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Yanko Design - Latest Posts

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Water Droplets, Fascinating and Magnetic!

Posted: 30 Jun 2010 01:30 AM PDT

Fridge magnets is a design industry by itself. I have a cousin who has covered the entire door with cool collectables from around the world. Waterdrop Magnet is a surreal representation of water drops and most definitely belongs to the 'Wall of Fame'! Prime for holding up Junior's school artwork and A-grade report card! Also an alternative for post-it notes!

Designer: Sangwoo Nam

Waterdrop Magnet by Sangwoo Nam



Jumping Jack’s Flashy Shoes

Posted: 30 Jun 2010 01:15 AM PDT

Le Parkour is an extreme sport where the participant keeps moving from point A to B in a rapid fluid motion, overcoming obstacles like concrete walls, stairways, rooftops etc. Since a limited people practice this urban sport (not all of us can move our tub of lard with such agility), finding appropriate footwear is always a problem. The 980 TATOU is a specialized shoe designed for this sport that offers better customization than normal running shoes. It’s not for your lemon-spoon race!

Here are the details:

  • 980 TATOU consists of several parts, which can be easily changed and its several detachable parts allow for easy exchange, washing, and customization.
  • Its structure responds to the unique movements performed in the sport.
  • One part is the outer sole – a combination of the sole with the upper parts of the shoe, which offers grip on the sides as well as the sole. This is needed for jumping onto or from walls.
  • The parts of the shoe that suffer from the most impact and abrasion have been given a greater sole or wall thickness.
  • The gaps in the outer sole preserve excellent flexibility.
  • When the outer sole does wear out, it can be changed without the need to replace the whole shoe.
  • Another important element of 980 TATOU is the separate inner shoe. It allows the user to practice with a barefoot feeling and a high sensitivity for what lies underfoot.
  • It can also be removed and changed, so the wearer can have different inner shoes for different applications.
  • It is washable, so smelly shoes can be avoided!
  • Insoles are an optional extra for 980 TATOU, and they come with three different absorption levels. They can be used to customize the shoe for one's own personal preferences, depending on the application.
  • Instead of shoelaces, 980 TATOU uses a new method of fastening which also enables the wearer to customize the shoe. Elastic bands in three different lengths are applied to the bottom and upper part of the shoe. Altogether, a maximum of seven bands in twenty different color choices can be attached to ten possible locations on the upper shoe. Thus, there are a multitude of possible lacing combinations.

The 980 TATOU won the Gold Prize at IDEA Design 2010.

Designer: Annika Lüber

980 TATOU – Shoes For Le Parkour by Annika Lüber


Gadget Table Cocktail

Posted: 30 Jun 2010 01:00 AM PDT

There used to be a time when a calculator was the only gadget at home, but now the scenario includes an entourage of multi-media products that we can't live without. Taking cue from the automotive industry where seamless gadget integration is an integral part of the interior design, Philippe Barsol gives us the @home Coffee Table, which reciprocates the function at home. Blending gadgets into the home decor, this table effortlessly integrates mobilephone, laptop, memory stick, external hard drive, remote controls, cameras etc. within its niche spaces.

The main use of the chest is to bear the weight of a laptop, but also to fit the largest number of peripherals into its lateral drawers. The staggered double hinges enable it to be self-supporting and to raise its position when in use. It then becomes extremely easy to get the computer out when needed, without ever cluttering the table top.

Amazing design that I'm sure many of us would want in our homes!

Designer: Philippe Barsol

@home – coffee table from PHILIPPE BARSOL / DESIGNER on Vimeo.

@home Coffee Table That Integrates Gadgets by Philippe Barsol





Raise Your Spatula High

Posted: 30 Jun 2010 12:15 AM PDT

Or better yet, let the spatula raise its own arm up in to the sky. Holla at the sun! Hooray for cleanliness! That’s what you’ll have when you’ve got this amazingly simply innovated-upon set of utensils has just one combo that noone else has got: a weight and a small pillar. With the weight and the stand, you’ll never have a mess in your kitchen again. …at least as a result of your spatula.

