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Coby Kyros 7-inch Internet Tablet for $300

Posted: 10 Nov 2010 11:20 AM PST

Tablets are the new thing in the world of Android. Many manufacturers are pumping out tablets as fast as they can to ride the wave of hype that’s been made with the iPad’s introduction and success. Following many others is Coby, who have now released a new 7-inch internet tablet.

It’s definitely not a powerhouse. Behind it’s 7-inch resistive touchscreen display it’s sporting a 800MHz processor, 4GB of memory- with expansion up to 32 with microSD, and it’s running Android 2.1. It features an HDMI port which will allow you connect to a HDTV to share 1080p video, music and photos.

The only place to pick up one currently is the Home Shopping Network. It may be showing up in retail stores in the future, but now your only way to grab one would be through HSN. Coming in at $299.99 it’s a fairly decently price tablet if you’re looking for something less mainstream and serves as a capable budget tablet.

[Via SlashGear]


Motorola Backflip Updated to Android 2.1

Posted: 10 Nov 2010 10:56 AM PST

If you recall a select 1,000 users were recruited to test out Android 2.1 on their Motorola Backflips. Well now it’s being officially released and every Backflip owner can get their hands on 2.1 with enhanced MOTOBLUR.

The Backflip has always been behind the times. It’s internals are not too impressive making the overall user experience extremely slow. When we got our time with the device the first thing we noticed was how slow the device was, but hopefully this update will not further hinder the device.

The update is available now from Motorola. You can check out the release notes here with the changes and fixes that are included with this update.


Sharp IS01 Pocketables Unboxing

Posted: 10 Nov 2010 10:16 AM PST

It’s what Pocketables calls a “much-needed and highly refreshing addition to the market.” Sounds good to me. This is the Sharp IS01, complete with a 1GHz Snapdragon inside, clamshell housing, and a 3G connection (as long as you’re inside Japan.) It’s got Wifi capabilities, a unique size and form, and costs less than $250 USD if you buy it from Conics. Jenn K. Lee presents a lovely unboxing of this diamond in the rough (maybe!)

Inside the box there’s a microUSB cable, user guide and paperwork in Japanese, 4GB microSD card (the device having 3.4GB internal storage,) and microUSB adapter for use with an optional AC power plug. The casing has a fun (weird? terrible?) pebble plastic texture to it (at least on the black version, there’s also a white and sky blue version.) The microUSB and headset ports have removable covers, and there is NO standard 3.5mm headphone jack. Charging is indicated by a light in the middle of the top of the lid, and the battery is a 1400mAh, supposedly able to play video for 4 hours.

The screen has two set positions, but can be moved and worked with at a variety of angles, one seemingly for desktop use, the other for holding up. This device has a 5-inch capacitive touchscreen and also has a keyboard, trackball, and buttons for navigating. Keys press evenly, but are very close together. The system that this machine comes with is Android 1.6 (Donut.) That might make you cry a little bit, as it’s slow, but if you’re not totally used to the newer systems, don’t worry about it.

Everything seems to work pretty well, and definitely seems to be a deal when considering how much it costs. Worth what you pay for it, perhaps even more. Take a peek at it.

16a00d83451c9ec69e2013488849e79970c-800wi 6a00d83451c9ec69e20133f564b42a970b-800wi 6a00d83451c9ec69e20133f564b7bd970b-800wi 6a00d83451c9ec69e20133f564b92b970b-800wi 6a00d83451c9ec69e20133f564c14f970b-800wi 6a00d83451c9ec69e20133f564c680970b-800wi 6a00d83451c9ec69e201348884cd62970c-800wi 6a00d83451c9ec69e20133f564cb34970b-800wi 6a00d83451c9ec69e20133f564da99970b-800wi 6a00d83451c9ec69e20133f564e5ae970b-800wi 6a00d83451c9ec69e201348884e845970c-800wi 6a00d83451c9ec69e201348884e88e970c-800wi 6a00d83451c9ec69e201348884f20c970c-800wi 6a00d83451c9ec69e20133f5650053970b-800wi

[Via Pocketables]


Verizon’s new Motorola Citrus budget phone due November 11

Posted: 10 Nov 2010 08:31 AM PST

Verizon has announced that the Motorola Citrus will go on sale from November 11, the company’s latest Android smartphone and another Motorola languishing on Android 2.1. Still, the Citrus promises to hit the budget mark: it’s just $49.99 after a $100 mail-in rebate and assuming a new, two-year agreement.

