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Yanko Design - Latest Posts

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Piano Mode For MP3

Posted: 02 Jul 2010 01:30 AM PDT

Most digital players come with an array of bizarre functions, some essential and some of them frivolous. If bizarre is the name of your game, then I'm sure you will appreciate the Piano Silhouette, an MP3 player that comes with a roll-out piano keyboard. So you can listen to music and make some too! For now it only allows you to play along with the music, kinda like reverse karaoke. *But what will be really kickass is if it allows you to record compositions directly to the player.

*Assuming that you don't suck at playing the piano!

Designer: Jia Peng

Piano Silhouette MP3 Player by Jia Peng






No Peeping Tom Over My Shoulder

Posted: 02 Jul 2010 01:15 AM PDT

Do you live in a crowded house and suffer from lack of privacy while working? Your lucky day today! Sophie Kirkpatrick has the perfect solution for your plight; The Duplex Workspace Desk. A desk with a hood! Pull it up when you want to shut out the world and concentrate on the task as hand; pull it down when you are ready to mingle.

The Duplex Workspace is a one off prototype but Sophie is looking into developing the concept and is currently on the lookout for the funding and facilities to do so.

Size – approx L 1200 x D 600 x H 1500
Material – Ash Veneered surface and hood. Solid Ash turned legs.

Designer: Sophie Kirkpatrick


Duplex Workspace Retractable Hooded Desk by Sophie Kirkpatrick




Automatic Funnel

Posted: 02 Jul 2010 01:00 AM PDT

UNIECO (Universal – Ecofriendly) is a very smart bottle design for those who use liquid refills like soap, shampoo, lotions etc. Refill packs always work out economical, but the problem with the pouch is the transfer of contents to a bottle without spilling out, especially if the bottle has a small mouth. The UNIECO bottle comes with a reversible silicon rubber flap near the neck. When inverted, the flap becomes a funnel and directs all the liquid straight into the mouth, thus avoiding spills and wastage. Good for butterfingers!

UNIECO won the Silver Prize at the IDEA Design 2010

Designer: Jinsoo Cho

UNIECO - Bottle Design For Liquid Refill For Soap by Jinsoo Cho




The Energy Revolution in a Bike

Posted: 02 Jul 2010 12:10 AM PDT

Here we go, it’s another revolution. How many revolutions can this world take?! Someday we humans will blow the Earth up. You betcha. Designer Augustin Barbot looks forward to the near future, remembering the Industrial Revolution in the West and envisioning an Energy Revolution for us all! And here, in this vehicle, is that revolution encapsulated. You drink the energy drink and the power comes out! You sit on the “OPEL EWOL”, put the energy of your body in, and SPEED comes out. Hot, futuristic speed.

Here’s the breakdown basically.

This bike is wild.

Energy In:
Energy Suit – 100W (body heat+movement) either 600W to 1kW a day
Shock Absorber – 20W (under the seat)
Steering – 1 to 5W
Rear Wheel Kinetic Energy – 50W
Pedaling – up to 200W
Solar Cells – 20W either 400W a day
Kinetic Tyres – 20W
HPA Tank (Hydraulic Power Assist) – up to 80% of the decceleration energy saved
Braking Wind Turbines – 10W

Energy Out:
Electric Engine – 2kW
Digital Display – 1.6kW

Simple, right?

This bike… or I guess some people’d call it a motorcycle, is radical. It looks like something out of a science fiction magazine and it’s got so much potential not only for graphics all over it, but also for that little sneaky important point – energy efficiency.

It’s the future.

I know I say things like that all the time but really, check it out, it’s the future. For real. All of it, right here.

Ride it.

Designer: Augustin Barbot








OPEL EWOL aka Energy Way of Life by Augustin Barbot

Kit to Serve Humans

Posted: 02 Jul 2010 12:03 AM PDT

Not for cooking! Nay. This kit is for first aid. Lots of first aid! Certainly the most triangular of all the sets that I’ve seen, that’s for sure. This “First Aid Support Kit” by Kristine Erdmann is rough, tough, and full of all the red-and-white gear you’ll need straight out of the trunk (or boot, depending on where you’re coming from) of your auto. This set keeps in mind that the majority of the people who provide fellow citizens with first aid have no idea what they’re doing, and are terrified about it.

Because so many people fear doing some sort of incorrect and harmful help, aka “friendly fire” if you will, this kit comes with LOTS of instructions. Very clear pictograms and lots and lots of info graphics. The fold-out nature of the set allows it to be compact but still full of every kind of aid you could need, full of aid, but not cluttered.

Lots of stuff inside including the normal kit items like bandages as well as premium, new-age items like an emergency call and an acoustic counter. Not to be used for guitar playing!

This kit looks so nice, I vote that it be standard. Way excellent.

Designer: Kristine Erdmann


First Aid Support Kit by Kristine Erdmann




Ropes for Bums

Posted: 02 Jul 2010 12:02 AM PDT

And of course by bums I mean rumps, bottoms, butts, whatever you’d like to call your pillowy hindquarters. You’re about to get held up by some industrial rope design and curly, twisty, lovely wooden beauty. This is “Tensile Furniture” by designer Yoav Reches and it requires no tools to assemble. Made of wood, a tiny bit of metal, and rope, and that’s it. The rope, as guided through a pattern of grooves, gets groovy by holding the whole structure of each bit of furniture here together. Then you sit. No extra intelligence needed, just a little physics knowledge to get you going.

The tiny bit of metal is stainless steel. Other than that, it’s all made out of softness and cool hard woodness. There’s Birch plywood, Iroko hardwood, and a bit of fabric for that bottom we were talking about.

Sitting pretty!

Designer: Yoav Reches


Tensile Furniture by Yoav Reches





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