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US Update: Motorola Defy, Galaxy Tab, Skyfire, Inspiron Duo

Posted: 23 Nov 2010 07:00 PM PST

motorola defy galaxy tab skyfire inspiron duo ipadsFire up that pot of joe and get ready, we've got a serious dose of breaking news for you this morning. We've got your Android 2.2 updates, Galaxy Tab sales, the latest from Skyfire, a convertible Dell laptop and even a hundred free Ipads to talk about.

O2 Germany has confirmed reports that the Motorola Defy will be upgraded to Android 2.2 in early 2011, unfortunately the Motorola Milestone XT720 looks stuck on 2.1. Samsung issued a statement confirming they have sold a staggering 600,000 Galaxy Tabs during the first three weeks and look right on track to break the one million mark by year's end.

Skyfire released a major overhaul for Android (version 3.0) along with an iPhone update (version 2.1). Both updates are available now in their respective store fronts so we recommend taking a quick peek. Dell shocked the world of tablets and laptops with the announcement of the Dell Inspiron Duo – a hybrid device with a 180 degree spinning screen. Trust us, you'll need to see this one.

Last up this morning is an Apple sponsored giveaway for 100 iPads (64GB model) on the company's Twitter account. The give away will take place when their account has one million followers — currently they have a little over 68,000.

That wraps up things this fine morning from the states. Thanks for spending your morning with us as we break the headlines fresh off the press from our side of the world. Until tomorrow, this is Nick saying over and out.

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Apple is giving away 100 iPads

Posted: 23 Nov 2010 06:00 PM PST

apple ipad give awayApple is fully embracing the 140 character phenomenon known as Twitter with an iPad give away. With a goal of reaching one million followers, Apple's Hot News section @appleincnews has thrown down the gauntlet with a promise to deliver 100 free 64GB iPads to their happy followers.

Below you can see the official tweet where Apple outs the iPad give away. A quick jump to the @appleincnews takes us directly to Apple's Hot News category on their website. Usually we'd expect to see a verified tag somewhere on the page so we still have some reservations about the contest. For what it's worth, there are currently 68,063 followers so we're still a long ways from seeing the contest materialize in iPad giveaways, but we went ahead and followed the account anyways.

apple ipad give away

What's the worst that can happen? A free 64GB iPad? Not a bad proposition if you ask me. Let us know what you think of the give away and whether you plan on following in the comments below.

via GearDiary | Twitter

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Dell Inspiron Duo: the first convertible laptop

Posted: 23 Nov 2010 05:00 PM PST

Dell announces the Inspiron DuoMix the world of laptops and tablets, add in some automotive styling and you have the world's first convertible laptop – the Dell Inspiron Duo. At first glance the Inspiron Duo looks to be just another tablet, but with one flip of the screen and this "new convertible" is ready to redefine the market.

Dell is not the first manufacturer to dabble in the world of tablets and it certainly won't be the last. The Inspiron Duo however, drops the traditional folding mechanism seen on existing tablets and instead uses a 180 degree rotating screen. Simply open the Duo like a laptop when you need the keyboard or spin the screen 180 degrees and close the lid to enjoy a 10-inch touchscreen HD display.

Powering the Inspiron Duo is the powerful Intel dual-core Atom Processor N550 and Windows 7 Home Premium. 2GB of RAM, a 320GB hard drive, Bluetooth 3.0, 4 cell battery, 1.3-megapixel webcam with microphone and JBL dock complete the package. With the promise of providing smooth HD playback, further examination reveals that the Duo uses the Intel NM10 Express chipset for Intel NM10 integrated graphics.

Dell Inspiron Duo

Wireless support is of prime importance for the Inspiron Duo. Complete WiFi b/g/n coverage is in tote and there is even a SIM card slot able to transform this next-gen tablet into a mobile powerhouse. Weighing in at just 3.39lbs (1.54Kg), the Duo looks to have its sights set on challenging Apple's latest creation, the 2010 MacBook Air.

Dell is keen to point out that by running Windows 7 Home Premium their tablet supports Flash and the dual-core processor makes multi-tasking a breeze. The HD display combined with a HD accelerator promise to provide smooth HD playback and judging by the Atom Processor N550 we'd have to agree.

Available Now | Dell | $549.99 (£348.49)

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Skyfire browser updates iPhone and Android

Posted: 23 Nov 2010 04:00 PM PST

Skyfire 2.1 for iPhone and Skyfire 3.0 for AndroidThe browser that promises to deliver the world of Adobe Flash, Skyfire, has just been updated to version 2.1 for iPhone and version 3.0 for Android. Not only is there a new update but the browser is now available in the UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand.