Your money gets you a 3-inch touchscreen, rear-mounted trackpad, Swype on-screen keyboard and EVDO Rev.A, along with the MOTOBLUR interface and a 528MHz Qualcomm MSM7225 processor.

motorolacitrus10062010-1286324304 Motorola Citrus Motorola Citrus2 Motorola Citrus3 motorola-android-phone-ctia-56-slashgear motorola-android-phone-ctia-57-slashgear motorola-android-phone-ctia-58-slashgear motorola-android-phone-ctia-59-slashgear motorola-android-phone-ctia-60-slashgear motorola-android-phone-ctia-61-slashgear motorola-android-phone-ctia-62-slashgear motorola-android-phone-ctia-63-slashgear motorola-android-phone-ctia-64-slashgear motorola-android-phone-ctia-65-slashgear

Press Release:

Motorola Citrus Available Tomorrow On The Verizon Wireless Network

Full-Touch, Customizable, Android-Powered Smartphone Now Available for Verizon Wireless Customers

BASKING RIDGE, NJ, and LIBERTYVILLE, IL — Verizon Wireless, the company with the nation's largest and most reliable wireless 3G network, and Motorola, Inc. (NYSE: MOT) today announced that Motorola CITRUS™ will be available in Verizon Wireless Communications Stores and online at tomorrow for $49.99 after a $100 mail-in rebate with a new two-year customer agreement.

Powered by Android™ 2.1, Motorola CITRUS delivers an affordable, entry-level, customizable smartphone experience in a compact design that is easy on both the eyes and the earth. The full HTML Web browser comes preloaded with Bing Search and Bing Maps and delivers a PC-like Web browsing experience, while the easy-to-use on-screen QWERTY keyboard or Swype® keyboard allow for quick messaging. Get fast access to Web apps and services such as Facebook®; Google services such as Gmail™, Google Talk™ and YouTube™; and customize your phone with free and paid apps available from Android Market™. Plus, the CITRUS phone housing is made from 25 percent post-consumer recycled plastic, is CarbonFree® Certified through an alliance with, and is PVC and BFR free. The packaging is made from 80 percent post-consumer recycled paper, and the user manual is made using 100 percent recycled paper and soy-based ink. Additional features and specifications on the Motorola CITRUS are available at

Verizon Wireless customers who purchase Motorola CITRUS will receive the mail-in rebate in the form of a debit card; upon receipt, customers may use the card as cash anywhere debit cards are accepted. Motorola CITRUS customers will need to subscribe to a Verizon Wireless Nationwide plan (beginning at $39.99 monthly access) and a Data Package (beginning at $15 monthly access for 150 MB). Customers can track their data usage by downloading the My Verizon app available in Android Market or by logging on to their My Verizon account online at For additional information on Verizon Wireless products and services, visit a Verizon Wireless Communications Store, call 1-800-2 JOIN IN or go to


Android Second-Largest Smartphone OS in Q3 2010 says Gartner

Posted: 10 Nov 2010 06:01 AM PST

Gartner‘s latest smartphone stats are out, and according to their numbers Android is the second most popular smartphone OS worldwide. At 25.5-percent of the market in Q3 2010, that puts the Google platform behind Symbian’s 36.6-percent and ahead of Apple’s 16.7-percent.

However, the real difference is in year-on-year change, with Symbian dropping from 44.6-percent of the market share. Android, meanwhile, grew from 3.5-percent while iOS fell from 17.1-percent. However, Gartner still thinks iOS’ “multi-device presence” is still a key motivator for developers.


