine powers some of the biggest games like all of the Gears of Wars, Batman Arkham Asylum and City, Mass Effect 3 and more.

Bringing the Unreal Engine technology to mobile has been a huge process, and the first game to use the technology on Android was Dungeon Defenders. Gameloft isn’t sharing too many details about this upcoming game, but hopefully we’ll hear more soon. We don’t even have a name yet but the “hunt for hints” is going on at their Facebook page.

As soon as Gameloft reveals the teaser trailer and a title to this game we’ll make sure to update and let everyone know. This is expected to be their biggest game release yet and we can’t wait to see what they have in store. With all the powerful quad-core processors and devices on Android I can’t wait to play this. Most likely the name will include the word “Sword” or “Blade” in there somewhere. Any guesses?

Temple Run passes 100 million downloads mark, offers past games for free

Posted: 02 Aug 2012 11:37 AM PDT

The folks from Imangi Studios, the developer team behind the hit Android game Temple Run has just announced this addicting game has passed the 100 million downloads mark. That’s a big number! In a rather detailed press release and awesome info-graphic (below) they break down how more than 32 million downloads for Android helped them break the 100m milestone.

When Temple Run first launched it was an instant classic, topping the charts and becoming the #1 game on iOS. When it launched on Android a similar situation happened with it getting millions and millions of download literally overnight. We’ve been huge fans of Temple Run and have followed their entire Android journey since the initial announcement, delays and all.

Having nearly an 8 month lead on Android, the iOS version has racked up way more downloads. Imangi listed iOS at 68 million downloads with Android coming in with over 32 million. Then they use an awesome info-graphic for even more stats. Like the fact that 13% of the US population has downloaded the infinite running game, and over 10 billion “gaming sessions” have been played. Add all that up and it’s been played 54,000 years worth of time.

This information isn’t all that important but it still extremely fun and exciting to see. Such a small developer can break out into the mainstream and have HUGE success is worth talking about. With over 100 million downloads this is certainly a success story. To celebrate, all of Imangi Studio games before Temple Run (iOS only) are currently on sale for free. If you haven’t tried Temple Run yet for Android we recommend you do so. 100 million people can’t be wrong. Get it now from the Google Play Store.

P10900382-540x405 TempleRun-Infographic

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