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Nokia N900 samples Android 2.2

Posted: 30 Jun 2010 11:10 AM PDT

It’s still being determined which and when Android devices will receive Froyo. The Nokia N900 has been hacked so now its users can receive the Android 2.2 (Froyo). It’s not the full thing just a sample of the Froyo for the “hackers choice” phone, reported by Android Central, it isn’t exactly a very polished built however with missing key functionallity.

The Nokia N900 also has been experiencing some problems with its WiFi connectivity, cell signal, and mounting for the SD card. Well from tests seen it looks like the thing is running fairly smooth. So as the N900 receives sort of a “bootleg” version of the Android 2.2 we will wait and see what other actual Android-based devices get Froyo.

[via Android Central]


Official Android app released by IMDB

Posted: 30 Jun 2010 10:22 AM PDT

Those who enjoy movie trivia and movie buffs are recommended to get the IMDB Android application. This app is written for phones with Android 1.6 or higher, it provides access to over 1.5 million movies and tv shows as well as over 3 million actors/actresses, directors, etc. This wonderful app comes with more good news, it holds 7 languages, English (US/UK), Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, Italian and Japanese.

Not only can this app look up movies, it has numerous charts, such as the most popular, top rated, etc. It can even shop from different Amazon outlets and share showtimes with friends. Another key part to it is it provides movie trailers, quotes, and reviews, and if you live in the US a couple of added features come to, including show listings, and show recaps.

[via AndroidGuys]


Google’s Gingerbread Details Leak: 1GHz Processor Minimum

Posted: 30 Jun 2010 09:05 AM PDT

Even with the launch of Froyo right around the corner for many devices out there (“right around the corner” is a relative term), those who follow Android enough know that the next build of the Google mobile Operating System is already in the works within the Android team. Codenamed “Gingerbread,” as soon as the masses learned about it, the questions already began. And while we know that the User Interface is going to get an overhaul, there were still plenty of questions left unanswered. Well, things are starting to clear up.

Thanks to Mobile-Review, details just came in. Fast and heavy. What should you expect? This: Gingerbread is going to launch some time in the middle of October. Maybe around the 15th or 16th, and the first handsets to feature the new OS will hit shelves just in time for the holiday shopping season, or November/December. And, just like Windows Phone 7, Android will now have a minimum specification to run its platform. Those would be: 1GHz processor and 512MB of RAM; and your device will need to have a display that’s 3.5-inches or more.

There will be support for 1280×760 resolution for handsets that rock a 4-inch display or higher. And, what’s more interesting, is that the upgraded UX will actually look like the updated 3D Gallery application that was released on the Nexus One. Apparently, that look and feel, with lofty transitions, will be embedded throughout the whole Operating System. And, lastly, it sounds like Android is splitting into two teams, essentially. Gingerbread, or 3.0, will be or high-end devices, while lower-end gadgets will stick to Android 2.1/2.2.

If any of this turns out to be true, and we have no reason to think that it won’t be, then we’re even more excited for Gingerbread than we were before. We’re hoping some official details start to break cover soon. We’ll keep our ear to the ground, so as soon as we hear more, we’ll pass it along.

[via Unwiredview]


Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10 update boosts performance

Posted: 30 Jun 2010 06:05 AM PDT

The first of Sony Ericsson’s promised firmware updates for the XPERIA X10 has been released, and while it doesn’t bring Android 2.1 along, it’s still worth upgrading.  According to the Sony Ericsson blog, the new firmware boosts the X10’s overall performance together with tweaking the camera UI, introduces a new settings backup app and, in certain markets, installs PlayNow with premium apps and games.

“This update focuses on improving the general performance, speed and responsiveness of Xperia X10. For example, there are speed improvements in messaging tasks and camera UI. In addition we add a free back up and restore application so you'll never lose your settings and information. In selected markets, PlayNow with premium apps and games will also be added.”

As for Android 2.1, that’s not expected to arrive until later this quarter; Sony Ericsson haven’t attached a definitive timescale.  Today’s update will roll out over the coming weeks; however you may be able to download it manually from; we checked for the UK but couldn’t find anything newer at the moment.

[via Unofficial Sony Ericsson blog]


Samsung Fascinate First Images Appear

Posted: 29 Jun 2010 03:48 PM PDT

When the Samsung Fascinate was announced, along with the Epic 4G and Vibrant, it was the only one of the devices not to have a picture associated with it. And, while we agree that that was kind of ridiculous, we can safely say that the wait was worth it. Thanks to the guys over at Phonescooper, we’ve got our first image of the Samsung Fascinate.

And, truth be told, it looks good. In a shiny, tech-loving kind of way. The model takes full advantage of that 4-inch Super AMOLED display, as it’s the only thing you see. There are some capacitive touch buttons below the screen, and underneath the hood you’ll find the 1GHz Hummingbird processor. Stay tuned, as more images are sure to come out of Samsung’s conference today.

