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Tegra Takes Gaming Action By The “Horn”

Posted: 30 Aug 2012 10:26 AM PDT

Horn screenshot

Unreal Engine 3 (UE3), Epic Games' renowned game engine, is going mobile. And the charge is being led by Horn, Phosphor Games' new third-person action adventure game.

Starting today, devices powered by NVIDIA Tegra 3 and Tegra 2 processors can find Horn in TegraZone and the Google Play store.

Horn screenshot
Stunning action in Horn.

Google unveiled Horn running on its Tegra 3-powered Nexus 7 tablet at the Google I/O 2012 keynote address back in June. Mobile gamers everywhere were stunned by the UE3-powered graphics and dynamic, open-world gameplay. Since then, buzz surrounding the game has only grown.

In Horn, you play as a young blacksmith's apprentice, exploring a beautiful game-world unlike any seen before on a mobile device.

It's filled with scenic vistas, huge waterfalls, heart-stopping monsters and epic boss fights – all of which can be explored in an open world. You'll be walking, jumping, crawling and even grapple-hooking your way around using intuitive touch gestures that were meticulously tuned to feel "just right."

Horn takes mobile gaming to a whole new level, while delivering an epic 10+ hours of gameplay experience that gamers of all stripes will enjoy.

Horn on Tegra side by side comparison
Scenes from Horn with and without
Tegra enhancements.

But Phosphor Games didn't just create one of the most visually stunning games ever seen on a mobile device. They've also endowed Horn with numerous enhancements that take advantage of Tegra 3's unique 4-PLUS-1 quad-core architecture.

For example, Tegra 3 devices will enjoy cloth simulation, advanced particle effects and a more dynamic and interactive world that has all the attributes of a AAA console title.

This is what the cutting-edge of mobile gaming looks like. Check it out today in TegraZone!


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