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TegraZone Takes Command of Android Games with 5+ Million Downloads

Posted: 13 Sep 2012 07:16 PM PDT


Navigating the Google Play Store in search of the best Tegra-enhanced games for your Tegra device can be a daunting task. It's even more difficult to keep tabs on the latest mobile gaming news and reviews.

That is, unless you're using the TegraZone app on your Tegra-powered Android device.

Available only for Tegra devices, the TegraZone app is your one-stop hub for all things Android gaming. With over 600,000 Android apps currently available in the Google Play catalog, you'll want to arm yourself with some TegraZone gaming news and reviews before diving in.

And, according to our latest stats, the TegraZone has taken command of the Android app discovery experience with over five million downloads.

We work with developers to enhance all the games on TegraZone with console-quality visual effects. You eyes will thank you for real-time dynamic lighting, particle effects, ragdoll physics and higher-quality textures. This is the gaming experience that rivals game consoles.

Download TegraZone and get the most out of your Tegra device today.

At NVIDIA, Preparing Kids For School Is Very Cool

Posted: 14 Sep 2012 11:04 AM PDT


NVIDIA employees are passionate about education.

It's the top priority each year when the NVIDIA Foundation, our employee-led corporate foundation, asks how it should direct its funds.

While educational support is provided all year long through tutoring and mentoring programs, "back to school" season is the time when NVIDIANs from around the world really put this passion into action.

In recent weeks, NVIDIA employees in offices from Beijing to Bangalore donated time and money to make sure local students have what they need to be successful in school this year.

NVIDIANS at Beijing’s Live Light school.

Our Beijing office created two computer classrooms for the Beijing Light Love School, a free boarding school that serves homeless, orphaned, disabled and other children in need from all over China. The new classrooms will host computer courses—from basic computer knowledge to web and graphic design—with the aim of increasing the students' future employment opportunities.

Shanghai employees donated books and volunteered time to set up a new library for the XiaoShan School, in Hangzhou, which primarily serves children of low-income families. Volunteers organized the books, helped install a software system to manage the checkout process and trained students on how to locate the books in the library. Before this effort, the school did not have enough books to meet the needs of its students.

For the second consecutive year, a team of more than two dozen NVIDIANs from the Bangalore office participated in a charity 10K run to raise awareness and funds for Snehadeep Trust for the Disabled. Amplifying its fundraising efforts this year, the team raised 500,000 rupees (about $9,000)—60 percent more than last year. The funds will help support teacher salaries, needed equipment and student boarding.

NVIDIANS at the new library at the XioShan School in Hangzhou.

"With the right kind of support and computer training, disabled students at Snehadeep can secure well-paying jobs, often lifting entire families out of poverty," said Krishnaraj Rao, director of engineering at NVIDIA. "It is incredibly rewarding to see the impact our support is having on the Snehadeep students."

In Pune, employees supported the Jagriti School for Blind Girls by donating money through payroll deductions to help offset student expenses and fund the school's expansion.

In its seventh year, the U.S. Field Office Backpack Drive exceeded goals, collecting enough donations to send more than 1,000 students back to school with a new backpack and classroom supplies. More than 260 employees from a dozen offices joined the effort. Backpacks and funds will support local nonprofit organizations in each of 12 participating office locations around the country.

And at our Santa Clara, Calif., headquarters, more than 500 employees volunteered more than 660 hours packaging educational math and science kits for donation to schools in Silicon Valley. In total, 4,475 kits, all made from surplus materials donated by local companies, were assembled. The effort will reach nearly 45,000 students.

Maybe one day, some of them will work at NVIDIA.

Get Ready For Borderlands 2 With New GeForce Drivers

Posted: 13 Sep 2012 12:56 PM PDT


Fall gaming is off to a huge start. Genre-busting space western Borderlands 2 ships next week, promising an even bigger, better experience which includes explosive NVIDIA PhysX effects. The following week, this year's biggest MMO, World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria, is set to arrive.

As you prepare your gaming rig for these blockbuster titles, don't forget to take advantage of the new GeForce R304 drivers.

Released today, the new NVIDIA GeForce R304 drivers (version 306.32) are WHQL-certified and fully qualified with Borderlands 2, supporting PhysX, SLI, Surround, and 3D Vision and with World of Warcraft: Mist of Pandaria supporting DirectX 11, SLI, Surround, and 3D Vision.

Download the new GeForce 306.32 drivers from

Other Highlights:

For more details, refer to the release highlights on the driver download pages and read the GeForce R300 article on

Enjoy the new GeForce drivers and let us know what you think.

1Measured on Batman: Arkham City with GeForce GTX 680.

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