Really, truly, seriously, do you know how helpful I would have found these when I first started living on my own, first taking the time to cook extended meals for myself? Totally. If that’s your situation, get on top of these. All the functionality you need to stay fit in the kitchen without the mess, and an array of colors to spice up the atmosphere!

Bachelor with a degree in kitchen intelligence.

That’s you with these.

This set includes a solid spoon, slotted spoon, flexible turner, slotted turner, ladle and spaghetti server.

Designer: Gillian Westley [Buy them Here, Elevate Utensils are available for $40 @ YD Store]

Elevate Utensils by Gillian Westley

Elevate Utensils are available for $40 @ YD Store





This Ring Caves

Posted: 30 Jun 2010 12:10 AM PDT

The brilliance is the top priority here. That diamond’s got to shine, got to shine, got to shine. Sparkles will be had aplenty when you’ve got this momma on. This is the Solitaire Reflect Refraction Engagement Ring by Paul Cremoux W., and it’s just gorgeous. Not only is it fantastically rapid prototyped with 18K gold and a Rodio metal ultra reflective finish, it’s sculpted to the proportions of the gods. The gods of science!

The groove in which the diamond in each of these rings sits is defined by the size of the diamond. Likewise, the width of each of these rings depends on the size of the rock as well. The design here is based on a wavelength, one perfect mathematical curve here is kept precise no matter which size diamond you’ve got sitting in it.

Generally a ring will have a method of breaking and re-fitting on the “underside” of the ring so that if it’s passed down a generation or if your finger changes sizes drastically, you can have it re-fit, no bother. Here, with this ring we’re speaking about by Cremoux, the entire ring would have to be re-forged.

It must be perfect! That’s the idea.

Designer: Paul Cremoux W.

Solitaire Reflect Refraction Engagement Ring by Paul Cremoux W




Braille Ball for All to Learn

Posted: 30 Jun 2010 12:03 AM PDT

The Braille system of raised-dots writing has always mystified me. It seems like so much magic that a person can read words and sentences by feeling bumps on a page. But it works. It exists and it is widespread. Braille dots can be found all around the world, in public and private places in every city. It COULD be more useful than it already is, but one of the largest problems in the way of this reality is the amount of people who haven’t learned to decipher the system. Danielle Pecora’s here to rectify that with a bit of fun.

Design group DESIGN 21 recently had a Game Changers Competition for global game design. You know who won this contest? Danielle Pecora. The project Pecora entered and won this contest with was the “be-B: Braille Education Ball,” a method for both blind and sighted users to learn the Braille system using a challenging and educational game.

The be-B consists of a ball and 26 magnetically attached pegs. One one side of each peg is a letter from the modern latin alphabet, on the other is the corresponding Braille character. Each of these pegs has a matching hole in the ball. The object of the game, as you may have guessed, is to match up each of the letters with its corresponding hole. Each time a peg is placed in a hole, and that hole is correct, a chime sounds and the name of the letter is “spoken.” Don’t get em mixed up!

Games, games, everywhere, teaching people knowledge so they take more care.

That’s the rhyme I just made up for this lovely design.

Designer: Danielle Pecora




Magic Orange, But Not Fruity

Posted: 29 Jun 2010 09:14 AM PDT

Media centers are supposed to be the hubs of our living rooms – at least that’s what many tech companies are hoping for but the overly complicated GUIs and slap dashed boxed components of computer parts makes them less than user friendly for the average consumer. The Magic Orange concept aims to simplify and organize all in a sculptural package that looks lifted out of some alien world.

The system consists of 4 components. The SILVER is a pebble-shaped touchscreen to help you navigate content. The MAGIC is a wand of sorts using gyroscopes to elevate remote controls to dexterous gestures. The FLOWER is the multimedia box itself with a hidden camera underneath its transparent skin (for God only knows what). Lastly we have the CIRCLE which has three floating buttons on a round touch pad. It’s unclear how the four devices interact with each other but already, I’m a bit flustered at the complexity. What happened with just a box and a remote?

Designer: Jerome Olivet

Magic Orange - The Multimedia Range by Jerome Olivet







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