Expanding Skyfire 2.1 for iPhone beyond the US and Canada is a major move and in our opinion even more important that the update itself. According to the Skyfire Blog, the UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand are just the start of major plans to expand across the globe. Now that the browser has reached the UK it's about time we familiarize ourselves with the new features in version 2.1.

Skyfire 2.1 for iPhone takes a page from Facebook's game book and makes everything focused on being "social". A new Twitter Quickview features has been added that allows you to quickly peek into your Twitter stream while browsing (similar to the current Facebook Quickview). Sharing has been extended to include Twitter, GReader, Instapaper, Pinboard, Read It Later and Tumblr on top of the existing Email and Facebook sharing.

Other key features to Skyfire 2.1 for iPhone include improved video coverage for site that require a log-in as well as sites supporting HTML5. There's better cookie support, better bookmarking and a simpler mobile/desktop page switching feature that doesn't require re-typing the URL. Overall we'd say the new update is a class act.

Skyfire 3.0 for Android is a major overhaul, adding the new SkyBar, Popular Content, Fireplace Feed Reader, Facebook integration, the Facebook Like button and Skyfire search. Our favorite new feature in the group is Popular Content which instantly shows which content on any given site is most popular with your friends within the Facebook community. The push for deep social integration is clearly at the core of Skyfire 3.0 for Android.

Some thing to keep in mind with Skyfire 3.0 for Android is that it only supports Android 2.0 and newer so if you are running Android 1.5 or 1.6 you'll need to keep using version 2.3.3. Another catch with the update is that it does not support QVGA or WQVGA displays, but the team promises support for both resolutions in an upcoming release. Other than that it looks like all systems are go for launch — head to the Android Market to download Skyfire 3.0 today.

Download Skyfire for iPhone here and Skyfire for Android here.

via Skyfire Blog

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Samsung Galaxy Tab: 600,000 units sold and counting

Posted: 23 Nov 2010 03:00 PM PST

samsung sold a reported 600,000 galaxy tabs in the first 3 weeksIn just a few short weeks the Samsung Galaxy Tab has managed to move nearly 600,000 units. With availability in nearly 30 countries and countless carrier agreements, Samsung looks poised for success and headed straight for the one million mark by year's end.

When Samsung made the bold claim that they planned to sell over one million Galaxy Tabs by the end of the year we had our doubts. Let's be honest, Google didn't exactly give the tablet a warm welcome and the word from CEO Eric Schmidt that Android was not meant for tablets did not particularly settle well. Details aside, Samsung has managed to exceed even their own wildest expectations by reporting over 600,000 units sold in the first three weeks since launch.

Based on these figures, the Samsung Galaxy Tab should have no problem blazing the one million unit mark and if the current rate holds steady, breaking the one and a half million mark by year's end. Factor in Android 2.3 Gingerbread launching within the next few weeks (or days) and it would be hard to deny the momentum behind the Galaxy Tab leading into the holiday season.

Before we get too carried away in the early success of the Samsung Galaxy Tab it's always nice to put sales in perspective – welcome the Apple iPad. During the first month of availability, the Apple iPad rolled strong behind a solid iOS install base, a marketing blitz and a WiFi only (lower cost) option. The end result was nearly one million units sold during that month, a figure the Galaxy Tab will likely not match. To Apple's credit they did manage to sell the device without the same number of carriers, but the WiFi-only option should have offset that difference.

You've read our review, you've heard the sales totals, now we want to know — will you be getting the Samsung Galaxy Tab this holiday season?

via The Korea Herald

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Motorola Defy landing Android 2.2, Motorola Milestone XT720 not

Posted: 23 Nov 2010 02:00 PM PST

o2 germany has confirmed android 2.2 is coming in Q2 2011The power of Twitter has once again released precious release date information for Android — this time for the Motorola Defy and Motorola Milestone XT720. Over on O2 Germany's Twitter feed some juicy tidbits of information regarding Android 2.2 were leaked and we suspect there will be some very happy Motorola Defy owners early next year.

Officially, the Motorola Defy is schedule to receive and Android 2.2 update in Q2 2011. While neither Google nor Motorola has confirmed this information, O2 Germany is as solid a source as we could hope. While the window is large (January to March 2011), confirmation of any Android update is a prized possession. Over on this side of the pond, T-mobile USA customers will likely get their Android 2.2 update in the same time frame.

The culprit, as always seems the case for Android these days, is the third party UI – Moto Blur. The particulars that go into customizing Android to play nice with the manufacturer customizations always seem to result in a delayed launch. Further confirmation that the Motorola Defy will land and Android 2.2 update can be found in Motorola's official roadmap listed here.

The Motorola Milestone XT720 is not quite as lucky. Early reports indicate that there is no upgrade path for the XT720 and that the device will remain an Android 2.1 smartphone indefinitely. Not exactly the type of news to get you in the holiday spirit, we know, but we'll sit tight and remain hopefully optimistic with the rest of you.