T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Tab on sale now

Posted: 10 Nov 2010 05:14 AM PST

Tempted by a Galaxy Tab this morning? T-Mobile USA has thrown open sales for the 7-inch Android tablet, with the price of entry being $399.99 with a new, two-year agreement or $599.99 contract-free.

As for the data plan, T-Mobile has two options. $24.99 per month gets you 200MB, while $39.99 gets you 5GB; both come with unlimited use at T-Mobile WiFi hotspots. No voice plans, of course, since the North American versions of the Samsung slate won’t make phone calls, but you do get unlimited SMS and MMS with both data plans.

For more on the Samsung Galaxy Tab, check out our full review.


Carbonite Android app offers remote access to files

Posted: 10 Nov 2010 05:00 AM PST

I have been away on business before and realized when I needed a file that it was back on my computer at home. My only recourse was to spend half an hour trying to walk my semi-computer literate wife through the process of emailing me the file. Not fun times. If you need to have access to your files anywhere you go and use an Android device, Carbonite has a new app for you.

The new app provides remote access to Android users and is in beta right now for the Android platform. The app is free right now and has all sorts of nice features. You can use the app to browse your Carbonite account directly from the mobile device including all files and folders uploaded and backed up using Carbonite.

The app also allows the user to share the files backed up from their PC via email, Picasa, and Facebook as well as other social networking sites. The photos backed up using Carbonite can be viewed on the mobile device with thumbnails and more. You can also use the app to listen to music that is backed up to the online Carbonite account.


Hustler offers up its first Android app

Posted: 10 Nov 2010 04:49 AM PST

Much like Playboy, the Hustler name is pretty much synonymous with naked women all around the world. If you are a fan of the Hustler ladies and use and Android device, you can grab the first official Hustler app for the Android platform.

The app can be downloaded right now for $2.99 on the Android Market and it's safe to say the source link for this story is definitely NSFW. The app focuses on the current Hustler Honeys and classic all-stars for the past 36 years with photos, videos, and interviews.

The app also has jokes and cartoons so if you get busted checking out the app you can claim you were in it for the interviews and comics. I doubt anyone will buy that though.


NEC’s LifeTouch tablet loves the cloud

Posted: 10 Nov 2010 04:39 AM PST

NEC has unveiled an Android tablet in Japan, the NEC LifeTouch, a 7-inch WVGA slate running Android 2.1 on an ARM Cortex A8 CPU. The LifeTouch packs 384MB of RAM and 1GB of ROM, along with WiFi b/g, Bluetooth 2.1+EDR and a 3-megapixel camera.

There’s also USB Host and USB Device ports, an SDHC card slot, stereo speakers, GPS, various sensors (light, accelerometer, digital compass) and a microphone. NEC is targeting the LifeTouch at corporate users, who will rely on cloud storage as well as using the slate for some crafty ebook reading, multimedia playback and online shopping. Battery life is tipped at up to 8hrs, and the LifeTouch will begin shipping at the end of November 2010, price unknown.

nec_lifetouch_1 nec_lifetouch_2 nec_lifetouch_specs_1 nec_lifetouch_specs_2 )

Sony Ericsson ANZU replacement to XPERIA X10 leaks? [Updated]

Posted: 10 Nov 2010 04:17 AM PST

Heaped salt at the ready, but this could well be Sony Ericsson’s upcoming refresh to the XPERIA X10. Said to be the Sony Ericsson ANZU, the image was passed to XperiaX10 with scant technical details aside from a 4.3-inch display and an HDMI output.

The screenshot itself indicates the ANZU is running Android 2.1, which we’re hoping is a mid-development thing rather than an indicator of what version will actually ship. According to the source, the handset is “very, very slim” and Sony Ericsson is aiming for a Q1 2011 release.