[via PhoneScoop]


Verizon Current Commercial shows Droid X, Droid 2 Makes a Brief Sliding Appearance

Posted: 29 Jun 2010 01:53 PM PDT

Verizon has comes up with the newest commercial called Towers. Although, this commercial is a whole new twist by Verizon. The focus of this commercial seems really clear and straight forward. They are talking about the connection of Verizon Wireless. Verizon change their logo and slogan (Rule The Air) in the end of the commercial.

However, this commercial doesn’t seems to be only for Droid X to appeared because in the last section of the commercial a man is walking to his car, and he slides a landscape slider closed. The belief is that this is the Droid 2. There’s no way for us to confirm this, especially with the camera angle, but we can dream. The main problem about this commercial is that Verizon did not directly indicate what kind of phone that they are promoting. They seems to focused only about their wireless connection. Overall this commercial seems okay. The Droid X makes an appearance, but the commercial’s obviously about Ruling the Air.

Droid X looks marvelous in this commercial. When the girl pulled it out of her pocket, the camera directly pointed to this gigantic screen phone. The size of the screen is 4.3-inch which enough for me to watch my YouTube video anytime.

Click here to view the embedded video.

[via DroidLife]


Sony Erricson X10 Mini Pro to be stocked by Vodafone

Posted: 29 Jun 2010 01:14 PM PDT

Already found in several countries is the X10 Mini, now a newer QWERTY-enabled version of the Android phone is due to arrive. Vodafone will be stocking the Sony Erricson the thicker newer version. Its “Coming Soon” page has a featured entry for the X10 Mini Pro which allows those to register for the Mini Pro when Vodafone is prepared to release the phone.

The QWERTY slide keyboard is expected to appear on low-end tariffs similar to the X10 Mini. With a keyboard that small it will be interesting to see how hard it will be, but at least it’s an improvement over the original X10’s numeric only keypad. Vodafone has given out an X10 Mini Pro, any information on it should be asked to them.

[via Eurodroid]


Sony Ericsson xperia X10 and Mini Pro confirmed to be offered by Rogers

Posted: 29 Jun 2010 12:46 PM PDT

Rogers, a Canadian wireless provider has let information about the second coming of the Ericsson xperia 10 and Mini Pro slip out again. Twice has Rodgers accidentally let information about these two phones be leaked. Official information about this has yet to be announced, but the mess-ups by Rodgers means it’s probably pretty close.

At RGB, earlier this month managed to find the phones listed at the Rodgers on Demand mobile app. Rodgers quickly reacted, taking off all references of both phones, this time Rodgers put out a tweet referencing them. Over at the website an article on the headset greets those using the web page, revealing alot of details. Those receiving the phone will be able to choose what color they want it it, this time Rogers probably won’t make an official statement on it.

[via AndroidGuys]


Pantech A630K Android powered phone designed for women

Posted: 29 Jun 2010 12:44 PM PDT

Not very many mobile phones are designed especially for women, but the A630K, Pantech’s second Android powered phone. The “Crystal de Izar” if you take a look at the bottom, a crystal design can be seen that lights up in different colors. Obviously the design has pushed it for women to use, even though Pantech never announced they were trying to do that.

The specs of the A630K include a 3.2 inch WVGA touchscreen, bluetooth, and a 5 megapixel camera. It comes with a 4GB memory card and powered by Android OS. When the phone is actually due to release is yet to be known and we’ll keep you updated with info on it.

[via Ubergizmo]


Sprint puts hault on EVO OTA after problems arise

Posted: 29 Jun 2010 12:13 PM PDT

With fixes to wifi and battery life, things were looking good for the EVO 4G. But then it started bricking phones across the country, besides the original issues from the rooted device, customers with the phone have flooded tip lines with problems. One problem is the software is attempting to install itself twice, so basically install over itself.

Sprint and HTC have realized the problems and released this statement on it. “While the vast majority of consumers successfully downloaded and installed the most recent HTC EVO 4G software update, we have received a handful of reports from customers having some issues with the update. In light of this, HTC and Sprint have decided to temporarily halt distribution of this software release until we can investigate further. We expect to be able to resume software updates shortly.” Any further news on the OTA update will be waited for and we’ll get the news out as soon as possible.

[via PhoneDog]


Motorola Charm Could be the Motorola Basil

Posted: 29 Jun 2010 12:07 PM PDT

The square faced QWERTY Motorola Charm is in fact going to T-Mobile, a fact learned yesterday. Not only that, but the Charm will most likely get its name changed to Basil. Ealier this month info. about a name change was leaked via T-Mobile Calendar. A picture showing the name change has been released, solidifying the evidence of the name change.

A reliable source has sent the picture to Tmonews, providing more evidence the name change will happen. The Basil is practically identical to the Charm, whose pictures were also leaked out yesterday. Still even with all this, it hasn’t been officially announced about a name change and any new news will be reported.

[via Tmo News]


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