In related Android news, a two part update has been rolled out to developers of the Nexus One which adds seems to be fueling the buzz surrounding Android 2.3 Gingerbread. As we previously covered, the Samsung Nexus S looks to be delayed due to hardware issues, leaving the Nexus One as the odds favorite to be the first Android 2.3 smartphone.

via UnwiredView | Engadget Mobile

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Teatime Tech: EA Sports Active 2 review roundup, the Advent Vega unboxed and new Acer gadgets galore

Posted: 23 Nov 2010 10:01 AM PST

The working day is just about done, so kick back before you hit the commute with our roundup of all the latest gadget news. It’s all here for you in your teatime tech!

First up, there’s lots of news on the Android tablet side of slates. We got a look at the Woped super cheap Android tablet, and looked at the bungled launch of the Advent Vega. Didn’t manage to order one? You could try a similarly specced rival, the Pov Mobii, which has just hit preorder – or check out our exclusive Advent Vega unboxing gallery.

Sticking with tabletry, Acer outed several new Android tablets at its US press conference too, plus a super hot Dell Streak rival. But will you use its new media streaming platform, Clear.fi?

Finally, in gaming, PopCap slashed its prices for one day only, while we rounded up the first reviews of EA Sports Active 2. What did the experts make of it?

Still want more news? Grab all the stories you can handle over on the homepage – it’s updated around the clock!

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Acer Clear.fi: streaming AirPlay rival revealed

Posted: 23 Nov 2010 09:54 AM PST

Well, this is intriguing. Acer Clear.fi was unveiled today at the company’s New York press conference, and it’s a closed off wireless media streaming platform for Acer devices, akin to AirPlay for pushing media around Apple’s iOS devices like the iPhone, iPad and new Apple TV.

Of course, whether Acer has a big enough footprint in mobile and TV media streaming gadgets to make this worthwhile is debatable. Aren’t universal standards the whole point of DLNA? Never mind. Expect the Acer devices unveiled today to all play nice with Acer Clear.fi, though a launch date for the service is unspecified.

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Acer Android tablet plans: All the details and photos!

Posted: 23 Nov 2010 09:41 AM PST

There wasn’t just one Acer Android tablet outed at Acer’s press conference today. There were three. As you might have expected from a laptop maker famed for the Taiwanese tactic of releasing millions of slightly altered models with complicated names (or no names) at the same time, they’re all different, and coming out at separate times. Read on and we’ll break down all the details for you.

First up is a nameless aluminium 10.1-inch Acer Android tablet that’s the company’s clear iPad rival. The screen is a capacitive, multitouch panel, it’s got WiFi and 3G cooked in (So hopefully Google apps will be included) and it’s 13.3mm thick. It’ll also sport a HDMI port for pumping out high def video to your TV, and it’s out in April next year.

Next up, we’ve got a 7-inch Acer Android tablet that’s approximately the same size as the Samsung Galaxy Tab. The screen is much sharper however at 1280×800 pixels (So it’ll be interesting to see how Android apps scale), but it also sports a HDMI slot and a front facing camera, plus the prerequisite WiFi and 3G connectivity, and Dolby Mobile sound processing. It’s powered by a dual core processor (Whether it’s a Qualcomm Snapdragon chip is unconfirmed), supports Flash 10.1 video streaming and is out in April 2011 too.

Alongside the Acer Android tablet pair is a 10.1-inch Windows tablet, which alco packs Wi-Fi and 3G, plus two 1.3MP cameras, one on the front and back, and will use a new AMD processor. It’s 15mm thick, and out in February 2011.

Sadly, both prices and the exact version of Android were left out of the details at the Acer Android tablet launch today. Still, as you can see in these official photos, Acer’s certainly got some nice designs on the drawing board.

What do you think of Acer’s Android tablet plans? Are these models iPad slayers? Shout up with your thoughts in the comments below!

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Acer Iconia photos: another dual screen laptop money can’t buy

Posted: 23 Nov 2010 09:20 AM PST

The Acer Iconia dual screen laptop has just been shown off at Acer’s NY press conference (It looks like the leak from September was spot on), and it’s certainly intriguing. With two 14-inch, 1366×768 screens capable of 10 finger multitouch recognition and no physical keyboard, plus an Intel Core i5 CPU powering it, you could multitask on the move in an entirely new way.

It’s certainly enticing, and Acer says the Acer Iconia will also include support to map your own gesture shortcuts. But sadly, this is a “concept” laptop, meaning Acer has no intention right now of actually shipping the thing. Like all the other dual screen laptops we’ve seen, save the Toshiba Libretto W100. Thanks Acer.

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