Update: More pictures from XperiaX10Blog added of what’s being cautiously called the Sony Ericsson XPERIA X12.

sony_ericsson_anzu_leak_1 sony_ericsson_anzu_xperia_x12_leak_2 sony_ericsson_anzu_xperia_x12_leak_3 )

Samsung Galaxy Tab gets shot, Gorilla Glass proves its worth

Posted: 10 Nov 2010 03:49 AM PST

We don’t actually advocate shooting your Galaxy Tab, even if it is with a CO2-powered pistol rather than a “true” firearm, but it’s a good way of demonstrating your confidence in the Gorilla Glass front panel. YouTuber metafonic braved his Samsung slate with three metal pellets from around a meter away.

At the risk of spoiling the surprise, the Galaxy Tab survives unharmed and unscratched, and the touchscreen still works perfectly. Incidentally, in the second video you can see what a pellet from the gun does to regular glass.

Click here to view the embedded video.

Click here to view the embedded video.

[via MP4Nation]


Pocketbook 602 and IQ tablet Android eReaders ship

Posted: 10 Nov 2010 03:27 AM PST

PocketBook USA has whipped out a couple new Android-powered devices with the new 602 eReader and the IQ tablet that are ready for Android fans to play with. The new IQ tablet has a 7-inch screen and a bargain basement price of $149 while the 6-inch E-ink screen eReader gets a price of $179.

The PocketBook IQ 701 tablet PC runs Android 2.0 and uses a 7-inch TFT screen with a 533MHz CPU. The tablet has 256MB of RAM, a USB port, headphone output, WiFi, and a SD card slot for storage. The battery inside the machine is a 1600mAh unit and the thing has a g-sensor. Considering the price, those features are not bad at all.

The 602 has the 6-inch screen with 16 shades of gray using E-ink tech for easy readability. The device has WiFi and Bluetooth support and has 2GB of internal storage with a microSD card slot using up to 32GB cards. It has search functions to find the book you want and supports just about every digital format there is. It also has text to speech functionality.

pb-1 pb-2 )

Adobe Flash Updated, Now Gingerbread ready as well

Posted: 09 Nov 2010 02:01 PM PST

We first heard about Adobe preparing it’s services for compatibility with “future operating systems.” And today, following the release of Adobe AIR, Adobe Flash has been updated and is available now.

The update specifically targets the security exploit that we heard of last week and also prepares your device for Gingerbread.

Bringing flash to version 10.1.105.x the update will be about 4.23 MB.


Samsung Galaxy S Reaches 3 Million Shipments in the US

Posted: 09 Nov 2010 01:24 PM PST

Samsung could probably say that they have a hit on their hand when it comes to their Galaxy S devices, but that looks like it would be an understatement. Samsung has come forward with their results for the quarter, and they managed to sell a bunch of devices. However, the main takeaway, besides the fact that they sold 71 million handsets around the globe, is the fact that they sold 3 million Galaxy S devices in the United States alone.

All the variations, making an appearance on all of the major wireless carriers in this neck of the woods, played their part. From AT&T’s Captivate, to Verizon’s Fascinate, the Galaxy S devices played a huge role for Samsung, and it’s obvious that they’re not slowing down any time soon. It will remain to be seen if the Continuum, which is set to launch on Verizon here in just a couple of days, will see the same overwhelming appeal as the other Galaxy S devices.

[via Reuters]


Adobe AIR get’s update, Available now

Posted: 09 Nov 2010 01:23 PM PST

Adobe AIR is following suit of Flash 10.1 and is getting ready for Gingerbread. After the update to Adobe AIR you will be “Gingerbread-ready.” This is yet another step closer we are to seeing Android 2.3 launch, now all we need is an announcement.

The update comes in as version and will only take 16.34 MB for the application.

[Via Droid-Life]


HTC T-Mobile G1 Receives myTouch 3G Android 2.2 ROM

Posted: 09 Nov 2010 01:18 PM PST

The HTC T-Mobile G1 is still a fan favorite. It’s the first Android device, and still one of the most beloved devices out there. Unfortunately, though, it doesn’t pack the power enough to get the job done when it comes to most software updates. At least, that’s the official word from Google and HTC. But, that’s not stopping the developers out there from putting the latest and greatest on the hardware.

