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Android Community

MIUI now fully functional on Verizon’s Galaxy Nexus

Posted: 09 Jan 2012 07:30 PM PST

ViciousMIUI was released for Verizon’s Galaxy Nexus only a few days after its initial launch, and since then we’ve been eagerly waiting for developer DroidVicious to release a completely functional MIUI port. Just two days ago, he did just that.

He claims everything works within the new build, and most problems can be fixed with a single one time reboot of the device. The only problem so far, is that MIUI themes seem to not be compatible. Just recently, reports have also show the video camera is opening and hanging – he pledges there will be a fix soon.

Of all the Verizon Galaxy Nexus ROMs, this seems to be the most unique one currently offered. The UI and code is so similar to stock Android 4.0 in other ROMs, that it will be the first to stand out from the rest. If you all plan on flashing this – make sure you wipe everything before installation or you’ll have serious errors.

[via RootzWiki]

CES 2012 Monday mid-day wrap up

Posted: 09 Jan 2012 06:51 PM PST

In case you’ve been wondering, yes we are live at CES 2012. Getting near zero sleep and tons of gadgets to play with I’d call it tiring bundles of fun. Today’s had plenty of excitement from the world of Android. In case anyone missed it Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich for the Transformer Prime is actually available today — not the 12th. More details below.

I’ll start with our link to our sister site SlashGear — as we’ve got all of our coverage plastered on their front page. For any and all things CES click here. ASUS and NVIDIA had a strong day of announcements and more will be coming shortly. They just announced a new Android 4.0 7″ tablet rocking the Tegra 3 quad-core for only $249. AT&T will be getting a pair of 4G LTE devices from Pantech in the 8″ waterproof Pantech Element and the equally waterproof Pantech Burst Android 2.3 smartphone.

Like we said above Android 4.0 is available via an update for the Prime starting today. The popular shooter Shadowgun that we love here at Androi Community is getting full multi-player support and looks incredible.

Again all of our coverage can be seen at our CES 2012 Portal, and more is available over on SlashGear.

ASUS Eee Pad 7-inch tablet official, quad-core and ICS for only $249

Posted: 09 Jan 2012 06:36 PM PST

Live at the NVIDIA CES 2012 Press Event today we saw plenty of the ASUS Transformer Prime, and also a newbie to the market that as far as we know will be called the ASUS Eee Pad MeMO. Not only is the Prime the first official (as in Google Official) Ice Cream Sandwich tablet, but ASUS will also have the first 7″ ICS tablet too.

Being shown off on stage but quickly hidden from our cameras was the new ASUS 7″ Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich tablet. This 7″ slate is aimed at the budget crowd but in no way, shape, or form a budget device. All those 3rd party tablets lacking Android Market support wont have anything on this — for now. ASUS has bundled a 1280 x 800 resolution 7″ slate with the quad-core Tegra 3 and 4.0 ICS. What’s better than that? The Price!

While no official release date was given, we can expect to see this tablet hit the shelves in early Q2 2012. We know the magic number has been $199 as of late but most of those aren’t nearly on the same level as the new ASUS tablet either. ASUS will be selling this new and impressive tablet for only $249 as the image above suggests.

We don’t have all the details as far as cameras, Micro-SD slots and things of that nature but the important ones for now we do know. And that is ICS, Tegra 3, 7″ and one more time — Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. If you’ve been looking for both a powerhouse Android tablet that also has as much power as you can possibly imagine this is exactly for you. Well done ASUS — bring it on!

Note: We’ve seen reports of a MeMO with 3D and stylus support as you can see below. Until ASUS releases more details we’ll leave it at that, but the links are available below.

memo memo1 memo3 memo4

Pantech Element AT&T LTE tablet hands-on

Posted: 09 Jan 2012 02:09 PM PST

This week we’ve been running around like zombies at CES but today we took a minute to sit down with Pantech and their new AT&T 4G LTE tablet and smartphone. The Pantech Element is an 8″ waterproof tablet that will be taking a quick dunk in some ice water, then check out the full specs below.

The tablet is quite nice and actually feel really great in the hand. Around back they’ve wrapped it with a carbon fiber-esque design although it is a hard plastic. The Element comes in at 8″ with a 1024 x 768 resolution, 1.5 GHz dual-core Qualcomm processor, 1GB of RAM and 16GB of internal storage. Pantech will be marketing this as a budget Android 3.2 Honeycomb tablet but it definetaly doesn’t feel like a cheap budget device.

In the hands-on video you can learn more about this tablet and even watch it enjoy a quick bath. This is the first 4G LTE tablet in the U.S. that is also fully waterproof.

Pantech has also provided us with an array of ports and options all for a consumer friendly price of just $299. The Element has a 5 megapixel rear facing 720p capable camera, 2MP up front. It even offers HDMI-out, micro-USB, and a Micro-SIM all enclosed in a water-tight seal.

Another important note is Pantech’s new enhanced haptic feedback response inside the tablet. You’ll feel each individual touch on a more personalized and accurate level. Until we get more hands-on time we can’t fully judge this but from early impressions I’d probably be disabling this myself.

Pantech and AT&T will be rocking both these 4G LTE devices come early February and will market them as a one-two punch. You can get the Pantech Element for $299, or you can get the Element and their new Burst Android 2.3 smartphone as a combo for only $249 with a new 2-year contract on both of course.

As soon as these launch we’ll be sure to get them both in for a full Android Community review. In the meantime stay tuned for more of our CES assault as we process everything.

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