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Read Really Fat Books In A Jiffy

Posted: 09 Jun 2010 03:00 AM PDT

The real reason for the Help Readers device is to help the silver generation, who is fond of reading, cope with weak eyesight. The handheld scanner converts the text into audio and is of a convenient size to facilitate portability. My reason to get one will be to scan through the thick fiction novels and design books that Long Tran devours for breakfast! Damn I can't read as much as that man; I barely get past the preface of Harry Potter!

Designer: Qu Xinbo

Help Readers – Scan Text To Voice Device by Qu Xinbo




Re-learning The Traffic lights

Posted: 09 Jun 2010 02:11 AM PDT

For the greater good of mankind I'm willing to do my bit and learn new traffic rules. If it saves a life or time, then why not! What Uni-Signal here is saying, that we have been using round traffic lights for ages now, with only the red-amber-green-colors for aid. How about prepping the system and broadening the spectrum of usage (by colorblind people) and change the shape of the lights! Triangle-Red-Stop, Rectangle-Amber-Stay, Round-Green-Go! If nothing else, it looks swanky and now we can teach tiny-tots shapes and colors in one go!

Designers: by Ji-youn Kim, Soon-young Yang & Hwan-ju Jeon

Uni-Signal - Universal Signal Light by Ji-youn Kim, Soon-young Yang & Hwan-ju Jeon



Can You Smell What I’m Reading?

Posted: 09 Jun 2010 12:30 AM PDT

“Never judge a book by its cover” or “Never judge a perfume by its bottle”. Unless of course we are talking about this stunning collection of perfume bottles by Polish firm Ah&Oh Studio. They have taken inspiration from some of their favorite and most iconic pieces of literature and interpreted them as men’s fragrance bottles.

“At the begining we were concentrating on the idea of the scent itself. We found inspiration in the great, dark literature and distinctive, strong characters. We tried to describe the dark sides of men’s nature with line of scents named after famous writers…” says the designer. Unfortunately, these beautiful designs are just an exercise at present but, fortunately for everyone, they are not working on a William S, Burroughs or Hunter S. Thompson scent either.

Designer: Ah&Oh Studio

Scent Stories - Concept Perfume Package Design by Ah&Oh Studio





Advance Pinwheels

Posted: 09 Jun 2010 12:15 AM PDT

Pinwheels are iconic in the broad minds of children’s terrascapes but with a bit of tech prowess, adults can enjoy them too. The Solarlight is a project aimed at bringing attention to the wonders of wind power and to the current degenerate state of unsustainable energy. Acrylic blades catch the wind and a small generator lights a tube. As for why it’s called a Solarlight instead of Windlight? Umm, translation error?

Designer: Eon Tae Yoon



Pinwheel Outdoor Light Concept by Eon Tae Yoon




Mercedes Benz Points to 2050

Posted: 09 Jun 2010 12:12 AM PDT

You heard it here first, folks, 2050 is the new 2010. Remember when the year 2000 was the tag people put on their projects to push them conceptually into the future? It’s not that anymore, it’s the year 2050, and that’s exactly when designer Felipe Palermo places his “Mercedes-Benz Arrow” concept. You’re gonna be driving this in 40 years. That’s a long time from now! You’ll have to buy it for… your grandchildren? Man. Future!

One of the big ideas here is that in the future, during the week, suspended rail systems will be used by the majority of the citizens of the major cities. Thus, this car must be a recreational vehicle made for use for fun on the weekends. The layout of this “Arrow” vehicle is done by TANDEM, the designer aiming to draw comparisons to other leisure vehicles such as motorcycles, jet skis, and personalized aircraft.

This car works with a system of opposing magnets, MAGLEV, which allows the vehicle to take on some amazing curves. The tires allow for rubber to be re-injected once breakdown of the first set occurs, allowing for longer life and less (maybe even NO) dumping of waste because of wheels.

Design inspired by old Silver Arrows, Slr Mclaren, and the 1954 Gull-wing.

Designer: Felipe Palermo

Mercedes Benz Arrow concept car by Felipe Palermo






Wok Wok Wok

Posted: 09 Jun 2010 12:05 AM PDT

Mmm, foods taste so good stir fried in a wok. Problem is this culinary technique generates a lot of smoke most of which gets sucked up in overhead hoods but what about people who don’t have full kitchens? The Eliminate Smoke Wok saves the day. The handle hides a carbon filter and fan. Switch on the fan and smoke gets absorbed into the activated carbon.

Designers: Yitu Wang & Joy Zhang

Eliminate Smoke - Special Wok by Yitu Wang & Joy Zhang




How to Read a Door Handle

Posted: 09 Jun 2010 12:03 AM PDT

How do you get indoors? How about out the door? How about if you’re a velociraptor?! How about if you’re just a normal person, just looking for a little bit more meaning in your life. How about in a knob? Just as good a place to look as any, right? Here’s one called “Pinnacle.” This knob/handles is made to celebrate form and function with an embossed Braille surface containing a hidden message that I’m just sure you’d love to read.

I ask you: can you read Braille from your computer seat, looking into this frame here? That’s not a very useful skill. The alternate title for Pinnacle is Handle.With.Care, with the periods. This handle informs us that a little extra message adds spice to any healthy industrial design project. Spice and salty sugar. Yummy.

Designer: Emily Kaye Pettitt

Pinnacle. Handle.With.Care by Emily Kaye Pettitt




Fashionably Buoyant and Alive

Posted: 09 Jun 2010 12:03 AM PDT

How not to sink while still staying nice-looking for all the squirrels and dolphins and mythical forrest animals. That’s the alternate title to this post. This post is about a project just titled “The Lifejacket,” designed by Fraser Reekie. Made for all those potential lifejacket wearers who for some reason or another don’t take that crucial step: putting it on. To show improve, Reekie upped the hotness and lowered the amount of terrible, terrible straps flying everywhere.

Well heck, where are the straps then if you can’t even see them? I mean, you gotta have a bunch of straps, right? Yes. All lifejackets seem to NEED to have a million straps, so Reekie decided to bury them down under. All the straps are accessible right in the front, no longer snaggable on the back: looking good so far.

Snags are a big reason lots of people find wearing a lifejacket to be LESS SAFE than not wearing one. Thus, the straps are under material, and the zips are concealed as well. Not only that, but Stomatext Stretch panels hold your lifejacket tighter to your body.

Zips can be revealed, however, as there are bits of clothing that potentially attach to each of the different model lifejackets. There’s a full protection offshore style jacket, a lightweight spray top and a windproof gilet.

Tight. Good looking. Well done.

Designer: Fraser Reekie

The Lifejacket by Fraser Reekie



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