It’s been revealed that the fine folks over at XDA have managed to port over the myTouch 3G Froyo (Android 2.2) ROM over to the G1, and so far the whole thing looks to be working quite nicely. Of course, if you haven’t already tried this, then head on through the source link below, and check it out. You’ll need to be rooted, obviously, but if you’ve still got a G1, you’re probably already on top of that, right?

[via XDA]


Dell’s Stage User Interface Now Available for Devices with Android 2.2

Posted: 09 Nov 2010 01:01 PM PST

One of the better aspects of Android, at least in a few people’s eyes, is that there’s a different user experience from handset manufacturer to handset manufacturer. And, if you happen to really like one, there’s a chance that it may just appear on your device some day in the future. In the case of Dell’s Stage User Interface, if you’ve got yourself an Android 2.2-based device, it looks like you will only have to do a few tweaks to get this new User Interface on your handset.

The new UI is a new and fun way to access your content, right from the homescreen. While portrait mode is working just fine right now, it looks like that landscape mode isn’t functioning as well as it should, or as well as the developers would like. Still, it’s better than nothing. Oh, and the best part? You don’t actually have to be rooted to get your Stage UI goodness. Check out the video below, or head through the source link to find the full instructions. And after you check it out, let us know in the comments what you think.

Click here to view the embedded video.

[via XDA]


Android Topping Consumer Reports ratings, again

Posted: 09 Nov 2010 12:18 PM PST

We all love Android for it’s openness and cross device goodness. But an operating system is only as good as the phone it’s running on- right? We’ll, if so, we are in luck. Android has dominated the Consumer Reports charts yet again.

After being ranked by carrier, Android devices top all 4 of the major carriers in the US- usually taking the top 3-4 spots.

The break down is as follows:


  • 1) Motorola DROID X
  • 2) Motorola DROID 2
  • 3) HTC DROID Incredible


  • 1) HTC EVO 4G
  • 2) Samsung Intercept
  • 3) HTC Hero


  • 1) Samsung Vibrant
  • 2) HTC myTouch 3G Slide


  • Samsung Captivate
  • iPhone 3G
  • HTC Aria

Interestingly Android takes up at least the top three on all US carriers except AT&T who has the iPhone 3G as the #2 device. This is mainly because of their spat with the iPhone 4 and their persistence to not recommend it.

But Apple drama aside, our favorite operating system is sure on it’s way to market domination!

[Via AndroidCentral]


O2′s Galaxy S being treated to Froyo November 15th

Posted: 09 Nov 2010 12:01 PM PST

It looks as if the O2 version of the Samsung Galaxy S will finally be receiving Android 2.2 this month. In a newsletter leak to AndroidCentral we see that it will be receiving it on the 15th of this month, followed by the Sony Ericsson X10 line getting Android 2.1.

O2′s X10 line: X10, X10 Mini, and X10 Mini Pro, will be receiving Android 2.1 on the same day.
The updates are expected to roll out in stages, as always, and are subject to change.

[Via AndroidCentral]


Skype 1.0.1 Update for Android Added Today

Posted: 09 Nov 2010 11:54 AM PST

Popular talk and chat application Skype has just been updated to version 1.0.1, adding such lovely features as QVGA support and support for 320×240 resolution screens. This should pump up owners of Huawei IDEOS, LG Optimus T/S, Motorola Charm, and HTC Wildfire, who until now were workin without full functionality. Skype for Android has fixes and bug adjustments as well, a list of improvements to be found here below.

• 320*240 and 240*400 screen resolutions are now supported.
• Hardware back key is now supported.
• Reduced power consumption in idle mode.
• Signing out from Skype now exits Skype.
• Improved login stability and behavior.
• Improved performance with large contact lists.
• Reduced application size.
• General bug fixes.

Take a look in your local Android marketplace to see if you’re able to download this newest version. Once you’ve got it, feel free to report back and chat about how neat and/or terrible it is. My bets are all on neato.

[Via Android Police]


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